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Ulyanovsk State Universityis 'n openbare, navorsingsuniversiteit, geleë in Ulyanovsk, Rusland. Stad Ulyanovsk (voorheen Simbirsk, gestig in 1648) is geleë op die rivier Wolga, oor 440 myl oos van Moskou en het 'n bevolking van 700,000. Die Universiteit, een van die grootste in die streek, inskryf paar 16,000 studente in ses kolleges bied 68 hoofvakke en eise aansienlike internasionale bande. Godsdiens was een van die eerste onder die Russiese universiteite tot Bologna proses aan te sluit en begin om sy doktorale hervorm, Magister- en BA-standaarde grade.

As 'n deel van Moskou Staat Universiteit in staat Ulyanovsk, gebaseer op die tradisies van klassieke opvoeding, is gestig deur 'n besluit van die regering van die Sowjet-Unie in Februarie 1988 (voorheen Simbirsk People's Universiteit, gestig in 1648). In 1996, Ulyanovsk filiaal van MSU is herorganiseer in Ulyanovsk State University. Op die oomblik is Ulyanovsk State University is een van die grootste hoër onderwysinstellings in die Wolga Streek, wat ses instellings behels, 7 onafhanklike fakulteite, 2 affiliasies, 6 leersentrums en talle internasionale studie sentrums.

Die Universiteit inskryf oor 16,000 studente, onder hulle byna 200 buitelandse burgers uit Europa, Asia, Afrika, North America and South America. Tans is die universiteit in diens 1,254 fakulteit lede, Insluitend 138 doktorsgraad en 623 Kandidaat vir Wetenskap graad houers.

Ulyanovsk State University bied 'n wye verskeidenheid van studie opsies: volle en deeltyds, eksterne, verder en afstandsonderrig programme op voorgraadse, gegradueerde en nagraadse vlakke. 'N Student mag kies uit 77 hoofvakke, 76 nagraadse, 37 mediese internskap en mediese verblyfreg programme. Daarbenewens, die Universiteit bied 'n geleentheid om 'n dubbele grade ontvang in Regte en Besigheid. Die Ulyanovsk State University Business School bied ook MBA-graad met 'n fokus op die internasionale sake en finansies.

skole / kolleges / departemente / kursusse / fakulteite


  • Instituut van Medisyne, Ecology and Physical Culture (4 fakulteite, 28 departemente,

Insluitend 3 basic, 1 division, Medical college, 6 sentrums);

  • Institute of Economics and Business (3 fakulteite, 10 departemente, Insluitend 3 basic, 3 afdelings, 4 sentrums, 1 Akademie);
  • Instituut vir Internasionale Aangeleenthede (3 fakulteite, 4 departemente, 4 sentrums);
  • Institute of Additional Education* (1 center, 5afdelings, kursusse);
  • Institute of Open Education * (2 afdelings, 1 Kollege);



  • Fakulteit Wiskunde, Information and AviationTechnologies (7 departemente, Insluitend 2 basic);
  • Engineering and Physics Faculty of high technologies (11 departemente, Insluitend 3 basic, 3 sentrums, Driver Training School);
  • Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid (9 departemente, Insluitend 3 basic);
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies (5 departemente, Insluitend 1 basic, 2 sentrums);
  • Faculty of Culture and Art (7 departemente, Insluitend 1 basic);
  • Faculty of Transfer Specialties;
  • Zavolzhsky Faculty of Economics and Humanities *;
  • Faculty of Teachers’ professional development;


Divisions of secondary professional education:

  • Medical college (7 subject cycle boards);
  • Musical school named after G. Ek. Shadrina (10 subject cycle boards);
  • Automotive technical school (6 subject cycle boards, 1 center);
  • Modern Open College «SOKOL» * (2 afdelings);


in 1985, the USSR government adopted a resolution to establish the first university in Ulyanovsk, which was to open its doors to first students in 1995. The government acted on the request of the Ulyanovsk region administration, which hoped for a new academic institution to satisfy the growing demand for professionals in rapidly developing fields, such as radiophysics, elektronika, wiskunde, inligting tegnologie, medisyne.

in 1986, the regional administration established a special group to work out a concept of the new educational institution. The group, which included members of the local government and scholars from several educational institutions of Ulyanovsk, was guided by prof. Yuri Polyanskov, who was later elected the first USU rector and held this position until 2006.

Since the need for new employees was extremely urgent, the initial plans were soon adjusted to envision the university opening in 1988. Daarbenewens, it was decided that the new university would become an affiliate of a large university from a major neighboring city – Gorky (currently Nizhny Novgorod), Saratov or Kazan.

Maar, careful consideration tipped the scale in favor of the most renowned institution of higher education in Russia, Lomonosov Moscow State University (USC), which would give its newly founded affiliate a head start, ensuring excellence in education and research. This idea was approved by Gennady Yagodin, Chairman of the State Committee for Education, and MSU President, Prof. Logunov. op Februarie 11, 1988, the USSR government adopted an official resolution to establish a MSU affiliate in Ulyanovsk. This day is celebrated as USU birthday.

Ulyanovsk State University started its activity with two faculties — Mathematics and Economics, which at that time enrolled a total of about 200 studente. The first classes took place on September 1, 1988, in a turn-of-the-century mansion located in the city center, which for a few years remained the only university building and currently houses the majority of administrative offices.

The university campus design project, selected as a result of the national competition, envisioned several study, research and recreation facilities in a largely undeveloped city spot on the Sviyaga river. Construction began a year later, en 1992 saw the completion of the first classroom building, which became home to Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Physics and Technology.

In the first few years the new affiliate depended heavily on MSU for guidance on educational, research and administrative issues. The support and encouragement of colleagues from Moscow were instrumental in helping USU quickly secure a leading position among academic institutions of Ulyanovsk and Mid-Volga region. Tradition and excellence, the two words invariably associated with Moscow State University, became a major magnet for a great number of many school-leavers from Ulyanovsk and neighboring regions.

After eight years of being an MSU affiliate, the university was granted autonomy by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, issued on December 17, 1995. The resolution of the Russian government to that effect was adopted on January 8, 1996. Teen daardie tyd, Ulyanovsk State University with its total enrollment nearing 4500 had grown to include 11 fakulteite.

The former Lomonosov University affiliate has retained strong links to its alma mater until today: leading MSU scholars work in close cooperation with USU researchers, serve as guest lecturers and advisors for USU doctoral and post-doctoral students.

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