ፍሌንደርዝ ዩኒቨርሲቲ

ፍሌንደርዝ ዩኒቨርሲቲ አውስትራሊያ

Flinders University Details

  • አገር : አውስትራሊያ
  • ከተማ : አደላይድ
  • ምሕፃረ :
  • ተመሠረተ : 1966
  • ተማሪዎች (ገደማ.) : 26000
  • አይርሱ discuss Flinders University
Enroll at Flinders University

አጠቃላይ እይታ

ፍሌንደርዝ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ትምህርት እና ምርምር የላቀ በሚገባ የጸደቀ ዝና ያስደስታታል. በተጨማሪም ሁሉ በማሳደግ የትምህርት ዕድሎችን ረጅም ዘመን ያስቆጠረ ቁርጠኝነት እና የማህበረሰብ ተሳትፎ አንድ ኩሩ ታሪክ አለው.

እኛ ተማሪዎች እና ሰራተኞች ላይ ስኬት ለማነሳሳት እና ወደፊት የሚፈጸሙትን ፈተናዎች እና እድሎች ለመቀበል ያለንን ተመራቂዎች ማዘጋጀት ዓላማችን ነው.

የእኛ ጥቁር የዩኒቨርሲቲ ሕይወት ለሁሉም ተማሪዎች አስደሳችና የሚያበለጽጉ መሆን አለበት, እና ካምፓስ መሥራት አስደሳች ቦታ ሊሆን ይገባል የሚል ነው. እርስዎ ፍሌንደርዝ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ለመስራት እና ለመማር ውስጥ የሚያነሳሳ የተሟላ ቦታ ማግኘት እርግጠኞች ናቸው. እኛ ወደ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ወደ አንተ እንኳን ደህና በጉጉት እንጠባበቃለን.

ፕሮፌሰር ኮሊን ጄ እንደምንም, ምክትል ቻንስለር

ፍሌንደርዝ ዩኒቨርሲቲ የትምህርት እና የምርምር ውስጥ ያለውን የላቀ በሚገባ የጸደቀ ዝና ያስደስታታል. ሁሉም የትምህርት ዕድሎች እና የማህበረሰብ ተሳትፎ አንድ ኩሩ ዘገባ በማሳደግ ወደ ረጅም ዘመን ያስቆጠረ ቁርጠኝነት አለው.

የተቋቋመው ጊዜ ጀምሮ 1966, ፍሌንደርዝ ለዚህም ነገር እኛ በጣም ኩራት-ውስጥ የፈጠራ ምርምር ሊሆን ይችላል ያህል ማሳካት ነው, ከፍተኛ ጥራት ያለው ትምህርት እና የማህበረሰብ ተሳትፎ ውስጥ.

እኛ በተለምዶ ዩኒቨርሲቲ አልመኝም ነበር ግለሰቦች ከፍተኛ ትምህርት ተደራሽነት በመስጠት ረገድ መንገድ አድርጓቸዋል.

እኛ በላይ ተማሪዎችን የሳቡ 100 አገሮች እና የተመራቂዎች ማህበር አውስትራሊያ በመላው እና በመላው ዓለም ማህበረሰቦች የሚያዳብሩ ሙያ እና ሕይወት ገንብተዋል.

ፍሌንደርዝ’ ስኬቶች እኛ ባለድርሻ አካላት ጋር አዳብረዋል ጠንካራ ውጫዊ አገናኞች አውታረ መረብ እና እኛም ለማገልገል ማህበረሰብ ጋር በሚያስተዋውቁና ነው. እኛ በውጭ ተሰማርቶ ይገኛል አንድ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ለመሆን አደራ, ወደፊት አስፈላጊ ይሆናል ይህም ድጋፍ እና ከፍ አድርጎ ግንኙነት ለመገንባት በመቀጠል.

ትምህርት ቤቶች / ኮሌጆች / ክፍሎች / ኮርሶች / ፋኩልቲዎች

የትምህርት ፋኩሊቲ, Humanities and Law

  • ትምህርት ትምህርት ቤት
  • ስነ ሰው ትምህርት ቤት
  • Flinders Law School

ዘመን የሕክምና ፋኩልቲ, Nursing and Health Sciences

  • ዘመን የሕክምና ትምህርት ቤት
  • የጤና ሳይንስ ትምህርት ቤት
  • ነርሲንግ እና Midwifery ትምህርት ቤት

ሳይንስ እና ምህንድስና ውስጥ ፋኩሊቲ

  • ባዮሎጂካል ሳይንስ ትምህርት ቤት
  • School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
  • የኮምፒውተር ሳይንስ ትምህርት ቤት, Engineering and Mathematics
  • School of the Environment

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Flinders Business School
  • ሳይኮሎጂ ትምህርት ቤት
  • School of International Studies
  • School of Social and Policy Studies



The idea of a second university for South Australia is conceived and in 1960 government owned land in Bedford Park is allocated to The University of Adelaide for a second campus. This is at a time when the population of South Australia is rapidly increasing and more people are seeking higher education.

ውስጥ 1963 the first academic appointments are made and capital works begin later in the year.

ውስጥ 1965 after the Australian Labor Party wins the State election, it’s decided that this site will become a separate university.


Flinders University is named after the English navigator, Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the southern Australian coastline in 1802.

The Flinders University crest includes a reproduction of Flindersship ‘Investigatorand an extract from his book ‘A Voyage to Terra Australis’.

The University is opened on 25 March by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, and the Chancellor Sir Mark Mitchell.

Flinders University comes into existence as a separate university on 1 ሀምሌ 1966.

Professor Peter Karmel is the inaugural Vice Chancellor.

Flinders University has 90 ሠራተኞች እና 400 students enrolled in less than ten courses.


Independence Day is celebrated with a student prank when students open the ‘Sir Lavatory Bonython fountainin the Plaza.


የተማሪ መጽሔት, Empire Times, begins. It is the only student publication with its own printing press and will be described as ‘racy, argumentative, politically radical, often crude and obscene’. It is produced until Voluntary Student Unionism in 2006 and then begins again in 2013.

1970 University Hall is opened to provide accommodation for international and country students.
1974 The University introduces an Early Leavers Scheme, later to become the Mature Entry Scheme. The scheme offers free places to a limited number of older students who are not formally qualified for entry.
1974 First students are accepted for a degree in medicine.
1976 Flinders Medical Centre is opened and the first patients are admitted.

The Union Tavern is opened. This leads to more socialising on campus after hours, and on weekend nights.

1985 Vicki Spencer, a Politics graduate, becomes the University’s first Rhodes scholar.
The bust of Matthew Flinders, by South Australian sculptor, John Dowie, is unveiled by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.
1991 The Sturt campus of the South Austalian College of Advanced Education, located next to the University, becomes part of the University.
1992-1996 ኢንፎርሜሽን ሳይንስ እና ቴክኖሎጂ, Engineering and Law/Commerce buildings are added to the campus. The Library is extended and a new Yunggorendi Mande is opened to house the Indigenous Higher Education Centre.
1995 The Lincoln Marine Science Centre is established in Port Lincoln for marine researchers and students.
1999 አንድ $2.2 million Centre for Remote Health, based in the Alice Springs Hospital, is established by Flinders University and the Charles Darwin University (formerly Northern Territory University).
2000 Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health is established. It is a collaboration between Flinders University and Deakin University.
2002 Our success rate for obtaining research grants from the Australian Research Council is the second highest in the nation and more than 28% above national average.
2004 Student accommodation on campus is expanded with the creation of the Deirdre Jordan Student Village.
2008 New buildings for Education and Health Sciences are completed. These accommodate the School of Education and a number of departments from the School of Medicine respectively.
2009 A presence in Victoria Square is opened which gives future student enquiries a city-based outlet, and also offers some courses.
2011 Our relationship with Charles Darwin University is strengthened when the Flinders University Northern Territory Medical Programbegins. The first intake of students into program includes ten Indigenous students.
2014 Flinders University announces a $200 million investment in the Flinders Future Focus program.

The sod is turned to mark the commencement of construction of the Plaza and Student Hub.

2015 Flinders University opens the Tonsley facility.
2016 Flinders celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Flinders University’s Plaza and Student Hub is launched.

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