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  • Държава : Канада
  • град : клисар
  • акроним : от
  • Основан : 1818
  • Ученици (прибл.) : 20000
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Dalhousie университет (от) е публичен изследователски университет в Нова Скотия, Канада, with three campuses in Halifax, и на четвърто място в Библията Hill. Dalhousie предлага повече от 4,000 курсове и 180 специалности в дванадесет студент, завършвам, and professional faculties. The university is a member of the U15, група на наукоемки университети в Канада.

Dalhousie е създадена като несектантско колеж в 1818 от едноименната лейтенант губернатор на Нова Скотия, Джордж Рамзи, 9-ия граф на Dalhousie. Колежът не проведе първия си клас, докато 1838, Дотогава работи спорадично поради финансови затруднения. Той отново за трети път в 1863 след реорганизация, която доведе до промяна на името на „Управителите на Dalhousie колеж и университет“. Университетът официално променя името си на „Dalhousie университет“ в 1997 чрез провинциално законодателство, същото законодателство, които се сляха институцията с Техническия университет в Нова Скотия.

забележителни възпитаници на университета е да включват носител на Нобелова награда, две канадски министър-председатели, две Херцберг лауреати, а NASAastronaut който е първият американски жената да ходи в космоса, 89 Rhodes Scholars, и редица други висши държавни служители, академици, и бизнес лидери. Университетът класира 235-тото в 2014 QS World University Rankings,[4] 226-250то място в 2014-2015 Times висше образование World University Rankings, and 201–300th in the 2014 Академична класация на световните университети.[6]Dalhousie е център за морски изследвания, и е домакин на централата на мрежа за проследяване на Ocean.

Системата за Dalhousie библиотека оперира най-голямата библиотека в Атлантическия Канада, и притежава най-голямата колекция от селскостопански материали ресурс в региона. Университетът работи общо четиринадесет резиденции. В момента има две студентски съюзи, които представляват интересите на студентите в университета: на Dalhousie Студентски съюз и Dalhousie асоциация за докторанти. Varsity екипи Dalhousie е, Тигрите, състезават в конференцията на канадския Междууниверситетски Sport Atlantic University Sport. Аграрен факултет Версити екипи Dalhousie са наречени Dalhousie Рамс, и да се конкурират в ACAA и CCAA. Dalhousie е coeducational университет с повече от 18,000 студенти и 110,000 възпитаници.

училища / колежи / Катедри / курсове / Факултети

  • селско стопанство
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Изкуства и социални науки
  • Информатика
  • стоматология
  • Инженерство
  • Специализирал
  • здравните професии
  • закон
  • управление
  • медицина
  • наука


We’re proud of our past and confident in our future. Основана през 1818, Dalhousie has been delivering an exceptional education for almost 200 години. With the addition of our Agricultural Campus in 2012, our reach continues to expand beyond Halifax and into other parts of the province.


In the early 19th century, Джордж Рамзи, the ninth Earl of Dalhousie and Nova Scotia Lieutenant-Governor at the time, wanted to establish a Halifax college open to all, regardless of class or creed.

The spoils of war helped fulfill his dream. During the War of 1812, Castine, a small port in Maine, was being used as a base by American privateers who harassed ships along the Eastern Seaboard. Britain sent a Royal Navy force from Halifax to capture Castine and turn it into a customs port of entry. When the war ended, the navy returned to Halifax with the money it had collected as customs duties. Lord Dalhousie invested 7,000 pounds of this treasure as an endowment for the college and put aside 3,000 pounds for its construction. The earl modeled the fledgling college after the University of Edinburgh, near his Scottish home.

Early struggles

After the college was founded in 1818, Lord Dalhousie was appointed Governor General of Canada and left Halifax. Without his influence, the institution faltered. The first instruction was not offered until 1838. Its operation was only intermittent and degrees were not awarded for some time.

почти 50 years after its beginning, the college was reorganized. в 1863, Dalhousie opened with six professors and one tutor. The first degrees were awarded in 1866. The student body that year consisted of 28 студенти working for degrees and 28 occasional students.

Money continued to be a problem for the new institution. в 1879, it looked as though the university might fail until George Munro, a wealthy New York publisher with Nova Scotia roots, started donating to the university. През годините, he contributed five endowed professorships and about $83,000 in bursaries и изложения. в 1999, the value of these gifts was estimated to be worth more than $8 милион. For saving the university from closure, a special university holiday, George Munro Day, is observed the first Friday in February. Since his gift, a tradition of generosity, from donors large and small, has created the thriving university of today.

Making moves

The original site of the college was on the Grand Parade, in downtown Halifax where the City Hall stands. в 1886, the university moved to the Forrest Building on today’s Carleton campus and spread gradually to occupy Studley Campus.

In the 20th century, Dalhousie grew steadily. През април 1, 1997, Dalhousie amalgamated with the Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS), another Halifax-based university, strengthening the university’s ability to explore new applied technologies. This included a newly created Faculty of Computer Science. The name of the amalgamated institution continued as Dalhousie University.

The modern era

Dalhousie continues to grow. Construction crews have been a frequent sight at Studley Campus. New facilities in recent years include the Marion McCain Arts and Social Science Building, открит през 2001, на Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building, officially unveiled in 2005, наMona Campbell Building, opened in fall 2010, and the innovative Ocean Sciences Building, opened in June 2013. The most recent addition is LeMarchant Place, home to over 300 students and a variety of student services, който отвори врати през септември 2014.

At convocation ceremonies in October 2006, Dalhousie surpassed 100,000 висшисти. The milestone came 140 years after Dalhousie awarded its first two Bachelor of Arts degrees to Joseph Henry Chase and Robert Shaw in 1866. Margaret Florence Newcombe was the first woman to graduate, with a BA in 1885, и first black law graduate, James Robinson Johnston, Завършва през 1896.

През септември 1, 2012, Dalhousie entered another exciting era. The university amalgamated with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC) in Truro—now the Faculty of Agriculture—welcoming faculty, staff and nearly 1,000 new students into the Dalhousie family.

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