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  • Lân : Feriene Steaten
  • Stêd : Ithaca
  • ôfkoarting : MEI
  • oprjochte : 1865
  • studinten (ca..) : 22000
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Cornell University is in partikuliere ynstelling dy't oprjochte waard yn 1865.

Ynskriuwjild foar in Cornell University binne $50,000 (Aprox.).

Cornell University, leit yn Ithaca, New York, hat mear as 1,000 studinte organisaasjes op kampus, dy't berik fan de Big Reade Marching Band oan de Ynternasjonale Saken Genoatskip. Earste-jiers studinten wenje tegearre op noard kampus, en de universiteit hat húsfesting opsjes foar upperclassmen en graduate studinten, hoewol't in protte kieze te wenjen off kampus. Cornell hat in bloeiende Gryksk libben, mei mear as 60 bruorskip en Sorority haadstikken. Cornell hat mear as 30 NCAA Division I Palestra ploegen dy't stride yn de Ivy League. De Cornell Big Red binne faaks it meast ferneamd fan harren suksesfolle mannen fan Lacrosse ploech, dy't wûn njoggen oerwinnings Ivy League titels út 2003 to 2011. Cornell hat ek in sterke hockey programma.

Elk fan Cornell s 14 colleges en skoallen jout syn eigen studinten en jout syn eigen fakulteit, ek al alle ôfstudearre krijt in diploma fan Cornell University. Cornell fan twa grutste bachelor kolleezjes binne it Kolleezje fan Keunsten en Wittenskippen en it kolleezje fan Lânbou en Life Sciences. Syn graduate skoallen binne de tige notearre S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Kolleezje fan Engineering, Law School en Weill Cornell Medical College. Cornell is also well known for its top-ranked College of Veterinary Medicine and the highly esteemed School of Hotel Administration. Ien fan Cornell syn âldste tradysjes is Dragon Day, ûnder dêr't in draak boud troch earste-jier arsjitektuer studinten is optocht troch kampus. Ferneamde alumni binne U.S. Supreme Court Justysje Ruth Bader Ginsburg, author E.B. Wit en Bill Nye, de “Science Guy.”

skoallen / Colleges / Departments / kursussen / fakulteiten

Kolleezje fan Lânbou en Life Sciences

Cornell’s second-largest undergraduate college and the third-largest college of its kind in the United States. We are consistently ranked as the best college of agriculture and related sciences in the country. CALS is a New York State contract college.

College of Architecture, Keunst, and Planning

AAP offers rigorous theoretical training and studio experiences, while encouraging imagination, technical creativity, and critical thinking. We prepare our graduates for their role as world citizens in a diverse and inclusive society.

Kolleezje fan Keunsten en Wittenskippen

Cornell’s largest undergraduate college. Our faculty is stacked with national and international leaders in their respective disciplines. The best part? Courses are open to students in all of Cornell’s colleges and schools.

Kolleezje fan Engineering

Engineering as experienced through innovative teaching and research, as well as practical applications and approaches. We prepare you to become the kind of engineer who will influence technologies and societies for the better.

School of Hotel Administration (SHA)

Service-oriented undergraduate, ôfstudearje, and professional degree programs. Each is designed to help shape the global knowledge base for every aspect of hospitality management.

Kolleezje of Human Ekology

Pioneering research, leadership development, and community outreach: these are the cornerstones of the Human Ecology education and experience. From science and health to policy and design, we focus on our human condition and the related challenges, opportunities, and endeavors we encounter. Human Ecology improves lives by exploring and shaping human connections to natural, sosjaal, and built environments. The College of Human Ecology is a New York State contract college.

School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)

ILR’s focus extends beyond labor-management relations to the broader concerns of work in the world today—from human resource management, labor economics and law, and compensation to organizational behavior, beheining, and conflict resolution. Our mission is to prepare workplace leaders, inform employment and labor policy, and improve working lives. ILR is a New York State contract college.

Faculty of Computing and Information Science

An interdisciplinary unit with a core group of faculty members pulled from throughout the university. Our charge? To integrate computing and information science into every aspect of Cornell’s undergraduate education, ûndersyk, scholarly programs, and activities. Our collaborative faculty ensure that you will sit at the forefront of advancing computer science and learn how to apply it to society’s needs.

Cornell Tech (New York-Stêd)

Cornell’s newest graduate campus combines deep technical knowledge with hands-on experience and an entrepreneurial culture. The campus offers a one-year Cornell Master of Engineering degree in computer science and a one-year Johnson Master of Business Administration. Derneist, Cornell Tech offers two Master of Science dual degrees in media technologies and health technologies through the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, an unprecedented international partnership between Cornell and the Technion.

graduate School

Mear as 90 major fields of graduate study, independent of our traditional college and departments. Graduate students are admitted and conferred doctoral and master’s research and professional degrees under the guidance of individual Special Committees of faculty members or a field advisor.

Cornell Law School

A small program with strong spirit, tight camaraderie, and a faculty devoted to teaching and contributing to the intellectual life of the law. Our goal is to develop broad-minded and technically sophisticated future lawyers and leaders.

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

A top-ranked business school with direct connections to the vast research and teaching resource of Cornell and our extensive alumni network. An intense, collaborative community that continues to attract top candidates. A performance-learning approach that yields understanding while demanding results. These elements combine for an MBA journey that shapes students into entrepreneurial leaders who know how to harness the collective strengths of others for extraordinary results.

Kolleezje fan Veterinary Genêskunde

We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of animal and human health at the interface of discovery and application. We foster open collaboration across disciplines and institutional boundaries in order to deliver the greatest possible benefits to all of society. The College of Veterinary Medicine is a New York State contract college.

Weill Cornell Medical (New York-Stêd)

Close affiliations with New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Rockefeller University make us an integral part of a world-renowned center of academic medicine and biomedical research.

Weill Cornell Medical (Doha, Katar)

The Doha, Qatar branch of Weill Cornell Medical College is the first American medical school ever set up overseas. Funded by the Qatar government through the Qatar Foundation, operated by Cornell, and we offer both a full Cornell MD degree and a two-year pre-medical program.

Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (New York-Stêd)

Seven research-oriented PhD graduate programs designed to train those interested in biomedical sciences and the scientific method of conducting investigative research. Staffed through Weill Cornell Medical College and the Sloan-Kettering Institute.

School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Year-round learning opportunities for pretty much anyone: enrolled college students; high school students; Cornell faculty and staff members; executives and other professionals; Cornell alumni, âlden, and friends; local residents. We draw from all of Cornell’s academic units and vast educational resources—including visiting scholars and leaders in industry, regear, and other professions. Admission and enrollment are independent of undergraduate and graduate admissions procedures.


Cornell University was founded on April 27, 1865; the New York State (NYS) Senate authorized the university as the state’s land grant institution. Senator Ezra Cornell offered his farm in Ithaca, New York as a site and $500,000 of his personal fortune as an initial endowment. Fellow senator and experienced educator Andrew Dickson White agreed to be the first president. During the next three years, White oversaw the construction of the first two buildings and traveled to attract students and faculty. The university was inaugurated on October 7, 1868, en 412 men were enrolled the next day.

Cornell developed as a technologically innovative institution, applying its research to its own campus as well as to outreach efforts. Bygelyks, yn 1883 it was one of the first university campuses to use electricity from a water-powered dynamo to light the grounds. Sûnt 1894, Cornell has included colleges that are state funded and fulfill statutory requirements; it has also administered research and extension activities that have been jointly funded by state and federal matching programs

Cornell has had active alumni since its earliest classes. It was one of the first universities to include alumni-elected representatives on its Board of Trustees.

Cornell expanded, particularly since World War II, when numerous students were funded by the GI Bill. Its student population in Ithaca in the 21st century totals nearly 20,000 studinten. The faculty also expanded, en troch 1999, the university had about 3,000 fakulteit leden. The school has increased the number of courses. Today the university has more than 4,000 kursussen.

Sûnt 2000, Cornell has been expanding its international programs. Yn 2004, the university opened the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. It has partnerships with institutions in India, Singapoer, and the People’s Republic of China. Former president Jeffrey S. Lehman described the university, with its high international profile, in “transnational university”. op maart 9, 2004, Cornell and Stanford University laid the cornerstone for a new ‘Bridging the Rift Centerto be built and jointly operated for education on the Israel–Jordan border.

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