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  • Country : United Kingdom
  • City : Guildford
  • acronym : UofS
  • kafa : 1891
  • dalibai (kimanin.) : 15000
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A Jami'ar Surrey ne mai jama'a bincike jami'a located a cikin County garin Guildford, Surrey, in the South East of England, United Kingdom. Jami'ar ƙware a kimiyya, injiniya, magani da kuma kasuwanci. Yana samu da Yarjejeniya a kan 9 Satumba 1966, kuma aka a baya ayi kusa Battersea Park a Kudu maso yammacin London. The ma'aikata da aka sani da Battersea College of Technology da samun jami'a status. Its tushen, duk da haka, koma zuwa ga Battersea Polytechnic Institute, kafa a 1891 don samar da m kuma mafi girma ilimi ga London ta poorer mazaunan.

The university conducts research on small satellites and has a high number of staff who are members of learned societies. Jami'ar ta kwanan nan kumbura cikin kasar Sin da ƙaddamar da Surrey International Institute da Dongbei University kudi da tattalin arziki.

Jami'ar ta main harabar da ake located a kan Stag Hill kusa da cibiyar Guildford kuma dab Guildford Cathedral. A karo na biyu harabar, a gidan gona Park, An located a takaice nisa daga nan kuma an raya fadada a kan data kasance masauki, ilimi gine-gine kuma su yi wãsã wurare.


The jami'a yana da 10 Fellows na Royal Society, 21 Fellows na Royal Academy of Engineering, daya Fellow na British Academy da 6 Fellows na Academy of Social Sciences.


The University of Surrey yana daya daga Birtaniya ta kai sana'a, kimiyya da fasaha jami'o'i. mai suna a matsayin The Times and Sunday Times Jami'ar na bana 2016, Surrey yana da duniya-aji profile da manyan suna cikin koyarwa da kuma gudanar da bincike.

Tare da dalibai daga sama da 120 qasashe daban-daban, muna alfahari da ya zama daya daga cikin mafi al'adar-bambancin jami'o'i a Birtaniya. Specialist staff in our International Office are here to help your throughout the application process – from advising on choosing the right course to applying for a visa and preparing for your first few weeks at Surrey.

Through our renowned Professional Training placements, students enjoy the opportunity to experience the working world as part of their undergraduate programme – giving them a head-start upon graduation and contributing to our outstanding record of graduate employability.

Our campus is teeming with activity and investment, da sabon 5G Innovation Centre da School of Medicine na dabbobi da ci gaba a Trend na Multi-miliyan fam aukuwa da suka yi tasiri a kan University kuma mu gida al'umma.

Schools / kolejoji / sashen / Darussan / ikon tunani


The University of Surrey was established on 9 Satumba 1966 with the grant of its Royal Charter, but its roots go back to a late nineteenth-century concern to provide greater access to further and higher education for the poorer inhabitants of London.

Battersea Polytechnic Institute

The forerunner of the University, the Battersea Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1891 and began concentrating on science and technology from around 1920, teaching day and evening students for degrees of the University of London.

Its academic reputation steadily grew to the point where, a 1956, it was one of the first institutions to be designated a ‘college of advanced technology’. It was renamed Battersea College of Technology in 1957.

The move to Guildford

By the beginning of the 1960s, the College had outgrown its main building in Battersea Park Road and in 1962 it was decided to move the institution to Guildford.

Shortly afterwards, a 1963, the Robbins Report proposed that Battersea College should expand and become a university awarding its own degrees.

Surrey Research Park

One of the most significant site developments by the University has been the Surrey Research Park, which was opened by HRH The Duke of Kent in 1985.

The Park currently accommodates over 100 kamfanoni, which employ 2,500 staff engaged in research and development activities – many of which relate closely to the work of the University’s own faculties.

Developing Manor Park

Given the space constraints on Surrey’s main Stag Hill campus, in the 2000s the University expanded to a new campus at Manor Park.

A little over a mile from Stag Hill and connected to it by a network of footpaths and cycle paths, Manor Park is now home to a large area of student accommodation, as well as Surrey Sports Park and the new School of Veterinary Medicine.

Strengthening connections at home and abroad

a 2006, Surrey International Institute-DUFE (SII-DUFE) was established as a joint academic partnership institution between the University of Surrey and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China.

SII-DUFE offers top-quality programmes in subjects aligned with Business Management and Tourism Management, combining high academic standards and employment success in a pleasant coastal city in the north-east of the country.

Our long-standing relationship with the Guildford School of Acting (GSA) became even closer in 2009, as the conservatoire – which specialises in acting and musical theatre – signed a merger agreement with the University.

£400m in campus investment

tun 2000, our estate has been transformed through a £400 million building development and improvement programme – including £130 million on student accommodation, £36 million on Surrey Sports Park, £16 million on the new Library and Learning Centre and £4.5 million on the Ivy Arts Centre.

On top of this has come further investment in the form of a new £45 million School of Veterinary Medicine and £70 million support for the 5G Innovation Centre, one of the world’s first research centres dedicated to mobile communications and future internet technologies.

125 years of shaping the future

a 2016, Surrey will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its foundation. While the institution has evolved significantly in that time, our commitment to first-rate academic activity and real-world solutions has remained constant.

With our growing expertise in fields such as sustainable energy, sadarwa, sarari, disease control and health, we are passionate about turning the new knowledge we generate into practical innovations that improve people’s lives.

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