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  • Lub teb chaws : Lub teb chaws Yelemees
  • Lub nroog : Leipzig
  • acronym : LU
  • founded : 1409
  • Cov menyuam kawm ntawv (approx.) : 28000
  • Tsis txhob hnov ​​qab discuss University of Leipzig
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Txheej txheem cej luam

University of Leipzig twb nrhiav tau nyob rau hauv 1409 ua rau nws ib tug ntawm cov hiob universities nyob rau hauv lub teb chaws Yelemees. Nws yog ib qho kev kawm, thoob ntiaj teb kev university.

Nyob rau nws nquag txoj kev mus rau ib tug European top-level tsev kawm ntawv thiab chaw pom tau hais tias lub rooj ntawm kev tshawb fawb thiab kev kawm rau cov tub ntxhais kws tshawb fawb University of Leipzig thim rau ib tug uas nws kim heev ntau yam ntawm kev kawm. Hla ib thaj tsam ntawm cov tshuaj kev kawm, thoob ntiaj teb kev sib koom tes, networking nrog uas tsis yog-lub tsev kawm ntawv kev tshawb fawb institutes thiab ua lag ua luam yog tsis yog kev cai ntawm lub University tab sis kuj lub hauv paus ntawm nws cov kev kawm zoo.

University of Leipzig muaj 14 faculties nrog 128 tsev. 35,000 neeg tshawb fawb, qhia thiab kawm ntawm lub tsev kawm ntawv thiab ntau tshaj 4,300 neeg ua haujlwm nyob hauv University tsev kho mob ntawm Leipzig. Lub tsev kawm ntawv muaj 136 kev kawm ntawm txoj kev tshawb nyob rau hauv lub 2009/10 lub caij ntuj no semester. 5,686 doctoral sib tw sau npe nyob rau UL (2,439 nyob rau hauv cov tshuaj), 631 ntawm uas muaj npe nyob rau hauv 20 structured kawm tiav kev kawm cov kev pab cuam (raws li ib lub kawg ntawm 2009). Cov kev tshawb fawb tej zaum nyob rau hauv Leipzig yog fortified los ntawm 20 uas tsis yog-lub tsev kawm ntawv cov kev tshawb fawb tsev thiab tsib lwm universities.

Raws li lub tsev kawm ntawv steeped nyob rau hauv kev lig kev cai, University of Leipzighas yeej ib txwm ua muaj zog thaum tawm los ntawm tsis yooj yim zaus. Cov theem tom qab lub Berlin phab ntsa poob nyob rau hauv 1989 twb yeej los ntawm ib tug zoo tiav restructuring ntawm lub humanities thiab kev sciences thaum lub neej sciences thiab tej yam ntuj tso sciences tau nruj heev heev rau tshiab accents nyob rau hauv kev tshawb fawb thiab kev qhia. Lub hauv paus reformation ntawm nws cov lug thiab kev kawm ntawm kev tshawb no yog tseem ua ke nrog lub sijhawm los txhawb interdisciplinary kev sib koom tes los ntawm qhov pib thiab coj kom zoo dua ntawm tsob synergies.

University of Leipzig tau muab tso rau raws li qhov zoo tshaj plaws lub tsev kawm ntawv nyob rau hauv lub New Laender thiab cov sab saum toj 25 nyob rau hauv lub teb chaws Yelemees rau hauv cov plaub xyoo sib law liag (los ntawm lub Shanghai qeb duas).

Lub nroog ntawm Leipzig yog ib tug centuries-laus trading chaw raws li scholarly thiab kev cai chaw uas muaj ib tug cuab yeej cuab tam ntawm thoob ntiaj teb kev sib raug zoo, cosmopolitan cwj pwm thiab cultivating kev lig kev cai thiab kam. Qhov loj nta ntawm Leipzig thiab lub tsev kawm ntawv yog ib lub xeev-of-the-art infrastructure nrog txaus nyiam ncig qhov twg puas tsav puas yam yog cia li ib kauj ruam deb. Ib tug daim ntawv ntsuam xyuas ntawm lub European Commission qhia tias Leipzig yog cov peb loj lub zos nyob rau hauv cov teb chaws Europe uas lub neej yog feem ntau muaj nqis nyob thaum lub sij hawm New York Times hu nws ib tug ntawm sab saum toj kaum destinations.

Cov tsev kawm ntawv / tsev kawm ntawv qib / departments / Cov Hoob / faculties

  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm kev kawn txog
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm txoj cai lij choj
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm keeb kwm, Art and Oriental Studies
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm Philology
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm Kev Kawm Ntawv
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm Economics thiab Management (including Civil Engineering)
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm kev ua si Science
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm cov tshuaj (with a University Hospital)
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology
  • Faculty of Physics and Earth Science
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy
  • Kws qhia ntawv ntawm Veterinary tshuaj

Keeb kwm

Universität Leipzig is founded by masters and scholars from Prague

Leipzig Debate at Pleissenburg Castle. The dispute between orthodox theologian Johannes Eck and reformers Luther, Karlstadt and Melanchthon
marks the nascent break between Rome and the Lutherans

With the establishment of the Lutheran Reformation in Albertine Saxony, particularly after 1543, a new period of university history begins. The work of rector Caspar Borner und respected humanist Joachim Camerarius in the
intervening years are tantamount to refounding the university

Establishment of a university library, mainly from monastic holdings

Duke Moritz of Saxony transfers the former Dominican monastery to the university where it is renamed the “Collegium Paulinum.” This along with other material support makes Leipzig one of the richest universities in the Old Reich

The first scholarly journal in Germany, Acta Eruditorum, is published in the
trade-fair city. Numerous subsequent periodicals strengthen Leipzig‘s
position as the book-trading capital of Central Europe

The first full professor for obstetrics, Johann Christoph Gottfried Jörg, becomes
director of a delivery school (“Trier Institute”) which later develops into the university‘s gynaecological hospital

The Institute of Experimental Psychology – the first in the world – is opened by Wilhelm Wundt

Inauguration of the new Augusteum designed by Arwed Rossbach

Women are finally admitted as students – a relatively late development in Leipzig – after being allowed to audit classes as early as 1870

First chair of brain research in Germany

Heisenberg is awarded the 1932 Nobel Prize in Physics (announced in 1933), in particular for the “creation of quantum mechanics and its applications”


The ill-fated reorganization of the university body into a system of allegiance by the Nazi Party dictatorship paralyzes free thinking and intellectual life. professors, students and university employees are dismissed, persecuted, imprisoned or killed for political or racial reasons. The Second World War brings mass death and destruction to Leipzig. Sixty percent of the university
is destroyed, professors and students perish in the air war or on the front, and Leipzig loses its international contacts. Out of 103 university buildings only 16 are undamaged at the end of the war. Eighty-seven are completely destroyed or no longer usable.

The university is reopened 1946 at the former cinema “Capitol”

As a symbol of the new ideological orientation of science and scholarship in
the GDR, the ruling SED party renames Universität Leipzig “Karl-Marx-Universität contrary to tradition, the university has a designation imposed from above

The Augusteum and – after surviving the war fully intact – St. Paul‘s university church are demolished on orders from the SED regime. The Leipzig City Council votes to rebuild the university. A competition is announced in the spring of 1968, but no first prize is awarded. Native Leipziger and head of state Walter Ulbricht (1893-1973) favours adopting basic elements from the third-place design of Gerhard Henselmann. The university highrise, rectorate, chav noj mov, seminar and lecture buildings are completed by the mid-1970‘s

Political developments and street protests for more 1989 freedom and civil rights are joined in Leipzig by many university members. Political demands and intense debates soon arise within the university. Reform councils meet and discuss the university‘s future orientation. Students found a democratically legitimate student union

After the fall of the Wall and German reunification, the university once again assumes its traditional designation: Universität Leipzig

A ceremony on December 2nd marks the refounding of institutes eliminated by the 3rd Higher Education Reform of 1968 and the university returns to its classic structure of faculties and institutes. Ib tug tag nrho ntawm 14 faculties are founded by 1994, some of which never existed at the university before. The venerable
Faculty of Agriculture is closed, Txawm li cas los

txij li thaum 2001
The Free State of Saxony, in cooperation with the university and the City of Leipzig, announces an EU-wide competition to redesign the urban campus
on Augustusplatz. The design of architects behet + bondzio from Münster is selected by the jury. In another Europe-wide architectural competition to rebuild the university auditorium and church, the contract is awarded to Dutch fi rm erick van egeraat associated architects, Rotterdam. Construction work on the new university campus begins in July 2005 when the foundation stone is laid for the new cafeteria. The first phase of construction includes the new cafeteria and reconstruction of the old lecture hall. Nyob rau hauv Lub kaum hli ntuj 2008, the topping-out ceremony for the Paulinum is celebrated and the institute building on Grimmaische Strasse is handed over to the university. Campus buildings are gradually ready for use for the summer semester of 2009. The official ceremony marking the university’s 600 year existence takes place at the
Paulinum on December 2, 2009

600-year anniversary celebration and opening of the new campus in the
heart of the city

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