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Pepperdine University. АКШда Изилдөө, California.

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  • мамлекет : Америка Кошмо Штаттары
  • Сити : Malibu
  • жактама : ПУ
  • негизделген : 1937
  • Студенттер (болж.) : 7700
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жалпы көрүнүш

Pepperdine University-жылы түзүлгөн жеке мекеме болуп саналат 1937.

Pepperdine University-жылы окуу үчүн төлөм болуп саналат $50,00 (Aprox.).

Santa Monica Тоо этектеринде арасында кысылып, Pepperdine University жолдогон колледж болуп саналат Malibu анын кооз жери белгилүү, Мэки. мектеп Машаяктын чиркөөлөр New Testament негизделген каада-салттарын колдойт. Студенттер катышат керек 14 рухий иш-чаралар бир семестр жана алып Pepperdine өз учурунда бери дегенде эле, үч дин курстары. Машайактын Church Кампуста бар, ошондой эле студенттик жетектеген министрлик бир ууч болуп,. чиркөөнүн сыртында, мектептин спорт командалары, Pepperdine Waves, Бөлүмү Батыш Coast жыйынына атаандаша. Студенттер клуб спорт ойной алат, Мындай лакросс жана Триатлон боюнча топ катары, жана ачык спорттун ар түрдүү, Снукер боюнча Dodgeball чейин. Биринчи жана экинчи курстар кургак кампус университет турак-жай менен жашашы керек, жана студенттердин руханий лидер ар бир жатаканада жашайт. жөнүндө 25 окуучулардын пайызы дагы ондон ашуун sororities жана fraternities жигердүү, кампусунда боюнча эч кандай расмий грек турак жай бар болсо да.

Malibu анын башкы кампустун кошумча, Pepperdine University California боюнча магистратура курстарды сунуш кылат Лос-Анжелесте жатаканаларындагы, Irvine, Санта Клара, Жексондун жана Westlake Village. мектеп, ошондой эле Германия жай бар, Англия, Италия, Швейцария, Аргентина жана Washington, Колумбия округу. Beverly Hills болуп саналат 24 чакырым алыстыкта ​​жана Disneyland болуп саналат 54 чакырым алыстыкта ​​Pepperdine анын Malibu кампус чейин. Лос-Анджелес кетип бир саатта барчу жөнүндө. мектеп жогорку спортчулар ондогон аяктаган, анын ичинде бейсбол оюнчусу Randy Wolf, гольф ойногон аял Джейсон Allred, баскетбол оюнчусу Alex Экер жана хоккей олимпиадалык медалисти Никол Сандерсон, көптөгөн белгилүү бүтүрүүчүлөрү арасында.

Мектептер / Колледжи / Бөлүмдөр / курстар / Faculties

Frank R. Seaver College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Seaver College offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs within eight academic divisions.

Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Experience learning in action with our scholar-practitioner model. At the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, a hands-on approach is an integral part of master’s and doctoral degree education, as well as continuing education workshops.

George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management

Access a business education that suits your professional goals and personal responsibilities through Pepperdine’s full- and part-time MBA, master’s and bachelor’s degree, and certificate programs.

Мыйзамдын мектеби

Incorporate your personal values with a graduate legal education at the Pepperdine University School of Law, which houses the number one program for dispute resolution in the nation.

School of Public Policy

Obtain a master of public policy degree at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy in a full-time program at our Malibu campus.


Февралда 1937, against the backdrop of the Great Depression, George Pepperdine founded the university as a Christian liberal arts college in the city of Los Angeles. On-сентябрындагы 21, 1937, 167 new students from 22 different states and two other countries entered classes on a newly built campus on 34 акр (14 ал бар) at West 79th Street and South Vermont Avenue in the Vermont Knolls neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, referred to later as the Vermont Avenue campus. By April 6, 1938, George Pepperdine College was fully accredited by the Northwest Association.

Pepperdine had built a fortune founding and developing the Western Auto Supply Company, which he started with a $5 салым, but his prosperity led to his greater ambition to discoverhow humanity can be helped most with the means entrusted to care. Considered it wrong to build up a great fortune and use it selfishly.” Токтар. Pepperdine voiced his twofold objective for the college that bore his name, “Алгачкы, we want to provide first-class, fully accredited academic training in the liberal arts … Экинчиден, we are especially dedicated to a greater goal—that of building in the student a Christ-like life, a love for the church, and a passion for the souls of mankind.

By the 1960s, the young college faced serious problems. The area around the Vermont Avenue campus developed issues with crime and urban decay; tensions also arose due to the Civil Rights Movement and attempts to circumvent it such as California Proposition 14, which challenged federal fair housing laws. The situation exploded in the 1965 Watts Riots. боюнча 1969 activists in the Watts area threatened to burn down the campus; Бирок, they were talked out of it after all-night negotiations by then-President M. Norvel Young.In addition, the Vermont Avenue campus was running out of room to expand.

боюнча 1967, the school began planning to move the undergraduate campus and a committee was formed to look at alternative locations, including sites in Valencia, Orange County, Ventura County and Westlake Village. Pepperdine favored the Westlake Village location until the Adamson-Rindge family, who owned hundreds of acres near Malibu, offered 138 акр (56 ал бар) жер. Despite concerns over building costs on the mountainous site, the school decided to move forward based on its prime location and potential for raising donations. Construction began on April 13, 1971 and the new campus opened for student enrollment in September 1972. The campus and many of its buildings were planned by Los Angeles-based architect and urban planner William Pereira.

The old campus was sold to Crenshaw Christian Center, whose minister, Frederick K.C. Price, then oversaw construction of theFaithDome,” the largest domed-church in the United States, seating over 10,000.

Pepperdine gained university status in 1971 when the school of law was added and the business and education departments became separate schools. 1980-жылы, Pepperdine rose to prominence as one of the United Statesleading centers of conservative politics, attracting many conservative-leaning professors from nearby UCLA and USC. Prominent conservatives on the Pepperdine faculty have included Bruce Herschensohn, Ben Stein, Kenneth Starr, Arthur Laffer, Douglas Kmiec, and Daniel Pipes.

боюнча 1985, 1993 жана 1996, massive brushfires threatened the campus with destruction, but firefighters successfully protected almost all structures. Октябрда 21, 2007, fast-moving wildfires forced campus residents to relocate and shelter in the Firestone Field house and Cafeteria, plus evacuations of local homes and businesses. Ошо сыяктуу эле,, another November 2007 fire in Corral Canyon, accidentally set off by a group of Los Angeles youths, caused an evacuation of the Drescher Campus. Бирок, most students were off-campus for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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