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  • Patriam : Australia
  • Urbs : Robina
  • Acronym : HIC
  • founded : 1987
  • discipuli (approx.) : 4000
  • Noli oblivisci, discuss Bond University
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Quod Bond University Academia est sita in privata non lucri Robina, Aurum Coast, Australia, Australia.

Non privata universitatis utilitatem, et primum Australia, Bond internationally cognoscitur ut prima quaerit University University amet, a spiritu imbuti ad novationem, auctoritas et dedicationem ad studium excitandum cras personale et professionales qui participant experientia transformational discipulus.

Bond University scriptor opportuna Plan 2013 – 2017 sets out the goals and strategies that will secure our position as Australia’s leading independent university. Our Strategic Plan Steering Committee and Management Team has revisited and refreshed our overarching mission statement. They have delivered a plan that reaffirms the values that underpin our core business of providing our students with a uniquely personalised and transformational experience.

May 15, 1989, Bond University excepit prima cohorte 322 alumni ad novum, state-of-the-art campus on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Modelled on the traditions of the world’s most elite educational institutions, primum pro privato visus Australia, non-profit university was to provide an exclusive educational experience of the highest international standards, sub tutela patriae primoribus Academicorum.

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The University was established at the initiative of Alan Bond, the founder and Chairman of Bond Corporation and Harunori Takahashi, President of EIE International. The University’s development was funded via a joint venture between Bond Corporation in Australia and the Japanese entity, EIE International. In 1987, the Parliament of Queensland granted Bond University university status via the passage of the Bond University Act. The University commenced teaching in May 1989 with an initial intake of 322 discipuli.

In 1991, EIE acquired Bond Corporation’s share of the company development that controlled the land on which the University buildings were constructed and the surrounding development lands.

The campus was acquired by Bond University Ltd in its own right in August 1999.

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