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  • Patriam : Australia
  • Urbs : Geelong
  • Acronym : QUOD
  • Founded : 1974
  • discipuli (approx.) : 51000
  • Noli oblivisci, discuss Deakin University
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Monash University a publica University in proxime 50,644 alumnis in Superius Educationis 2014. Acto in 1974, Universitatis nomine ducis gentem alterum motu Primi Ministri Australiae Foederatio, Alfred Deakin. Habet campuses in Geelong, Et Warrnambool Burwood, Melbourne, et doctrina centra in Dandenong, Et Craigieburn Werribee, all in the state of Victoria. Est formaliter constat in 1974 cum locus est Act Monash University 1974. The sale ofStonnington Mansion provoked public outrage as it involved the mansion which was at risk of redevelopment by property developers. Deakin est unum de ieiunas accrescens investigationis universitatibus in Australia. Eius investigationis sumptu et simul ex A augetur 4.5 million in $ 1997 A 43.4 million in $ 2014.

Per agenda eius Vivet in posterum, Tendit aedificare futuri Deakin Jobs, dilatarent copiam accessus per digital aetatis differentia ad civitates deservit disciplinae.

Deakin fruitur fama est esse pervia, amica et utile. Diuturna usum habet recordum habet providendi altus quis experitur in sectione-ore Africa, sive media-dives est in nube in Deakin campuses per a iunctura of doctrinae campus, et nubes,.

Deakin habet 53,000 discipuli, with almost a quarter choosing to study wholly in the cloud (Online).

Deakin consideratum fuit a V-star rating a prestigious universitatis ordo ordinationem Quacquarelli Symonds (QS); the rating indicates Deakin is world-class in a broad range of areas, sectione-ore habet facultatem pervestigando et in docendo et internationales magni.

Quod 2015 Beijing Jiao Tong International University of World Ranking(ARWU) posuisti in capite Monash University 400 universitatibus in mundi. The ranking compares the research impact of thousands of academic institutions worldwide and has a particular focus on science. For a young university like Deakin which researches across a full range of disciplines and has strong focus on teaching excellence, ordo officium est scriptor permanentis respicit Monash University prima crescentis mundi.

Deakin ranks 36 in QS ordo universitatibus in mundi 50 annorum.

Nunc in summo Deakin 3% Tres mundi universitas gentium rankingsAcademic Donate Orbis utriusque academiae (ARWU), Superius Educationis et University nulla temporibus Mundi QS.

In 2015 Ipsum enim excellentia in Australia (AERA) ranking, 89% de Monash University est aestimari in mundo, aut est signum,. Quinque Deakin in investigatores sunt includitur in annua Thomson Reuters listing of investigatores maxime academicum ephemeribus citata, ranked in the top one per cent of researchers in their field. The listed researchers are: Alfred Deakin magistri David Crawford, Jo Salmon, Ave Maria Ball, et Professor Timperio, s NUTRICIUM Research Center pro Deakin ab omnibus, et Physical Activity (C-PAN), et Deakin Professor Johann Michael Berk, Nam novitas Director centrum et mente et corpore valeat in Volume curatio (CONLISUS).

Deakin esse pergit a sector dux satis ad graduati, first in Victoria for the sixth consecutive year in the Australian Graduate Survey (2010-15).


Scholis / collegiorum / dicasteriis / cursus / Facultati Litterarum

Faculty of Arts and Education

  • School of Communication and Creative Arts
  • School of Education
  • Humanities Scholam Social Sciences

Faculty of Business and Law

  • Deakin Business School
  • Deakin Law School

Faculty of Health

  • School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • School of Health and Social Development
  • Scholam Medicine
  • Illustration of human and Midwifery
  • School of Philosophy

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

  • School of Architecture and Built Environment
  • Engineering de School
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Life and Environmental Sciences


  • Institute of Koorie Education


Deakin’s history


Deakin University was formally established in 1974 cum locus est Act Monash University 1974.

Deakin was Victoria’s fourth university and the first in regional Victoria; it was named after the leader of the Australian federation movement and Australia’s second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin.

Inde ab exordiis, Deakin has been shaped by twin goals:

  • a focus on regional Victoria, creating a university for the Geelong region
  • a commitment to widening access to university study, in particular through distance education programs.

Deakin University’s first campus was established at Waurn Ponds. The University was the result of a merger between State College of Victoria, Geelong (formerly Geelong Teachers College) and the Gordon Institute of Technology (now the Gordon Institute of TAFE).

Deakin enrolled its first students at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus in 1977.

Deakin has been strengthened by a series of successful mergers with strong partners, each of whom has contributed significantly to Deakin’s character and approach.

Australia’s tertiary education system underwent major change following the 1988 White Paper Superius educatio: a policy statement, introduced by then Labor Education Minister John Dawkins.

As did most Australian universities at the time, Deakin embarked on a series of mergers. It merged with Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education in 1990, strengthening Deakin’s place in the Western District of Victoria with the Warrnambool Campus.

A merger with most of Victoria College in December 1991, with its campuses in Burwood, Rusden and Toorak, gave the new Deakin a strong metropolitan presence at the Melbourne Burwood Campus.

These mergers enabled Deakin University to grow substantially from a pre-merger student population of approximately 8,000 apud 1990 to approximately 25,000 alumnis in Superius Educationis 1995.

n the 1990s, there was much debate about the fate of Geelong’s historic but dilapidated Dalgety’s Woolstore. Originally built as woolstores in 1893, the buildings were extensively renovated to create Deakin’s modern and impressive Geelong Waterfront Campus.


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