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Global Handong novum scribens historiam Universitatis die qua fundata est supra viginti annos. Visus noster est amor erga proximum, et ad mundum mutare et maxima discipulorum et scholas talenta.

HGU singulariter has contributed to adipiscing educationem ad profectum a creativo, utendo global humanae opes, et crescit in holistic ut educationis ratio, et scientia,.

Autem, HGU sit amet educational curriculum intendatur, cum id, quod procedit de 21st saeculo et ex doctrina in de problematis-solvenda, quae ad globalizationem era.

Confortata est, et non pertinet ad cognitionem practicam, sed traditio educationem styles memoriam rote doctrinam institutionem alumnorum, quae dirigit in problemata solvenda.

HGU helps students build their competencies through project-based courses and nurtures well-balanced talents that play an important role in the world. I extend my warmest gratitude to you for your interest and support for HGU.

scholarum / collegiorum / departments / cursus / Facultati Litterarum

  • Global Leadership School,
  • School of International Studies, linguae, and Literature,
  • School of Management and Economics,
  • Ex legis School,
  • School of Communication Arts and Sciences,
  • School of Counseling Psychology and Social Welfare,
  • School of Spatial Environmental System Engineering,
  • School of Contents Convergence Design,
  • School of Vita Sciences,
  • School of Computer Sciences and Electronic Engineering,
  • School of Mechanical and Control Engineering,
  • Global Edison Academy
  • School of Creative Convergence Education


The university was founded in December 1994. The founder, Song Tae-Hun, was the owner of a medium-sized company, and donated land and funds to establish a Christian university. He invited Dr. Kim Young-Gil to be the first president. Marcus. Kim was a Christian leader, and had formerly worked as a research scientist at NASA and also as a professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

The university faced many challenges in the beginning. The founder’s company went bankrupt while President Kim was recruiting the first professors and students. The university also met local opposition from Pohang citizens who expected the university to serve primarily Pohang residents. When it became known that the university would be a Christian university, recruiting students from all over Korea, many Pohang residents opposed the establishment of the university. This led to lawsuits, and in one of these suits, President Kim was accused of having used government subsidies for purposes which had not been officially approved. He was acquitted and freed after spending 56 days in prison.

Due to the shortage of finances, the university faced many crises of bankruptcy. President Kim and the vice-president visited churches and met Christians both in Korea and abroad to ask for donations. The pastor of Onnuri Church (Seoul) became the chairman of the Handong University board, which helped to establish a long relationship between the two institutions. President Kim himself donated his severance pay from KAIST. Many professors worked without payment for several months. Evaluated by the Ministry of Education as reformative in education, Handong won government educational projects, and the university was financially able to operate.[

With computer courses and English courses, the university became popular among recruiters of large corporations. In 2007, Handong University joined the University Twinning and Networking (UNITWIN) program, an initiative of UNESCO. The university was selected as an “Advanced College Education (ACE)” institution by the Korean Ministry of Education in 2010 et 2011. It was also nominated as one of the 10 UNAI hub universities in 2010.

In 2014, Marcus. Jang Soon-Heung was inaugurated as the 2nd president of Handong Global University. After President Jang assumed office, he announced new primary objectives for the university, framed as “Ten World-Changing Projects,"

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