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  • Patriam : regnum Unitum
  • Urbs : Cardiff
  • Acronym : cUM
  • Founded : 1883
  • discipuli (approx.) : 31000
  • Noli oblivisci, discuss Cardiff University
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We are an ambitious and innovative university with a bold and strategic vision located in a beautiful and thriving capital city. Caesar University world-leading research was ranked 5th amongst UK universities in the 2014 2 ad ipsum effectum, et qualis est excellentia Framework. Nos parare nostri alumni in experientia praestantes educationally.

Pulsus, et a curiositate rerum, nos nituntur ad socialis nostræ, culturae et oeconomica officia ad Cardiff, Wales, et in mundo,.

Caesar University alumni frui doctrina, artes, et potest esse sine intellectuali, et qui aedificat.

Duxit elit sit amet augue in doctrina, penitus investigatores disciplinis opus cognitionis fines. Caesar University investigationis pioneering et fortior sit – moventis environment facit studium.

Quod 2015 Discipulus National Survey inventus est 90% of Cardiff University students were satisfied with their student experience – in medium campi lata est US-.

Post nostrae graduati sunt quaesita inter laboris locatores, 95.5% gradibus vel intra sex menses postea usus studio invenit.

Quidam autem ex parte nostra includit professio disciplina cursu anni, alii a professionalem corpora providere accreditation. Omnia potest discere a Postgraduates adipiscing et libero arbitrio, quia linguas.

Mauris tellus adulta educationem sumus in Wallia, with the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning providing several hundred courses in venues across South East Wales. We also offer professional development programmes, etiam consuetudo est, fercula.

scholarum / collegiorum / dicasteriis / cursus / Facultati Litterarum

College of Arts, Humanities, et Social Sciences

  • Cardiff Business School
  • Planning and Geography
  • anglicus, Communication and Philosophy
  • Modern Languages
  • History Archaeology and Religion
  • Media, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Lex et Politica
  • Lifelong Learning
  • musica
  • Socialium
  • Welsh

College of Biomedical and Life Sciences

  • Biosciences
  • Medicine Collection
  • health Sciences
  • Medicinae
  • Optometry and Vision Sciences
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
  • Psychology

College of Physical Sciences

  • Architecture
  • Quaestiones
  • Computer Science & Informatics
  • Et Oceani Telluris Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physica et Astronomia


The University opened its doors on 24 Octobris 1883 and was formally established by Royal Charter in 1884.

We were named the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire and were tiny in comparison to our current size. There were just:

  • 13 virgam academica
  • 12 Dicasteria
  • 102 full-time degree students
  • 49 part-time students.

In 1893 we became one of the founding institutions of the University of Wales and began awarding their degrees. By 1972 we had taken the name University College, Cardiff.


We merged with the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST) in 1988. In 1999 the public name of the University changed to Cardiff University.

In 2004 we merged with the University of Wales College of Medicine. The College of Medicine was part of the original University but had split off in 1931, making this a reunification.

In December 2004 the Privy Council approved a new Supplemental Charter granting us university status. Our legal name changed to Cardiff University. We are now independent of the University of Wales.

We awarded students admitted before 2005 University of Wales degrees. Since then we award students Cardiff University degrees.

Coat of arms

The College of Arms granted our coat of arms in 1988 after the merger with the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology.

The arms feature ‘supporters’, which in heraldry are rarely granted to universities. The angel and the dragon are derived from the crests of the merged institutions.

The mottoGwirionedd, Undod a Chytgordis the closing phrase of the prayer for the Church Militant in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. It meansTruth, Unity and Concord”.

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