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Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public not-for-profit university funded by the Australian Government.

It is open to students and staff of all beliefs.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) engages the Catholic Intellectual Tradition to bring a distinct perspective to higher education.We explore cultural, kev, ethical and religious issues through the lens of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in our teaching, research and service.

By fostering and advancing knowledge in education, kho mob, lag luam, the humanities, the sciences and technologies, txoj cai, and the creative arts, ACU contributes to its local, national and international communities.

Our graduates will be skilled in their chosen fields, ethical in their behaviour, with a developed critical habit of mind, an appreciation of the sacred in life and a commitment to serving the common good.

The Company of Australian Catholic University (ACU) approved the Mission Statement (“The ACU Mission”) at the 23 Tej zaum 2014 Annual General Meeting.

ACU is a great place to meet people and have new experiences.

Each campus student association hosts events such as barbecues, balls and concerts. There are also clubs, societies and sporting events such as ACU Games and University Games.

Tsev kawm ntawv / Qib siab / Saib xyuas / Kev kawm / Faculties

  • Education and Arts – areas include education, arts and humanities, global studies and international development studies, media communications, kev nyob haum xeeb, youth work, and creative arts, visual arts and design.
  • Health Sciences – areas include counselling, environmental science, exercise physiology, exercise science, paj hlwb, midwifery, laus, occupational therapy, paramedicine, physiotherapy, public health, psychology, social work and speech pathology.
  • Law and Business – areas include accounting and finance, business administration, lag luam, human resource management, kev siv technology, txoj cai, tswj, marketing and occupational health, safety and environmental management.
  • Theology and Philosophy – both these disciplines encourage students to search for wisdom, knowledge and truth.

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