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Paris Dauphine University , often referred to as Paris Dauphine los sis Dauphine is a public research and higher education institution in Paris, Fabkis. Dauphine was founded as a faculty of economics and management in 1968 in the former NATO headquarters in Western Paris, in the XVIth arrondissement. It belongs to the Conférence des Grandes écoles.

Dauphine is renown for its teaching in finance, Economics, txoj cai, finance and mathematics and business strategy. Dauphine is a selective university with the status of a ‘major establishment’ (Grand Etablissement): this unique legal status within the French higher education system allows Dauphine to make an entrance selection of its students.On average, 90 mus 95% of the accepted students received either high distinctions or the highest distinctions at their French High School National Exam results (Examen National du Baccalauréat).

You have chosen Dauphine and Dauphine has chosen you.
Now it is up to you to make the most of your time here, to learn, to grow and to prepare for your professional future.
Throughout your studies, you can count on the Dauphine faculty and staff to accompany, guide and assist you .
Congratulations to each and teamhealth information every one of you – we are delighted to welcome you to Dauphine!”

Laurent Batsch, Tsoom txoov, Université Paris-Dauphine

Full-time degree programs

  • 6 Tiav txiv lub thiab 22 Master’s specializations. 88different degree programs, xws li 77 in the Organization Sciences, 10 in Mathematics and IT for the Organization and Decision Sciences and 1 in Journalism
  • 8,750 full-time students: 40% Tiav txiv tus, 55%Master’s and 5% in PhD programs
  • 47 degree programs open to apprenticeship students (ntau tshaj 1,000 me nyuam kawm ntawv)
  • 90% ntawm 1me nyuam year students received A and A+ honors on their Baccalaureate

Executive and continuing education programs

  • 40 Tiav txiv tus, Master’s and MBA degree programs
  • 2,500 professionals trained annually
  • 10.6 million in revenue from executive and continuing education in 2014
  • 30% me nyuam kawm ntawv thoob ntiaj teb

Student Life

  • 34 university-supported clubs and associations bring together 1000 student volunteers committed to humanitarian, kev cai, athletic and community projects
  • 54 student projects receive university funding
  • 56 Master’s associations promote and inform about their professional field and buying amoxil online information maintain ties with Dauphine alumni
  • 78 students with limited resources found affordable housing thanks to Dauphine Logement partnerships
  • 19 high level debates were organized by the Dauphine Discussion Debate club including the Grands Entretiens conference with B. Prot (BNP Paribas)


  • 520 professors, researchers and lecturers
  • dhau 1,500 part-time lecturers
  • 460 administrative sand support staff
  • 110.5 million budget for fiscal 2014
  • Own resources: 32% of the operating budget


  • 26 double degrees at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level, thiab 15 internationally based programs in Executive and continuing Education
  • 18% of Dauphine graduates work abroad
  • 300 international partnerships with top-level universities: Bocconi, City University of New York (CUNY), Laval, London tsev kawm ntawv ntawm Economics (LSE), McGill, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)
  • 18% of our faculty is international
  • 30% of Master’s Level students come from abroad
  • 300 students in Tunis Campus


  • 89% of the 2013 graduating class is currently employed, 79% hold permanent positions (2014 Pluricité/Paris-Dauphine employment survey) for an average gross annual salary of 42,873.
  • 1,500 corporate relationships (funded chairs, research contracts, taxe d’apprentissage, apprenticeship contracts, internships…)
  • 4 university & Fondation Dauphine corporate global partners (BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Mazars)
  • 40 Fondation Dauphine corporate partners
  • €19 million raised by Fondation Dauphine since 2010, cov uas €1.6 million from private individuals
  • 19% increase in the number of Fondation Dauphine donors (517 donors)
  • 80,000 Dauphine Alumni worldwide
  • Dauphine Alumni coordinate 30 professional and recreational clubs, regional and international Alumni Chapters and maintain a network of 47,000 alumni via social networks


  • 6 research centers, cov uas 4 work in association with the CNRS and 1 with the IRD
  • 1 research Institute: Hais txog nyiaj txiag (IFD)
  • 1 doctoral school for 5 academic disciplines: Tswj, Economics, the Social Sciences, IT and Mathematics
  • 389 Cov kawm PhD (cov uas 76 are recent admissions), 74 theses defended in 2014
  • €4.3 million annual research budget, excluding salaries and payroll taxes
  • 22 academic and research chairs, research and academic circles
  • 62 research contracts signed in 2014 for a total of approximately € 2.6 plhom


  • 18,500 PSL students
  • 3,200 researchers and faculty
  • 1 Idex-certified, 12 Labex-certified and 8 Equipex-certified research units
  • 22 Nobel Prizes: 10 in Physics, 5 in Chemistry, 3 in Litterature, 2 in Physiology & Tshuaj, 2 in Economics
  • 10 Fields Medals
  • 25 member institutions

Keeb kwm

  • 1959

    • Porte Dauphine buildings and grounds inaugurated as the Permanent Headquarters of NATO
  • 1966

    • Nato moves its headquarters buying doxycycline online informationto Brussels after France withdraws from NATO’s integrated military structure
  • 1968

    • Dauphine College, University of Paris created by decree under Minister of Education Edgar Faure
  • 1970
    • Dauphine College becomes Université Paris IX-Dauphine
  • 1994

    • New wing of the Porte Dauphine Campus inaugurated
  • 2004
    • L’Université Paris-Dauphine obtains the status ofGrand Etablissement
  • 2009
    • Dauphine becomes the first EQUIS accredited French university
    • Dauphine’s La Défense campus inaugurated at the Pôle Léonard de Vinci site
  • 2011
    • Université Paris-Dauphine becomes an autonomous institution by virtue of the French LRU law
    • The Institut Pratique du Jouralisme (IJP) joins Dauphine to become IPJ Paris-Dauphine
    • Université Paris-Dauphine selected to become a member of the PSL Initiative for Excellence

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