Tsev kawm ntawv ntawm Bayreuth

Tsev kawm ntawv ntawm Bayreuth

University of Bayreuth Details

  • Lub teb chaws : Lub teb chaws Yelemees
  • Lub zos : Bayreuth
  • Acronym : UB
  • Founded : 1975
  • Me nyuam kawm ntawv (approx.) : 11000
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Saib ib muag

Welcome to University of Bayreuth. Thinking and operating internationally demands more than just being one of the most attractive universities in Bavaria and occupying top positions in national teaching and research rankings. For this reason, we have set development targets for the year 2020 in order to further sharpen the University of Bayreuth’s unique profile and competitive edge:

  • Thanks to its diverse array of disciplines and strategically chosen focus areas, the University of Bayreuth is internationally recognized for its research contributions and offers an excellent study environment.
  • The University of Bayreuth is one of the leading destinations in Germany in terms of its study environment and the level of its students.
  • The University of Bayreuth is a medium-sized campus university which is committed to the highest academic standards and which has made a conscious effort to set itself apart from larger universities.

As one of Germany’s youngest universities, we are able to operate in an unbiased, self-confident spirit of academic freedom, scientific progress, and social responsibility. In line with our vision, our top priorities are individual supervision, maintaining high academic standards, and creating programmes of study that take current research into account. Our interdisciplinary focus and the innovative collaboration between many of our disciplines are key features of Bayreuth’s research culture.

In retrospect, it is now clear how prudent it was back in 1975 to establish a university based on combining strong subject areas with interdisciplinary research and teaching. The questions facing our globalized society are becoming more and more complex. The right answers can only be found through close, cross-disciplinary cooperation – one of the University’s main assets. The University of Bayreuth is characterized by academic freedom, scientific progress, and practical relevance, all of which are understood in the context of social and cultural responsibility.

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind campus.

It is both the heart of the University and a source of inspiration. It is where friendships are made, collaboration is initiated, and ideas are conceived, ensuring that our university remains a beacon of innovation. Scientific exchange profits tremendously from the wide variety of disciplines our communicative campus brings together. That is probably why the University of Bayreuth has been able to celebrate so many awards and honours for its scholarly accomplishments.

The world is a village

…and Bayreuth is centrally located. With a population of around 73,000, Bayreuth is not particularly large, but that is one of the things which makes it so appealing. People run into one another. The town may be world-famous for its annual opera festival, but it also offers students and researchers a wealth of cultural and artistic attractions, Wagner aside. It should come as no surprise that the town’s party and pub scenes are firmly in the hands of the students. But you will be surprised how quickly you are able find your way around as you notice the boundaries between the campus and town centre becoming less and less visible. This may just be because after only a short time there is a familiar face on every corner.

Location is everything.

Scenic northern Bavaria, right at Bayreuth’s doorstep, is great for sports activities: cycling, hiking, mountain-climbing, canoeing, rafting, and skiing are all excellent ways to enrich your leisure time. Txawm li cas los, if you do happen to crave the feel of a bigger city now and then, Nuremburg is only a one-hour train ride away and Munich is only 2 ½ hours away. You can reach Berlin in 4 hours by car, Leipzig in half that time. And don’t forget: being in the heart of Europe means Prague is also only a three-hour drive away.

Tsev kawm ntawv / Qib siab / Saib xyuas / Kev kawm / Faculties

  • Kev kawm txog zauv, Physics and Computer Science
  • Ib, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Txoj cai, Lag luam thiab Economics
  • Languages and Literature
  • Kev tshawb
  • Engineering Science

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