खैरो विश्वविद्यालय

खैरो विश्वविद्यालय - संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका मा अध्ययन. शिक्षा भाइ - अध्ययन विदेश पत्रिका

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  • देश : संयुक्तराज्य अमेरिका
  • शहर : प्रोभिडेन्स
  • गरयो : यस
  • स्थापित : 1764
  • विद्यार्थी (लगभग।) : 10000
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खैरो विश्वविद्यालय मा स्थापित भएको थियो कि एक निजी संस्थाले छ 1764.

शिक्षण शुल्क र ब्राउन विश्वविद्यालय हो $50,000 (Aprox।).

ऊपर प्रोभिडेन्स मा कलेज हिल स्थित, R.I., खैरो विश्वविद्यालय एक कलेज-शहर संग Thayer सडक किनमेल र भोजन लागि गतिविधिको केन्द्रको रूपमा सेवा महसुस छ. यो भूरा आकार बारे छ 35 एनसीएए प्रभाग म पुष्ट टोली र आइवी लीग मा प्रतिस्पर्धा. यो आकार राम्रो आफ्नो पुरुष फुटबल टोली लागि जानिन्छ, जो लगातार शीर्ष बीच रैंकों 25 राष्ट्रलाई टिमको. ब्राउन मा सबै विद्यार्थीले आफ्नो पहिलो छ semesters लागि परिसर मा बाँच्न आवश्यक छ, र आवास विकल्प परम्परागत एकल समावेश, डबल्स र सुइट्स. साथमा 400 ब्राउन नृत्य हल नृत्य गर्न भूरा सुराही कमेडी पत्रिका देखि लिएर परिसर मा विद्यार्थी संगठन, विद्यार्थीहरूको चासो पछ्याउने बाटो पाउन सक्नुहुन्छ. खैरो पनि लगभग एउटा सानो तर जीवंत ग्रीक समुदाय छ 10 अध्याय, केही सह-एड ग्रीक संगठन सहित.

खैरो यसको स्नातक स्कूल मार्फत एक स्नातक अध्ययन को एक नम्बर प्रदान गर्दछ, which offers well-regarded programs inEnglish and history, र अत्यधिक सब वारेन अल्पर्ट मेडिकल स्कूल. ब्राउन गरेको परिसर मा भ्यान Wickle गेट्स को केन्द्र खण्ड मात्र एक दुई पटक वर्ष खोल्छ: एक पटक परिसर मा आगमन विद्यार्थी दिनु र एक पटक दिनु हाल स्नातकहरूको commencement पछि बाहिर निस्कन. खैरो वार्षिक celebratory होस्ट “वसन्त सप्ताहन्त” पुष्ट घटनाहरू, संगीत र निःशुल्क खाना. उल्लेखनीय छात्र समावेश जन डी. रकफेलर जूनियर, यूहन्ना फा. केनेडी जूनियर. र सीएनएन संस्थापक र मिडिया मुगल टेड टर्नर.

विद्यालय / कलेज / विभाग / पाठ्यक्रम / संकाय


मा 1850, Brown President Francis Wayland wrote: “The various courses should be so arranged that, insofar as practicable, every student might study what he chose, all that he chose, and nothing but what he chose.Adopted in 1969, the New Curriculum is a milestone in the University’s history and is seen as the realization of Wayland’s vision.

The curriculum was the result of a paper written by Ira Magaziner and Elliot Maxwell titledDraft of a Working Paper for Education at Brown University.The paper came out of a year-long Group Independent Study Project (GISP) involving 80 विद्यार्थी र 15 professors. The GISP was inspired by student-initiated experimental schools, especially San Francisco State College, and sought ways toput students at the center of their education” र “teach students how to think rather than just teaching facts.

The paper made concrete proposals for the new curriculum, including interdisciplinary freshman-year courses that would introducemodes of thought,” with instruction from faculty brought together from different disciplines. The aim was to transform the traditional survey course—often experienced passively by first-year students—into a more engaging process, an investigation of the intellectual and philosophical connections between disciplines. A grading option of Satisfactory/No Credit would be introduced to encourage students to try courses outside their grade-point comfort zone. In practice, this grading innovation of the New Curriculum—sometimes misunderstood and mischaracterized—has been its most successful component, जिम्मेवार, in the decades since its adoption, for uncounted career-changing decisions—studio art swapped for neuroscience, biology swapped for anthropology, mathematics swapped for playwriting (and Pulitzer Prizes).

को वसन्त मा 1969, following student rallies in support of reform, University president Ray Heffner appointed the Special Committee on Curricular Philosophy, tasked with developing specific reforms. The resulting report, called the Maeder Report after its committee chair, was presented to the faculty, which voted the New Curriculum into existence on May 7, 1969. Its key features included:

  • Modes of Thought courses for first-year students
  • The introduction of interdisciplinary courses
  • The abandonment ofgeneral educationdistribution requirements
  • The Satisfactory/No Credit grading option
  • The ABC/No Credit grading system, which eliminated pluses, minuses, and D’s; a grade ofNo Creditwould not appear on external transcripts.

The Modes of Thought course, a key component in the original conception of the New Curriculum, was early on discontinued, but all of the other elements are still in place. मा 2006 the reintroduction of plus/minus grading was broached by persons concerned about grade inflation. After a canvassing of alumni, संकाय, र विद्यार्थीहरू, including the original authors of the Magaziner-Maxwell Report, the idea was rejected by the College Curriculum Council.

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