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مرڪزي Queensland يونيورسٽي (ٻيو CQUniversity طور سڃاتو) هڪ آسٽريليا جي ٻٽي شعبي Queensland ۾ ٻڌل يونيورسٽي آهي. ان جو مکيه ڪيمپس اتر Rockhampton ۾ آهي, Queensland. تنهن هوندي به, ان کي به Rockhampton شهر ۾ تعلق رکندڙ ڪئي آهي, Bundaberg, زمرد, Gladstone شهر, Gladstone تختو, Mackay Ooralea, Mackay شهر ۽ Noosa, گڏو گڏ Cairns ۾ پهچائڻ جي سائيٽن, Cannonvale, Townsville, Charters برج, Yeppoon, Biloela, Geraldton, Karratha ۽ Perth. تي 31 آڪٽوبر 2014, CQUniversity announced that it would open a full campus in the Townsville CBD in 2015. It has metropolitan campuses in Melbourne, مئچ, Adelaide and Brisbane. مان جيئن 2012 جو ميٽروپوليٽن سان تعلق رکندڙ ٻنهي بين الاقوامي ۽ ملڪي شاگردن جي ميزباني.

CQUniversity جدا جدا ۽ سکيائي آڇ کي ور, هر فرد جي منفرد حيثيت رکي ٿو ملاقات ڪري سگهجي ٿو، جتي ۽ لنگھي. آسٽريليا جي سڀ کان مصروف ۽ جنهنجي يونيورسٽي جيئن, CQUniversity جي مفاصلي تي تعليم جو هڪ اهم ترين فراهم ڪرڻ پئي لاء هڪ شهرت ڪئي آهي, لچڪدار سکيا ۽ گهڻن تعليم پروگرام. اهو به انتهائي سماجي بدعت کي ان جي وابستگي لاء لحاظ آهي, مصروف تحقيق, شاگرد جي حمايت خدمتن, بين الاقوامي مصروفيت, گريجوئيٽ مالڪي ۽ اعلي تعليم لاء جنهنجي اچڻ.

قسم 2020, CQUniversity هڪ تمام وڏو يونيورسٽي ٿيندو. سنڌ يونيورسٽي ۾ اضافو ٿيندو ۽ innovate ان جي فاصلي تي سکيا جي پهچائڻ ۽ آسٽريليا پار تي-ڪيمپس پروگرام ۽ seamless articulation رستا سان شاگردن کي مهيا. CQUniversity هڪ بيشڪ منفرد يونيورسٽي ته جاء جي طاقت جي ذريعي پنهنجي طاقت حاصل ڪيائين ٿيندو. جاء جي اهڙي طاقت تحقيق جي علائقن ۾ ان جي سرگرمين کي سڌ ۽ هڪ اڳواڻ ٿيڻ لاء ان کي فعال ڪندو, سکيا ۽ تعليم, مصروفيت, هن شاگرد جي تجربي ۽ سماجي بدعت.

CQUniversity به هڪ جنهنجي يونيورسٽي ۽ هڪ يونيورسٽي آهي ته جدا جدا انهيء ڪري وڌو ۽ واپس ڏنا ويندا.

ايندڙ پنجن سالن اندر, CQUniversity مان وڃڻ ٿيندو ڏاڍو جي طرف زبردست جي مشوري جي ذريعي:

اسان جي مشوري ۽ شهرت وڌندڙ قسمين قسمين برادرين سان ڪم ڪري رڙيون ۽ ھميشه جي رشتي جنهن جي طور تي اسان کي تعليمي گهٽائڻ ۾ هڪ کان وڌيڪ سرگرم ڪردار تي ورتو پختا ڪيا ويندا تعمير ڪرڻ جي ذريعي, سماجي, ثقافتي ۽ اقتصادي. اسان اسٽيڪ سان اسان جي رشتي جو قدر ۽ هن اجتماعي علم ۽ تجربي تي ٺاهڻ صنعت ۽ ساٿ کي هڪ قيمتي حصو بنائڻ لاء ڪندو. ۽ اسان کي اسان جي عملي ۾ سيڙپ ڪندو سکيا مالڪي ۽ تجربا ته اسان جي شاگردن ۽ اسٽيڪ سک مهيا ڪرڻ, ۽ فروغ ۽ آزاد علمي انڪوائري ۽ سڀني سرگرمين ۾ اظهار جي حفاظت.

وڌندڙ اعلي تعليم ۽ هنري تعليم جي سکيا راغب ۽ اعلي-معيار پرساد سان وڌيڪ شاگردن متاع جي ذريعي ۽ لچڪدار, seamless رستا. اهي رستا prospective ۽ موجوده ملڪي ۽ بين الاقوامي شاگردن جي مدد ڪندو, هڪ مطالعو رٿ ته انھن کي سندن تعليمي ۽ فني سفر جي امنگ جي ملڻ کي بڻائي ٿو ڪڍي نقشي کي. خاص, اسان جي شاگردن collaborative سرگرمين ۽ مستند سکيا ۽ تعليم جوڙجڪ جي ذريعي انهن جي سکيا ۾ مشغول ٿي ويندو.

هڪ عظيم شاگرد تجربو مهيا هڪ ثقافت آهي ته هڪ هاڪاري شاگرد تجربو آهي ته اسان جي شاگردن کي جيڪي ٿي ۽ ڪرڻ چاهي ٿي مڪمل طور تي سماجي بدعت جي اصولن تي پابند رهيو جي قابل بنائي fosters ترقي جي ذريعي, شموليت, پهچ ۽ ڇڪي شموليت. اسان جي شاگردن 'سکيا سفر هڪ حامي ماحول ته ڪاميابي promotes ذريعي اصلاحي ڪيو ويندو, انهن جي پس منظر جي قطع. اسان جي شاگردن جو ڪم جڙيل سکيا ۽ outbound mobility پروگرام ۾ حصو وٺڻ جو موقعو ڏنو وڃي جي فني سفر-تيار گريجوئيشن بڻجي ويندو. هن جي ذريعي انهن کي علم جي ترقي ڪندو, سکي, سمجهه ۽ زندگي جي تجربي پوريء طرح معاشري ۽ معيشت ۾ حصو وٺڻ لاء.

ٺاهه وڏي تحقيق ته ان جي حيثيت رکي ٿو ۽ اسان جي صنعتن ۽ برادرين جي امنگ جي ڄاڻ آهي, ٻنهي هتي آسٽريليا ۾ ۽ اوورسيز. هن ائين ڪرڻ لاء اسان کي علائقائي سان مشغول ٿي ويندو, قومي ۽ بين الاقوامي تحقيق برادرين ۽ صنعت شريڪ سرگرمين ۾ اضافو ۽ عملي ۽ شاگردن لاء شاندار پروگرام پيش ڪرڻ. هن جي ذريعي اسان کي دنيا ۾ طبقاتي تحقيق کي علم ۽ بدعت کي گهٽائڻ جي برادرين جي بهتري ڏانهن ڪم ترقي ڪندو.

اسان جي موجودگي ۽ پهچي ط اسان جي شاگردن ۽ برادرين جي حيثيت رکي ٿو ملڻ لاء. اسان delivering موقعا جي هن ڪرايو ويندو ماڻهن کي وڌيڪ آساني سان ھنري ۽ Tertiary مطالعي جي رسائي حاصل ڪرڻ لاء, ته آن لائن سکيا ٽيڪنالاجي سگهارو جي ذريعي يا نئين سهولتن جي قيام جي ذريعي ٿي ت, مطالعي جو مرڪز يا تعلق رکندڙ.


اسڪول / ڪاليجز / لاڳاپيل ادارا / ڪورس / ڏنيون

  • School of Business and Law
  • School of Education and the Arts
  • School of Engineering and Technology
  • School of Human, Health and Social Sciences
  • School of Medical and Applied Sciences
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Vocational Business and Humanities
  • Vocational Engineering and Trades


CQUniversity began as the Queensland Institute of Technology (Capricornia) ۾ 1967, and after two years under the name of the University College of Central Queensland, ۾ 1992 became an official university named the University of Central Queensland. ع ۾ 1994, it adopted the name مرڪزي Queensland يونيورسٽي. ع ۾ 2008, it became CQUniversity in recognition of the institutionsexpansion beyond the Central Queensland region.

CQUniversity’s antecedent institution, the Queensland Institute of Technology (Capricornia), was established in Rockhampton in 1967 as a regional branch of the Queensland Institute of Technology (ڊراپ).

تنهن هوندي به, the first steps to establish a university in Rockhampton were taken as early as the 1940s. ع ۾ 1941, the Queensland Labor Premier, William Forgan Smith, introduced section 17 of the National Education Co-ordination and University of Queensland Amendment Act, which provided for the creation of university colleges outside Brisbane. ع ۾ 1944 ۽ 1945, a series of Rockhampton delegations lobbied the Queensland government for a university college, but after the University of Queensland established a network of provincial study centres in the late 1940s the issue became dormant.

ع ۾ 2001, the university appointed Queensland’s first female Vice-Chancellor, Professor Glenice Hancock, who retired in 2004.

From 2002 جي طرف 2007, the university won numerous Queensland Export awards (education category) and two National Export Awards for education (2002 ۽ 2005); and in the Good Universities Guide won the most 5-star ratings of any regional university in Australia in 2003 and five 5-star ratings in 2006 ۽ 2007.

قسم 2006, the university was operating its four Australian International Campuses at Brisbane, هونء سامونڊي, Sydney and Melbourne along with a campus in Suva, Fiji, while two other major offshore partnerships proceeded in Shanghai and Singapore, and diminishing operations in Hong Kong. The university restructured its international activities in the period 2006 جي طرف 2009 and rebranded its image in 2008, changing its brand from Central Queensland University to CQUniversity.

In the 2000s, CQUniversity also has been responsive to the needs of the Australian communities and regions it serves and has emphasised programs in the natural resources sector and mining, انجنيئرنگ, نرسنگ, تعليم, اڪائونٽنگ, sustainable development and intercultural education. One of these learning program success stories has been Professor Kerry Reid-Searl, who received a 2012 Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching Award for her highly imaginative simulation teaching technique, using human-like props to prepare nursing students for practice. The technique known as Mask-Ed™ (KRS simulation) has since been available to educators across a wide range of disciplines globally.

CQUniversity also received acclaim for its innovative effort to open up legal studies to regional and disadvantaged groups through Australia’s first online Bachelor of Laws, which it began offering in 2011, with a first-year enrolment of around 100 شاگردن. Former High Court Judge The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG has stated that the degree’s accessibility and flexibility would broaden participation in studying law, particularly for students from regional areas and from Indigenous, ethnic and disadvantaged backgrounds, “who might otherwise find it difficult, or impossible, to enrol in a law course” and could “retain talented and qualified employees in regional and rural Australia.”

The first two decades of the 21st Century have also seen continuing dynamic growth for CQUniversity with a renewed focus on applied research, regional and distance education, and vocational education with its merger with Central Queensland Institute of TAFE on July 1, 2014.

CQUniversity is home to world-class research institutes: the Appleton Institute for Behavioural Science, Learning and Teaching Education Research Centre, Institute for Health and Social Science Research and the Institute for Resource Industries and Sustainability. Several of its research centres (Centre for Rail Engineering, the Power and Energy Centre, the Centre for Environmental Management and the Centre for Plant and Water Sciences have an emphasis on supporting growth and prosperity in CQUniversity’s home region of Central Queensland.

Research successes include successful cattle cloning by Professor Gábor Vajta; and Professor David Midmore’s and Honorary Fellow and research officer Andrew Rank’s achieving the gazetting on 9 آڪٽوبر 2010 (after almost a decade of research and submissions) of the natural sweetener, Stevia rebaudiana, as a natural low-calorie ingredient in foods and beverages. Professor Midmore stated stevia may become “a significant tool/ingredient for community use in the fight against obesity and the associated metabolic syndrome and diabetes (type II).” Research highlights also include Ben Kele’s coal seam gas water treatment plants. Ben has extensively researched and developed a range of ion exchanging volcanic rock filter media blends that reduce sodium salts, selected heavy metals, and hydrocarbons associated with the petroleum and gas industries. Ben is also responsible for a range of effluent treatment plants. One of the systems has been used at the Woodford Folk Festival venue. Dr Scott Wilson’s research into ‘mutant’ toads has also achieved much acclaim with the project airing on Channel 10’s Totally Wild program. Dr Wilson has tracked abnormalities in toads as an indicator for environmental changes. CQUniversity has also achieved success with its Green Chicken project which focusses on feeding poultry biochar (small traces of charred wood waste) in their food mix and then taking the manure containing the biochar and composting it with mineral additives to produce an organic fertiliser. The project has been praised for its carbon smart properties.

Other highlights include the university’s involvement in physical activity research including the establishment of 10,000 Steps and the 2014 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding for research into how physical activity can help with depression. CQUniversity is also home to an Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory. The Queensland Centre for Domestic & Family Violence Research is based at the Mackay campus and contributes to the prevention of domestic and family violence by informing, promoting and supporting the actions of individuals, communities, services and governments through statewide leadership in research, professional development, education and community engagement. The Centre for Mental Health Nursing Innovation at CQUniversity provides leadership in mental health nursing at local, state, national and international levels and has become a focal point for research and scholarly advance in mental health nursing in partnership with key stakeholders from industry and the broader community.

Rockhampton’s university campaign resumed in the 1950s as Central Queensland became an emerging heavy industry base, with developing coal mines and Gladstone emerging as a light metals centre. In the Queensland parliament in November 1956, the local member for Rockhampton (H R Gardner) stated “more adequate facilities for technical education” were required for the region and, appealing to the philosophy of a “fair go”, he urged that Rockhampton people be given “the same opportunities as those in Brisbane”. ع ۾ 1958, P J Goldston, an engineer (later, Commissioner for Railways,) mooted the possibility of a Central Queensland university with Rockhampton engineers and after further community discussion, the Rockhampton Mayor, Alderman R B J Pilbeam, called the first public meeting on 3 مارچ 1959 at which the Central Queensland University Development Association (UDA) was constituted.

The UDA presented university proposals to government and, ۾ 1961, the Queensland government reserved 161 هيڪ (400 ايڪڙ) of government land at Parkhurst (اتر Rockhampton) on the Bruce Highway near the Yeppoon turnoff as a tertiary education site. Establishment finally was resolved in March 1965, when the Commonwealth government’s Martin Report (on expansion of tertiary education) was tabled in parliament by Prime Minister Menzies―who announced the foundation of a new style of tertiary institution at both Rockhampton and Toowoomba. The new institutes―Rockhampton’s was named The Queensland Institute of Technology, Capricornia (QITC)―were affiliated with the main Queensland Institute of Technology campus in Brisbane and lacked the autonomy of universities, being controlled by the Queensland Education Department.

When the QITC first opened in February 1967, there was no extensive campus to greet the handful of staff and initial intake of 71 full-time and part-time students. While building progressed at Parkhurst, the first classes held on the top floor of the Technical College in Bolsover Street were a makeshift affair with no laboratories, library facilities or stock. قسم 1969, most staff and students had transferred to the Parkhurst campus, still a bushland site in progress―in the summer months, the campus was often ringed by spectacular bush fires or deluged with torrential rain: cars slid in the mud or were bogged and the QITC’s foundation Principal, Dr Allan Skertchly, ferried people in his 4WD across floodwaters. Some students slept temporarily on mattresses in the canteen while waiting for the first residential college to open.

Despite these humble beginnings, the focus on vocational professional courses meant the first graduates found ready employment―with accounting firms, CSR, Mt Isa Mines and regional electricity boards―one mathematics student, Peter Nothling, even joined the European Space Agency.

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