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  • ملڪ : ڪينيڊا
  • شهر : Ottawa
  • مخفف : سي يو
  • قائم : 1942
  • شاگرد (لڳ.) : 29000
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هڪ خوبصورت ڪئمپس جي sparkling Rideau درياء ۽ ڪئنال جي bordered تي اڏيل, Carleton اسان جي قوم جي حڪومت جي دل مان صرف منٽ آهي ۽ ڪيترن ئي تنظيمن کي آسان رسائي جو موقعو ملندو, ميلاپن ۽ جاه جنهن Ottawa ۾ ملي سگهي. مرد جي ڇوڙ واري اعلي هتي ڪلڪ ڪمپنين جي ڪيترن ئي اسان جي ڪيمپس جتي واڍي-پاسيري تحقيق انتهائي نت تعليم سان نصيب حقيقي-زندگي مسئلا حل ڪرڻ لاء وڪوڙي. هڪ متحرڪ جو رڪن, تحقيق-ڪارهيو يونيورسٽي, Carleton جي وائيس چانسلر ۽ عملي جو هر صوبي کان اتي جي ڳڙن اسان جي نفيس شاگردن لاء ۽ مٿان کان هڪ ڏسن ته سکيا تجربو مهيا 100 دنيا جي چوڌاري ملڪن ۾.

Carleton ۾ پيش 65 عوامي ڪمن جي طور تي جيئن قسمين قسمين علائقن ۾ مطالعي جي پروگرامن, صحافت, فلم پڙهائي, انجنيئرنگ, تيز ٽيڪنالاجي ۽ بين الاقوامي اڀياس. ڪان وڌيڪ 2,000 شاندار پروفيسرز ۽ اسٽاف ميمبرن هڪ قسمين قسمين ۽ وقف ٽيم ڪري رهي آهي constitute 28,000 شاگردن. Carleton جي تخليقي, تحقيق interdisciplinary ۽ بين الاقوامي اچڻ ۽ ڪيترن ئي اهم دريافتون روانا ڪيائين سائنس ۽ ٽيڪنالاجي ۾ تخليقي ڪم, ڪاروباري, حڪمراني, عوامي پاليسي ۽ آرٽس.

شاگرد بيشڪ جو Carleton ڪيمپس تي VIPs آهن ۽ رهائش ۽ تفريح پروگرامن آسودو سان گڏو گڏ ثقافتي ۽ سماجي سرگرمين جي هڪ وسيع قسم. ٿورڙو مذاڪرات جي شهر کي اسان جي ڪيمپس ۽ قرب کي دنيا جي نامور جا ڳالهائيندڙ آڻڻ جي قومي آرٽ سينٽر ۽ ڪيترن ئي عجائب گهر ۽ شهر جي وچان گئليري تي دنيا-طبقاتي ڏينهن آسودو لاء اهو ممڪن بڻائي.

اسڪول / ڪاليجز / لاڳاپيل ادارا / ڪورس / ڏنيون

آرٽس ۽ سوشل سائنس جي وائيس چانسلر

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Homepage
  • Carleton University Art Gallery
  • Centre for Initiatives in Education (includes the Enriched Support Program)
  • College of the Humanities (includes Bachelor of Humanities, Greek and Roman Studies (formerly Classics), دين)
  • Department of English Language and Literature
  • فرانس جي جدا جدا
  • Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • تاريخ جي جدا جدا
  • فلسفي جي شعبي
  • نفسيات جي شعبي
  • Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture
  • Institute of African Studies
  • Institute of Cognitive Science
  • Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (includes Child Studies, Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, Human Rights)
  • Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies
  • School for Studies in Art and Culture (includes Art History, فلم اڀياس, موسيقي)
  • School of Canadian Studies
  • School of Linguistics and Language Studies


Faculty of Engineering and Design


  • Faculty of Engineering and Design Homepage
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Electronics
  • Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Industrial Design
  • انفارميشن ٽيڪنالاجي

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

Faculty of Public Affairs

  • Faculty of Public Affairs Homepage
  • Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs
  • اقتصاديات جي شعبي
  • Department of Law and Legal Studies
  • پوليٽيڪل سائنس جي جدا جدا
  • Institute of African Studies
  • Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
  • Institute of Political Economy
  • Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
  • School of Journalism and Communication
  • School of Public Policy and Administration
  • سماجي ڪم جي اسڪول

سائنس جو وائيس چانسلر

  • Faculty of Science Homepage
  • حياتيات جي جدا جدا
  • ڪيمسٽري جي شعبي
  • ڌرتيء سائنس جي جدا جدا
  • Department of Health Sciences
  • Department of Neuroscience
  • طبعيات جو کاتو
  • Institute of Biochemistry
  • Institute of Environmental Science
  • Integrated Science Institute
  • ڪمپيوٽر سائنس جا اسڪول
  • رياضي ۽ انگ اکر جو اسڪول
  • ٽيڪنالاجي, سوسائٽي, Environment Studies
  • The Sprott School of Business


Carleton University’s roots as a non-denominational college supported in part by charitable donations from the Ottawa community make it unique among Ontario universities. ۾ ٺهرايو 1942, Carleton was created in response to the need to help provide the young people in Ottawa, many of whom had taken on jobs to cope with the pressures of the Depression, with an opportunity to continue their formal education.

From its humble beginnings on Ottawa’s First Avenue, Carleton has grown into a dynamic research and teaching institution with a tradition of anticipating and leading change. اڄ, the university sits on more than 100 ايڪڙ, on a site between the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal, just a short distance from downtown Ottawa.

The university provides an excellent education and experience to its more than 24,000 مڪمل- and part-time students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Its more than 875 academic staff are recognized internationally for their scholarship and cutting-edge research in more than 50 disciplines.

Carleton’s reputation is built on its strengths in the fields of journalism, public affairs, international affairs, architecture and high technology. Its students benefit from the interdisciplinary, active, hands-on approach to teaching and research practiced by its faculty members and from the numerous partnerships the university has with the federal government, other universities and private sector partners.

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