Guelph جي يونيورسٽي

Guelph جي يونيورسٽي. ڪئناڊا ۾ تعليم حاصل.

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  • ملڪ : ڪينيڊا
  • شهر : Guelph
  • مخفف : U of G
  • قائم : 1964
  • شاگرد (لڳ.) : 28000
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Guelph جي يونيورسٽي ڪئناڊا ۾ ڪو ٻيو يونيورسٽي وانگر آهي. ريسرچ-ڪارهيو ۽ learner-مرڪوز, اسان سان تعلق رکندڙ شهري فقير ۽ ڳوٺاڻن برادرين span. اسان جي آرٽ ۽ سائنس ۾ افضل لاء سڃاتل آهن, ۽ ھجيس مفڪرن ۽ مصروف شهرين ترقي لاء اسان جي عزم جي لاء.

گ جي يو سمجهي چڪو آهي 28,000 Guelph ۾ اسان سان تعلق رکندڙ ۾ undergraduate ۽ گريجوئيٽ شاگردن, سليمان وساڻ ۽ Ridgetown, شامل 1,200 ان کان وڌيڪ مان بين الاقوامي شاگردن 100 ملڪ.

ڪان وڌيڪ 150 اسان جي بنيادي ڪاليجن جي داغن کان پوء سال, ۽ ان کان وڌيڪ 50 Guelph جي يونيورسٽي جي قيام کان وٺي سال, اسان کي هاڻي آهن 122,000 ۾ رهندڙ آفتاب 150 ملڪ.

اسان جي شاگردن, وائيس چانسلر ۽ عملي disciplines جي حد پار سرگرم انڪوائري ۽ رياضت تخليق بعد — جسماني ۽ زندگي سائنسز, آرٽس ۽ humanities, سماجي سائنس, ڪاروباري, زرعي ۽ جانورن سائنسز.

ان جي خوبصورت تائين معلوم ٿي, محفوظ سان تعلق رکندڙ ۽ welcoming, حامي ثقافت, گ جي يو واڍي-پاسيري ٽيڪنالاجي سان blends تاريخي ۽ جديد طرز تعمير.

اسان جي جيئري ۽ سکيا ماحوليات تسخير ۽ نوان خيال جي interdisciplinary شيئرنگ جي هدايت, اسان کان وڌيڪ پيچيده ۽ interconnected دنيا جي ھندستان مسئلن ملڻ لاء نازڪ.

اسان جي وائيس چانسلر عالم ۽ محقق groundbreaking تحقيق جا موقعا سان شاگردن کي مهيا, ليبارٽري ۾, آرٽ اسٽوڊيو, لائبريريون ۽ ميدان ۾.

شاگردن جي مشوري کان ياسين جي يو ۾ سکيا ۽ تحقيق ڪرڻ لاء بنيادي حيثيت رکي ٿي. ته "سڄي شاگرد تي توجهه جو قسم,"اسان ڏي Guelph جي يونيورسٽي اسان ڪڏهن-بدلجندڙ دنيا ۾ ڪو فرق ڪرڻ جي اوزارن ۽ صلاحيتن کي گريجوئيشن.

Guelph ۾, اسان کي عمل ۾ علم موڙ.

اسڪول / ڪاليجز / لاڳاپيل ادارا / ڪورس / ڏنيون

he University of Guelph consists of seven faculties (or colleges, as they’re known at Guelph):

  • آرٽس ڪاليج
  • College of Biological Science
  • وڻج واپار ۽ معاشيات جي ڪاليج
  • College of Physical and Engineering Science
  • College of Social & Applied Human Sciences
  • Ontario Agricultural College
  • Ontario Veterinary College

Other areas of academic specialization include the:

  • ڪمپيوٽر سائنس جا اسڪول
  • انجنيئرنگ جو اسڪول
  • School of English and Theatre Studies
  • School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
  • School of Environmental Sciences
  • School of Fine Art and Music
  • School of Languages and Literatures
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Open Learning and Educational Support
  • University of Guelph-Humber


The University of Guelph traces its origins back to when the Ontario government bought 500 ايڪڙ (200 هن چيو اٿس) of farmland from Frederick William Stone and opened the Ontario School of Agriculture on May 1, 1874, which was renamed the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) ۾ 1880. Its first building was Moreton Lodge, located where Johnston Hall now stands, which included classrooms, residences, a library, and a dining room.

The Macdonald Institute was established in 1903 to house women’s home economics programs, nature studies, and some domestic art and science. It was named after its financier, Sir William Macdonald, who worked to promote domestic sciences in rural Canada, and founded Macdonald College and McGill University College. The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), originally founded in Toronto in 1862, was moved to Guelph in 1922. Famous economist John Kenneth Galbraith was an undergraduate at the college (graduating in 1931).

These three adjacent colleges would be amalgamated into the single body of the University of Guelph by the Ontario Legislature on May 8, 1964. The University of Guelph Actalso brought about the Board of Governors to oversee administrative operations and financial management, and the Senate to address academic concerns. The non-denominational graduate and undergraduate institution was, and remains known especially for the agricultural and veterinary programs that shaped it.

Wellington College was established shortly after the University of Guelph Act, and five years later, was split three ways into the College of Arts (COA), which exists in the present day, the College of Physical Science and the College of Social Science. The Macdonald Institute would also be renamed the College of Family and Consumer Studies during the split. After this split, the University of Guelph started reorganizing into its present-day form, starting from the establishment of the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) ۾ 1971. The College of Physical Science would be married to the OAC’s School of Engineering in 1989, creating the College of Physical and Engineering Sciences (CPES). The College of Social Science and the College of Family and Consumer Studies were joined to create the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) ۾ 1998. آخر ۾, the College of Management and Economics (CME) would be established from the segregation of offered business, management and economic degrees and courses in 2006.


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