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يوڪريني داخلا جو مرڪز


Odessa طور "قوم جي سمنڊ جي دروازي" مشهور آهي. And any gate is intended to open. ذهن ۾ آهي ته مقصد سان 80 years ago there was established “Vodniy Institute”Water Transport Institute – the most marine and the most Odessa like of all. هاڻي اها ڳالهه آهي Odessa قومي سمنڊي يونيورسٽي.

Odessa قومي سمنڊي يونيورسٽي (ONMU) a versatile educational institution, which prepares graduates of all educationalqualifying levels (بي, بحيثيت, ماسٽر) for full maintenance of personnel requirements for maritime and river branch.

ان جون تي قائم ڪيو ويو, 12 1930 as the Odessa Institute of Water Transport Engineers. مئي ۾ 1945 the Institute was named as Odessa Institute of Marine Fleet Engineers. ع ۾ 1994 the Institute was renamed into the Odessa State Maritime University.

Considering national and international significance of the results of University’s activity and its important contribution into development of education and science, the University was awarded with National status by the Decree of the President of Ukraine on February, 26 2002.

The ONMU is under direct subordination of the Ministry of Science sand Education of Ukraine and has got the IV-th (اتم) accreditation جي سطح.

ع ۾ 2003 the ONMU successfully completed the certification of international quality management systems ISO 9001: 2000.

The University is a member of the European Association of Universities (پاڻي), South East European Association of Transport Researches (SETREF), International Association of Maritime University (IAMU), ۽ Magna Charta Universitatum. The ONMU is the Coordinator of the University Network of Central European Initiative (CEI) اکرين ۾.

کان وٺي 1995 ONMU participated in Trans-European Programs of Cooperation (TACІS -Tempus) ۽ CEI پروگرامز.

Odessa National Maritime University has trained staff for maritime industry of foreign countries since 1950. For this period there has been prepared graduates for 90 يورپ جي ملڪن ۾, ايشيا, آفريڪا ۽ لاطيني آمريڪا.

يونيورسٽي جي جوڙجڪ شامل آهن 7 faculties which prepare specialists on 12 specialties ۽ ٻاهر اهلڪارن جي retraining کڻندا.

Admission process in Odessa National Maritime University

کان وٺي 2016 يوڪريني يونيورسٽين ۾ داخلا عمل پرڏيهي شاگردن لاء ذريعي aviable يوڪريني داخلا جو مرڪز.
For apply to Odessa National Maritime University foreign students have to آن لائن لاڳو يوڪريني داخلا سينٽر ذريعي.
داخلا سينٽر ۾ سڀ تفصيل چيڪ ڪرڻ کان پوء, اهي شاگردن کي دعوت خط موڪلي ويندي.
دعوت خط سان شاگردن يوڪرين جو برهمڻ آباد سفارتخاني ڏانهن وڃڻ ۽ شاگرد ويزا حاصل ڪري سگهو ٿا.
ڪو به امتحان, TOEFL, جيڪڏھن اوھين يوڪريني داخلا سينٽر ذريعي درخواست ڪرڻ جي ضرورت IELTS.

اسڪول / ڪاليجز / لاڳاپيل ادارا / ڪورس / ڏنيون


بي: “Shipbuilding and Ocean Technologies”, “Sea and River Transport”, “Electromechanics

بحيثيت: “Operation of Ship’s Power Plants

Master and Specialist: “Ship Power Plants and Equipment

Students ofOperation of Ship’s Power Plants” ۽ “Electromechanicscan also obtain Watch Mechanic’s Diploma of the third level for working on board a ship.

The profile of the graduates is exploitation of ship power plants, organization and management of ship repairing and ship construction (building), production on enterprises of marine transport, technical maintenance of the Fleet, repairing of ship equipment, construction of ship power plants, mechanisms and power units (نظام).


بي: “Transport Technologies

Master and Specialist: “Transport Systems”, “Transportation Logistics and Transport Management

The graduates of the Faculty can work as stevedores and dispatchers (control officers), production engineers (technologists) and managers of cargo transportation complexes in sea ports, they can head the Departments and Services of (Seagoing) Shipping, Agents, Brokers, Crewing and Surveyor Companies. They also work in Scientific-research and Invention Centers and in Maritime Engineering Organizations, in Maritime Representative Agencies in Ukraine and overseas, in State Body of The Ministry of Transport.


بي: “Economics of Enterprise”, “انتظام”,

Master and Specialist: “Economics of Enterprise”, “Management of Organizations and Administration

The graduates are trained for economic, organizational, management and researching activities in Shipping Companies, Sea and River Ports, Shipyards, Shipbuilding Plants, in Departments of Sea and River Ways, in Department of Tug-rescuing and Specialized Fleet, in Broker’s, Agents and Transport Expedition Companies, in Customs Control Organizations of different levels (معيار), in Project, Scientific and Researching Institutes, in Banks, in Economic Organizations, also in many other Organizations of Water Transport and adjoining (co-operating) branches of all the property forms.


بي: “تعمير”

Master and Specialist: “Hydrotechnical Construction

The graduates are going to work in sphere of sea ports construction, ship lifting machines and coastal port constructions (سهولتن), special hydrotechnical constructions for mastering of the continental shelf, protection of sea coast (littoral, shore) from hazardous (harmful) destructive forces of waves in Administrative Departments of Water Ways, in Repair-rescuing Subdivisions and Departments of Subwater Technical works, in Sea and River Ports, in Shipyards and Shipbuilding Plants, in Project and Scientific Researching Organizations, in Educational Establishments.


بي: “Shipbuilding and Ocean Technologies”, “ڪمپيوٽر سائنس”

Master and Specialist: “Ships and Ocean Technologies”, “Informational Management Systems and Technologies

Graduates of the Faculty work in Shipyards and Shiprepair Enterprises, in Project Instructive Bureau, Scientific Researching Societies, Educational Establishments, Management Departments of Waterways, also in Detachments of Rescuing and Shiplifting Works.


بي: “قانون”

بحيثيت: “قانون”

Educational activity on the Faculty satisfy the requirements of modern national and international markets of transport services and of changes provided in Ukrainian and foreign law that in currently in force.


بي: “Machine Engineering”, “Electromechanics

Master and Specialist: “Lifting and Transport, Road-building, تعمير, Melioration Machines and Equipment

Engineers-mechanicals are prepared on this Faculty. The sphere of their activities is ensuring of high-productive work of transshipment (reloading) mechanisms, their maintenance, invention of new machine constructions and transshipment process technologies, introduction of advanced progressive methods of machine work, rising of complex mechanization standards and productivity of reloading process automatization, organization of staff training and further staff qualifications development.


ع ۾ 2006 the ONMU got the License for preparation of foreign citizens for studying at the Universities of Ukraine.

The syllabus for foreign citizens is adopted to prepare them for mastering technical science disciplines. The list of studied subjects include: Ukrainian and Russian Languages, رياضي, طبعيات, ڪيمسٽري, Drawing, ڪمپيوٽر سائنس

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