Донишгоҳи Ҷанубӣ Квинсленд

Донишгоҳи Ҷанубӣ Квинсленд

University of Southern Queensland Details

  • кишвар : Австралия
  • шаҳр : Toowoomba
  • мухтасари он : USQ
  • таъсис : 1967
  • Донишҷӯён (тақрибан.) : 28000
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Дар Донишгоҳи Ҷанубӣ Квинсленд (USQ) як хурду миёна аст,, Донишгоҳи минтаќавї дар асоси дар Toowoomba, Квинсленд, Австралия, бо се шаҳракҳои донишгоҳ Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich. It offers courses in law, саломатӣ, муҳандисӣ, илм, бизнес, маълумот, and the arts. USQ has been a leader in distance learning by leveraging technology since the 1970s, which has allowed it to serve rural Queensland and international communities through its on campus, берун аз шаҳраки донишҷӯён, and online programs. дар 1998 it was named World’s Best On and Off Campus University by the International Council for Open and Distance Education and was winner of the Australian University of the Year Award in 2000-2001.

Ин амал се институти тадқиқотӣ ва ҳафт маркази илмие, ки оид ба доираи васеи корӣ равона, agricultural, илмӣ, муњити зист, ва масъалаҳои технологӣ.

Ташкилот дар таъсис дода шуд 1967 ҳамчун кампус азизи пастиву Донишкадаи технологии Квинсленд. дар 1971, it became the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, Пас Коллеҷи Донишгоҳи Ҷанубӣ Квинсленд дар 1990 ва дар охир Донишгоҳи Ҷанубӣ Квинсленд дар 1992.

USQ ифтихор дастгирӣ, арзишњои, ва эҳтиром васеи ҳувияти фарҳангӣ, забони, and beliefs within the university. We work to provide information to all members of USQ, инчунин ба ҷамоатҳои маҳаллӣ ва байналмилалӣ.

дар USQ, Мо ифтихор аз гуногуншаклии мо:

  • кормандони ҷорӣ мо дар таваллуд шудаанд 66 кишварҳои гуногун
  • мо дорем 33 аъзои ҳайати маҳаллӣ
  • 17% аҳолии донишҷӯи мо донишҷӯёни хориҷӣ мебошанд
  • our international students come from 94 кишварҳои гуногун
  • 101 different languages are spoken by our active (Австралия ва байналмилалӣ) хонандагон.

шуҷоати USQ барои таъмин намудани муҳити омӯзиши бехатар, ки ҳамаи донишҷӯён ва кормандони ошкоро метавонад ғояҳои мубодила ва эҳтиром баён намудани фикри худ – regardless of their culture identity or religious affiliation. By acknowledging and respecting our diversity, мо метавонем ба таҳкими талошҳои илмӣ муштарак мо, ва таъриф таълим ва омӯзиши таҷрибаи USQ кард.

дар USQ, мо кӯшиш:

  • таҳкими роҳбарии USQ дар multiculturalism дар доираи системаи тањсилоти олї ва Австралия дар хориҷа
  • мусоидат ба шахсияти беназири USQ тавассути таҳияи барномаҳои инноватсионӣ дар multiculturalism
  • ҷалб кардани ҷамоатҳои Донишгоҳи ва маҳаллӣ multiculturalism тавассути расонидани махсус, барномањои ҷомеа нигаронида
  • рушди ҳамкории наздиктар миёни ҳукуматҳо ва созмонҳои ғайриҳукуматии дар маҳаллӣ, сатҳи миллӣ ва давлатӣ дар соҳаи multiculturalism
  • дастгирӣ намудани бинои фарҳанги қавии multiculturalism бо ҷалби донишҷӯён, навоварӣ дар омӯзиш ва таълим ва интернатсионалӣ
  • мусоидат ба сӯи интернатсионалӣ Донишгоҳи, ва
  • мусоидат ба мафҳуми multiculturalism ва манфиатҳои он дар амал.

Мактабҳо / Коллеҷҳо / Шўъбањои / Курсҳои / факултетњо

  • бизнес & савдо
  • Creative Arts & Медиа
  • маълумот
  • Engineering & Built Environment
  • саломатӣ & ҷамоатҳо
  • Бахши гуманитарӣ & -коммуникатсионӣ
  • Техналогияи ахборот
  • Law and Justice
  • илмҳои
  • Забони Англисӣ
  • Pathways Programs
  • Professional Development


In less than fifty years we have become a prominent multi-campus teaching and research institution providing education worldwide. Woven into the fabric of USQ is the vision and determination of many University and community members who, over the years, have been instrumental in implementing expansion and growth, shaping what we see today.

1967 Донишкадаи технологии Квинсленд (Darling Downs)

ба 2 декабр 1960 a public meeting of over 200 people from Toowoomba and surrounds led to the founding of the Darling Downs University Establishment Association under the Chairmanship of Dr Alex McGregor. Their purpose was to set up a higher education institution on the Darling Downs. The Association, with the support of the local community, lobbied government, raised funds and eventually succeeded with the formation of the Queensland Institute of Technology (Darling Downs) ба 2 феврал 1967.

From one building in a bare green field, a Principal, eight full-time and five part-time academics, and five support staff taught our first 140 хонандагон 29 courses in engineering, business studies and science at Diploma and Certificate levels. From these humble beginnings a fine institution has grown.

1971 Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (DDIAE)

Дар моҳи июни соли 1971, the Institute became an autonomous multi-purpose college under the control of its own College Council.

The DDIAE approach was centred on student-focussed learning and teaching through employment-focussed curricula. Professional courses were offered in:

  • бизнес
  • маълумот
  • муҳандисӣ
  • Баррасӣ
  • психология
  • техналогияи ахборот
  • алоќа
  • creative and liberal arts.

The DDIAE underwent enormous growth in the student body between 1970 ва 1990 and consequently, the Toowoomba campus grew immensely.

Distance education delivery became our student’s preferred study mode during the mid-1970s. бо 1980, external enrolments exceeded on-campus enrolments, and provided us with the opportunity to enter the international market. дар муддати 1986-7 we accepted no less than three-quarters of Australia’s off-shore international student enrolments.

1990 University College of Southern Queensland (UCSQ)

In the late 1980s the DDIAE moved towards achieving full university status, initially as a University College for an interim period under the sponsorship of the University of Queensland.

During this time our first professors were appointed, major research programs were established, new teaching programs were introduced, and what would become a $100m capital works program over the next decade was commenced.

1992 Донишгоҳи Ҷанубӣ Квинсленд (USQ)

The institution gained full university status in 1992, becoming the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). The University has changed dramatically in many ways since then, ҳамчунин:

  • developing a significant research profile
  • expanding our postgraduate coursework programs
  • establishing significant branch campuses: Fraser Coast Campus in Hervey Bay on the central Queensland coast and the Springfield Campus in Brisbane’s western corridor
  • expanding our ties with local communities, such as partnering to establish the Queensland College of Wine Tourism in Stanthorpe with the Department of Education and Training and Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE
  • further expanding international programs including developing relationships with major off-shore centres and a strong on-shore presence through the Sydney Education Centre.

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