Донишгоҳи Иллинойс дар Urbana-Шампейн

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Details

  • кишвар : Иёлоти Муттаҳидаи Амрико
  • шаҳр : Urbana, Шампейн
  • мухтасари он : UIUC
  • таъсис : 1867
  • Донишҷӯён (тақрибан.) : 44000
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Донишгоҳи Иллинойс дар Urbana-Шампейн як ташкилоти ҷамъиятӣ, ки дар таъсис шуд 1867.

Ҳаққи таҳсил дар Донишгоҳи Иллинойс дар Urbana-Шампейн доранд $31,000 (Aprox.).

Донишгоҳи Иллинойс аст, ки дар шаҳрҳои дугоникҳо, Urbana ва Шампейн ҷойгир дар шарқи Осиёи Иллинойс, танҳо чанд соат аз Чикаго, Индианаполис ва Сент. Луис. Ҷанг Дар мактаб Illini иштирок дар беш аз 20 NCAA Шӯъбаи Ман варзишӣ varsity доранд ва қисми Big Конфронси Даҳ. Дар донишгоҳ фахркунанда бузургтарин системаи юнонӣ дар ҷаҳон, ва қариб чоряки мақоми донишҷӯ ҷалб шудааст. Ин душвор нест, пайдо кардани чизе ба кор дар шаҳраки донишҷӯён бо зиёда аз 1,000 ташкилотҳои донишҷӯён, including professional, маҳфилҳои сиёсӣ ва хайрхоҳона. Ҳамаи freshmen талаб карда мешавад, ки дар шаҳраки зиндагӣ.

Донишгоҳи Иллинойс дар иборат Urbana-Шампейн 17 мактабҳо ва коллеҷҳои. Мактаби он китобхонаи ва илм Иттилоотии, College of Engineering and Department of Psychology are among the best in the country. Коллеҷи Дар мактаб соњибкорї, College of Education and College of Law are also highly ranked. Дар мактаб ҳамчун як донишгоҳ бо фаъолияти илмӣ хеле баланд аз ҷониби Бунёди Карнеги барои пешрафти таълим тасниф. Донишгоҳи Иллинойс мактаб аввал буд, барои таъмин намудани дастрасии маъюбон ба тамоми хадамоти донишгоҳ, барномаи таълимӣ ва муассисаҳои. хатмкардагони назаррас дохил Пулитсеров мукофоти Нобелӣ филми мунаққиди Роҷер Эберт ва ҳамкорӣ муассиси YouTube, Стив Чен.

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Between several cities, Urbana was selected in 1867 as the site for the new school. Аз оғози, Gregory’s desire to establish an institution firmly grounded in the liberal arts tradition was at odds with many State residents and lawmakers who wanted the university to offer classes based solely aroundindustrial education”. The University opened for classes on March 2, 1868, and had two faculty members and 77 хонандагон. ” Gregory is largely credited with establishing the University as it is today. Gregory’s grave is on the Urbana campus, between Altgeld Hall and the Henry Administration Building. His headstone (mimicking the epitaph of British architect Christopher Wren) reads, “If you seek his monument, look about you.

The Library, which opened with the school in 1868, started with 1,039 ҳаҷми. баъдан, PresidentEdmund J. James, in a speech to the Board of Trustees in 1912, proposed to create a research library. It is now one of the world’s largest public academic collections. дар 1870, the Mumford House was constructed as a model farmhouse for the school’s experimental farm. The Mumford House remains the oldest structure on campus. The original University Hall (1871) was the 4th building built; it stood where the Illini Union stands today.

During the Presidency of Edmund J. James (1904–1920), James is credited for building the foundation of the large Chinese international student population on campus. James established ties with China through the Chinese Minister to the United States Wu Ting-Fang In addition, during James’s presidency, class rivalries and Bob Zuppke’s winning football teams contributed to campus morale.

Дар бораи июн 11, 1929, the Alma Mater statue was unveiled. The Alma Mater was established by donations by the Alumni Fund and the classes of 1923-1929. The statue was originally stood behind the Auditorium until it was moved to its current location on August 22, 1962[28] Like many Universities, the economic depression slowed construction and expansion on the campus but during this time the old University Hall began to collapse in 1938. The University replaced the original university hall with Gregory Hall and the Illini Union. Баъд аз Ҷанги Дуюми Ҷаҳонӣ, the university experienced rapid growth. The enrollment doubled and the academic standing improved.[29] This period was also marked by large growth in the Graduate College and increased federal support of scientific and technological research.During the 1950s and ’60s the university experienced the turmoil common on many American campuses. Among these were the water fights of the fifties and sixties.

дар 1998, the Hallene Gateway Plaza was dedicated. The Plaza features the original sandstone portal of the New Main University Hall. The state of Illinois supplied roughly two-thirds of the university’s budget while the federal government funded 90% of research. Дар солҳоӣ охир, state support has declined from 4.5% of the state’s tax appropriations in 1980 ба 2.28% дар 2011, a nearly 50% decline. Дар натиҷа, the university’s budget has strongly shifted away from relying on state support with nearly 84% of the budget now coming from other sources. Дар бораи март 12, 2015 the Board of Trustees approved the creation of a medical school, being the first college created at Urbana-Champaign in over 60 сол.

The original name in 1867 буд, “Illinois Industrial University.” дар 1885, the Illinois Industrial University officially changed its name to the University of Illinois, reflecting its agricultural, механикӣ, and liberal arts curriculum. This remained the official name for nearly 100 сол, until it was changed to the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in 1982 (using the reverse of the commonly used designation for the local area, “Champaign-Urbana”), ostensibly to establish a separate identity for the campus within the University of Illinois system. Аммо, the institution continues to be known asthe University of Illinois”, or just “Иллинойс” in both the media and on many of UIUC’s web pages. Starting in 2008, the university began rebranding itself as “Иллинойс” rather than UIUC, changing the website and email addresses from uiuc.edu to Illinois.edu.

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