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  • кишвар : Иёлоти Муттаҳидаи Амрико
  • шаҳр : Рочестер
  • мухтасари он : Ур
  • таъсисёбии : 1850
  • Донишҷӯён (тақрибан.) : 11000
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Донишгоҳи Рочестер як муассисаи хусусӣ, ки дар таъсис шуд 1850.

Tuition fees in University of Rochester are $50,000 (Aprox.).

Донишгоҳи Рочестер худро ҳамчун яке аз хурдтарин ва дастаҷамъӣ аксари мактабҳо байни донишгоҳҳои олӣ тадқиқотӣ миллати тасвир. Дар Yellowjackets асосан дар Ассотсиатсияи варзишии Донишгоҳи рақобати ва иштирок дар варзиш NCAA Шӯъбаи III. Дар мактаб низ пешниҳод бештар аз 200 ташкилотҳои донишҷӯён, ва дар бораи як ҳиссаи хонандагони мактабњои љумњурї бо ҳаёти юнонӣ дар шаҳраки донишҷӯён вобастагӣ. як cappella ансамблҳои Рочестер дар байни ин кишвар беҳтарин. Freshmen ва sophomores талаб дар шаҳраки донишҷӯён зиндагӣ, ва аз се ду ҳиссаи ба juniors ва бештар аз нисфи пиронсолон интихоб шаҳраки боқӣ мемонад. шаҳраки Рочестер аст, ду мил ҷануби маркази шаҳр ҷойгир Рочестер, N.Y., дар хам дарёи Genesee.

Донишгоҳи барномаҳои баъдидипломӣ Рочестер дохил хеле хуб ишғол Уилям E. Шимъӯни Мактаби идоракунии соҳибкорӣ, Мактаби Hajim технологии Тоҷикистон додаи илмҳои, Маркази тиббии, Department of Political Science and Department of Economics. Мактаби Eastman хуб баррасї мусиқӣ хона ба беш аз аст, 20 ансамблҳои, аз он ҷумла аввалин ансамбли шамол дар кишвар. Дар Институти Оптикаи қадимтарини барномаи таълимии миллат бахшида ба оптика аст. Дар мактаб беназир “Андешидани Панҷ Олимон” барномаи мазкурро таъмин менамояд донишҷўён семестр озод таҳсил иловагӣ ё соли омӯзиши мавзӯъҳои мавриди таваҷҷӯҳи берун асосии онњо. хатмкардагони назаррас дохил U.S собиқ. Котиби энергетика Стивен Chu ва таъсири визуалӣ рассоми Майкл Kanfer, ки як ҷоизаи Академияи барои кори худ дар бораи ин филм бо брд “Титаник.”

Мактабҳо / Коллеҷҳо / Шўъбањои / Курсҳои / факултетњо

  • санъат ва, Sciences and Engineering
    • Мактаби санъат ва илмҳои
    • Мактаби Hajim технологии Тоҷикистон додаи илмҳои
  • Eastman School of Music
  • School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Мактаби ҳамширагӣ
  • Eastman Institute for Oral Health
  • Simon Business School
  • Warner Graduate School of Education


The University of Rochester was founded in 1850 as a Baptist-sponsored institution. The impetus to form the university came primarily from the town of Hamilton, Нью-Йорк, which has been home to Colgate University since 1819. дар 1848, the Baptist Education Society planned to move Colgate University (then known as Madison University) to the city of Rochester, but was halted by legal action in Hamilton. Dissenting Colgate trustees, факулта, and students founded the University of Rochester with a charter granted from the Regents of the University of the State of New York on January 31, 1850. Classes began that November, бо тахминан 60 students enrolling, ҳамчунин 28 transfers from Madison.

The University of Rochester’s campus was originally in downtown Rochester at the United States Hotel, which was located on Buffalo Street near Elizabeth Street, which today is West Main Street near the I-490 overpass. дар 1853, the campus moved east to a then-suburban location on what is now University Avenue. Local businessman and Congressman Azariah Boody donated 8 хектор (3.2 дорад) of land for the new campus, and the University purchased a further 17 хектор (6.9 дорад) from him. UR would remain on this campus until the current River Campus was constructed in 1930, and the university continues to own a small part of the University Avenue campus (where the university-owned Memorial Art Gallery is located).

The first female students were admitted in 1900, the result of an effort led by Susan B. Anthony and Helen Barrett Montgomery. During the 1890s, a number of women took classes and labs at the university asvisitorsbut were not officially enrolled nor were their records included in the college register. President David Jayne Hill allowed the first woman, Helen E. Wilkinson, to enroll as a normal student, although she was not allowed to matriculate or to pursue a degree. Thirty-three women enrolled among the first class in 1900, and Ella S. Wilcoxen was the first to receive a degree, дар 1901. When the River Campus was completed in 1930, male students moved there while the female students remained on the University Avenue campus until 1955.

Major growth occurred under the leadership of Rush Rhees, during his 1900-1935 tenure. Дар ин муддат, George Eastmanbecame a major donor, giving more than $50 million to the university. The first Ph.D. was awarded in 1925. дар 1955, the separate colleges for men and women were merged into The College. дар 1958, three new schools were created in engineering,business administration, and education.

Дар давоми Ҷанги Дуюми Ҷаҳонӣ, Rochester was one of 131 коллеҷҳо ва донишгоҳҳои миллӣ, ки дар Нэйви Барномаи таълимии College V-12 иштирок доштанд, ки донишҷӯ роҳе ба сӯи комиссияи Нэйви пешниҳод. миёни 1946 ва 1947, in infamous uranium experiments researchers at the university injected uranium-234 and uranium-235 into six people to study how much uranium their kidneys could tolerate before becoming damaged.

In the mid-1980s, the University commissioned a study to determine if the name of the institution should be changed, most likely toEastman University.The study concluded that a name change could be beneficial because the use of a place name in the title led respondents to incorrectly believe that it was a public university, and because the name “Рочестер” connoted acold and distant outpost.Reports of the latter conclusion led to controversy and criticism in the Rochester community. Дар ниҳояти кор, the name “Донишгоҳи Рочестер” was retained.

дар 1995, university president Thomas H. Jackson announced the launch of aRenaissance Planfor The College that, among several changes, reduced enrollment and created a more selective admissions process. The plan also revised the undergraduate curriculum significantly, creating the current system with only one required course and only a few distribution requirements (маълум “clusters”).

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