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Tokyo Metropolitan University, often referred to as TMU, is a Public Research University in Japan.

Japan has been faced with problems such as aging, population decline, and large financial deficits; in recent years, the poverty issue has also emerged. And globally, there are environmental concerns, regional conflicts, and terrorism. We are now experiencing many unprecedented difficulties. I believe it is only strong and flexible young minds with senses of justice and morality that can overcome these difficult situations and create a society in which all people can live with dignity.

We at Tokyo Metropolitan University intend to help students develop the genuine ability to think and the ability to take on challenges for the future before they enter the working world. Only by taking those steps one by one, we believe we can contribute to the overcoming of the challenges faced by the international community.

To that end, we have been working to enhance our educational and research environments. As a public university operated by Tokyo, one of the world’s leading cities both in terms of population and culture, we pledge to continue to be at least one of Japan’s top universities. Our specific initiatives include the cultural subjects curriculum that allows you to study a variety of academic topics in an interdisciplinary manner, and the small-group teaching system that allows for passionate face-to-face discussions. Joint interdisciplinary research projects are encouraged because we think they are indispensable in improving the quality of education. However, higher education is never fully accomplished through unilateral action from teachers; its quality can be improved only when students are really eager to learn. So you are a protagonist in this university. We expect each of you to be an active learner, not a passive one. Tokyo Metropolitan University will give its all-out support to such students.

Jun Ueno, Presitend of TMU

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties


  • Urban Liberal Arts
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Law and Politics
    • Business Administration
    • Science and Engineering
  • Urban Environmental Sciences
  • System Design
  • Health Sciences

Graduate schools

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Science and Engineering
  • Urban Environmental Sciences
  • System Design
  • Human Health Sciences


The following history includes the former institution of Tokyo Metropolitan University.

  • 1949 – Tokyo Metropolitan University was established with three faculties, namely Humanities, Science and Technology
  • 1953 – Master’s courses of Anthropology, Social Science, Natural Science and Technology were set up
  • 1955 – Doctoral courses of Anthropology, Social Science, Natural Science and Technology were set up
  • 1957 – Faculty of Law and Economics was set up
  • 1966 – Faculty of Law and Economics was reorganised as Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics
  • 1977 – Centre of Metropolitan Study was set up
  • 1994 – Centre of Metropolitan Study was reorganised as Institute of Metropolitan Study
  • 1996 – Master’s course of Metropolitan Science was set up
  • 1998 – Doctoral course of Metropolitan Science was set up
  • 1991 – The campus was transferred from Meguro to Minami-Osawa
  • 2003 – Institute of Social Science launched to provide MBA course (Business school)
  • 2005 – Institute of Social Science launched to provide LLM course (Law school)
  • 2005 – Tokyo Metropolitan University was reformed with integrating three metropolitan universities and one junior college, which consists of 4 faculties, 7 divisions with 21 courses as well as 6 graduate schools (the organisation took over the former one) with 36 majors
  • 2006 – Faculty of System Design opened the course of industrial art, and institutes were reorganised
  • 2008 – Faculty of Urban Environment Sciences launched the course of nature- and culture- based tourism, and Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences launched the major of tourism science
  • 2009 – Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts launched the course of economics
  • 2010 – Graduate School of System Design launched the major of industrial art
  • 2011 – Tokyo Metropolitan University (former) was closed
  • 2014 – Bangkok Office was set up in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2016 – Business School will be transferred from Shinjuku Satellite Campus to Marunouchi Satellite Campus with launching the course of Master of Finance

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