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At present the Kemerovo State University (KemSU) – one of the largest universities of West Siberia, a member of the Eurasian Association of Universities – provides trainig highly qualified specialists in a wide range of fields.

Now the KemSU and its branches provides: 20 Master’s programmes, 33 Bachelor’s programmes, 37 specialities, 6 specialities of secondary professional education.

KemSU graduates work at schools, colleges, institutes, scientific research centers, law enforcement and judicial bodies, in the commercial sector, banks, and in leading economic branches of both the region and Russia.

The University complex includes 5 branches in the towns: Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Belovo, Novokuznetsk, Prokopievsk, Yurga.

The head University includes 12 faculties:

  • Mathematical Faculty,
  • Physical Faculty,
  • Chemical Faculty,
  • Biological Faculty,
  • Faculty of Political Science and Sociology,
  • Socio-Psychological Faculty,
  • Faculty of History and International Relations,
  • Faculty of Law,
  • Faculty of Philology and Journalism,
  • Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology,
  • Faculty of Physical Training and Sports,
  • Economic Faculty.

The good quality of training is based on the up-to-date infrastructure and the academic and teaching staff, including over 130 Doctors of Science and professors, over 600 Candidates of Science and assistant professors, 15 Honoured Workers in different spheres of activities.

The KemSU conducts fundamental and applied research in various fields of science, industry, national economy and higher school. At present there are 30 reputable scientific schools, 12 major scientific fields at the University. In the frames of implementation of the Programme of formation of the KemSU innovational medium (2010-2012) the University Scientific Innovative Complex was created, there were opened: two scientific equipment common use centers, the youth business incubator «Impulse», the Center of Innovative Competencies Development. Over 30 intellectual property items were registered. As of September 2011, 17 small innovative enterprises were opened.

Yearly the KemSU and its branches holds 20-25 scientifc conferences, including minimum 10 – of the all-Russian and international levels.

Yearly about 4000 KemSU researchers’ scientific publications (papers and abstracts) appear, as well as about 250 items of books, monographs, collections, educational books and manuals.

The issued at the KemSU «Bulletin of the Kemerovo State University» since October 2010 has been included into the list of «leading peer-reviewed journals and issues, which should publish major research results of dissertation works for academic degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Science» by the Higher Attestation Commission.

One of the largest in the region university scientific libraries contains about 1 million documents in Russian and foreign languages. Its abundant stock includes educational, scientific literature, fiction and periodicals, as well as rare editions and collections of books by well-known scientists.

The Kemerovo State University was among the first in Russia to create and develop the regional information infrastructure for education and science. The University infrastructure includes a high-speed computer network built on the base of the Center of New Information Technologies. In 2008 the Data Center was opened, which is equipped with hard- and software from world leading manufacturers and meets all the requirements specified for modern data processing and storage centers on the Internet. The Wi-Fi zone is functioning in the University buildings.

There are over 40 multimedia auditoriums to provide classes with the use of new information technologies in the KemSU (the head university). The up-to-date equipment is applied for videoconferences and telebridges, live broadcasting as within doors of the University, so with organizations and institutions in Russia and abroad.

The post-graduate courses on 40 specialities and the doctoral courses on 7 specialities are functioning at the KemSU. There are 7 Dissertation Councils on defence of Doctor’s and Candidate’s theses at the University, and besides – 5 joint councils on the base of other educational and scientific organizations.

Every year the University expands its international partnership and business relations. There are 32 contracts in force with universities and organizations from Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Turkey, Finland, PRC, Mongolia, CIS and other countries. Students and lecturers have opportunities to study and work on probation at high-prestige foreign universities. In its turn the University yearly take in guests from abroad for probation, lecturing, holding of seminars.

Permanent exchange of students is agreed with the Marie Haps Free University (Brussels, Belgium), the Lessius University College (Antwerp, Belgium), the Higher International School of Commerce and Development (EICD3A) (Lyon, France), etc.

Yearly on referral from the RF Ministry of Education and Science the University admits students from the CIS countries. At present about 50 citizens of the CIS countries study at different faculties of the KemSU for higher education.

For better accessibility to high-quality business education the University Business School is opened for students and representatives of the business community of the region.

The Center of Learning Foreign Languages functions at the KemSU providing courses on learning English, German, French, Czech, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Chinese for all comers.

The Inter-branch Regional Center of Professional Advanced Training and Retraining provides retraining and courses of advance training on a wide range of fields with release of state-recognized documents.

The Kemerovo State University is an educational base for implementation of the Presidential programme of management training for organizations in the national economy of the Russian Federation.

The system of continuing education functions successfully. On a permanent basis the KemSU cooperates with 89 general education institutions of the Kuzbass. The University lecturers provide special courses and courses of enhanced subjects studying for school pupils. For gifted children the Center of Pre-university Training runs conferences, olympiads, yearly holds the spring and summer schools with participation of the University leading scientists. Jointly with the Administration of the Region, the Department of Education and Science of the Kemerovo Region, the University has established the Regional Center for Work with Gifted Children and the non-governmental organization «Assembly of Stars». Its members are school leavers – winners and runners-up of all-Russian and regional olympiads on different subjects.

The University is implementing the social project «My university – my family» focused on all-round development of students’ individuality. Over 30 associations function at the University: the studio theatre «Vstrecha», the dancing group «Vtoraya Parallelnaya», the team of the Club of the Funny and Inventive, the Academic Chorus, the studio «Art-Vocal», etc.

The festivals of students’ creativity «First Snow» and «Student Spring» take place every year.

There are facilities to go in for physical training and sports. The sports and fitness complex includes 3 gyms, a skiing lodge, a tourist club, the prophylactic sanatorium «Vita», a shooting range, a chess club, etc. There are sports departments on basketball, volleyball, minifootball, track-and-field athletics, powerlifting, fitness aerobics, etc.

Works of the KemSU research teams are awarded with three RF Government Prizes for education. In 2007 the University won the international award «European Quality» – for efforts to achieve high quality of its educational services in accordance with the European standards. In 2009 the University was presented with the Quality Certificate and Plaque of Honour.

The KemSU holds strong middle positions in different ratings. According to the data from the independent agency «RateOR» in 2009 the University joined the ranks of 50 best Russian institutions of higher education on the citedness of scientific publications (the Hirsch index), in the rating of scientific and publication activity of Russian institutions of higher education for the period before 2010 it took 87 place among 500 best institutions of Russia. In the national rating of Russian institutions of higher education at year-end 2010 the KemSU took 53-56 place (among 104 best Russian institutions).

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

Department of the Faculty of Biology (CF)

  • Department of botany
  • Department of Zoology and Ecology
  • The department of human physiology and life safety
  • Department of genetics
  • Geology and Geography Department


Department of Mathematics Faculty (MF)

  •  Department of Applied Mathematics
  • UNESCO Chair in Information Technology Computing
  • Fundamental Mathematics Department

Department of social and psychological faculty (SPF)

  • Department of Social Psychology and Psychosocial Technologies
  • Department of General Psychology and Developmental Psychology
  • Department of Social Work and social management
  • Department of Educational Psychology

Department of the Faculty of Chemistry (HF)

  • Department of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Department of Organic and Physical Chemistry
  • Department of Solid State Chemistry and Chemical Materials

Departments of the Faculty of History and International Relations (FIiMO)

  • Department of Archaeology
  • Department of the history of civilization and socio-cultural communications
  • Department of Modern, Contemporary History and International Relations
  • The department of national history
  • Major recent Russian history
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Economic Theory and Public Administration

Departments of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology (FRGF)

  • The Department of Translation and Linguistics
  • Department of English Philology
  • Department of French Philology
  • Department of German Philology
  • Department of Foreign Languages

Departments of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology (FPNiS)

  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Sociology

Department of Physics Faculty (FF)

  • Department of General Physics
  • Department of Theoretical Physics
  • Department of Experimental Physics

Departments of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism (FFiZh)

  • Department of Russian Language
  • Department of History and Theory of Literature and Folklore
  • The chair of stylistics and rhetoric
  • The Department of Journalism and Russian literature of the twentieth century

Departments of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FFiS)

  • Department of theoretical foundations of physical culture
  • Department of Biomedical foundations of physical education and sports sciences
  • Department of Physical Education

Department of the Faculty of Economics (FE)

  • Finance and Credit Department
  • Department of General and Regional Economy
  • Department of Management named I.P.Povaricha
  • marketing Department
  • Department of Economic Theory, Taxation, Business and Law

Department of the Law Faculty (LF)

  • Department of State and Administrative Law
  • Civil Law Department
  • Department of Theory and History of State and Law
  • Department of Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics
  • The department of labor, environmental law and litigation
  • Department of philosophy

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