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N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University now boasting a status of a National research university is a Federal state budgetary academic institution of higher education offering the whole spectrum of academic programmes for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students; among its core activity is fundamental and applied research, further training and qualification improvement courses for teaching staff and scholars. It is the major higher education institution in the Republic. By the Federal government edict dated of 20th May 2010 Ogarev Mordovia State University was conferred a category “National research university”.

Founded in 1931 as the Agronomy Pedagogical Institute it gradually expanded and granted the University status in 1957. Its appearance was a milestone in the evolution of quality education in the Republic of Mordovia. The great majority (about 75%) of eligible Mordovian students attend Ogarev Mordovia State University. This determines its pivotal role as a centre of education, research, culture and services for Mordovia and its people.

Ogarev Mordovia State University is situated in Saransk (popul. 298,000), capital of the Republic of Mordovia, 620 kilometers south east of Moscow. With its 28 academic buildings, 12 residence halls (9 for undergraduate students and 3 for graduate students and academic staff) it is active in other Mordovian towns where it has 2 filiations.

Teaching staff is of some 1.700 (13,5% of doctors, full professors and 66% of seniour lecturers).

Prospective students can choose from a variety of 133 available tracks of undergraduate and graduate study and concentration areas within full-time, part-time and evening programmes.

The University has a student population composed of over 13.000 full timers, 8.000 part timers and 240 evening students. There are also over 300 international students.

Full time curriculum covers either 4 or 5-year periods of study depending on degree programme; evening and part-time education requires 6 years.

Bachelor degrees are conferred upon completion of a 4-year period of study. Medical Institute offers 6 and 7-year programmes of study respectively.

The learning and teaching methods focus on direct contact with students through lectures, workshops and practical classes. Throughout their course students are expected to complete theoretical and practical tasks and assignments and to undertake tests and final examinations at the end of each semester.

Mordovia State University confers the following academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree Diploma (4-year programme of study);
  • Diploma of Higher Education (5-year programme of study);
  • Master Degree Diploma (2 more years after completion of a Bachelor degree programme;
  • Diploma of Kandidat Nauk degree/PhD 1st level (further 3 years within the chosen field of study and thesis defended upon completion of a graduate study period);
  • Diploma of Doctor Nauk/Doctorskaya degree (three more years of a postgraduate study after Kandidat Nauk degree culminated in presenting dissertation).

Upon successful completion of above programmes the graduates receive a diploma approved by the Russian Federal Ministry of Science and Education.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties


Institute of Agriculture’s history began in 1931 simultaneously with Mordovia Teachers’ Training Agro-Institute. It is only in 1957 when Agro-Institute was granted a University Status the Institute’s academic curricula and syllabi had been given a new impetus, revision and update.

Today Institute of Agriculture represents an independent structural division as part of Ogarev Mordovia State University, preparing highly qualified specialists for agrarian sector of economy in the Republic of Mordovia and Russian Federation.

Preparation of specialists is conducted in four specialities:

  • Agronomy (qualification “Scientist-Agronomist” and “Bachelor of Agriculture”)
  • Zootechnics (qualification “Zooengineer” and “Bachelor of Agriculture”),
  • Veterinary Science (qualification “Veterinarian”)
  • Technology of Agricultural Production and Сrop Processing (qualification “Technologist of Agricultural Production”)

The Institute has necessary educational, scientific and material resources in order to offer competitive learning environment. The Institute is situated in a separate building with modern laboratories and lecture halls.

There are five computer classes, a Soil Science Museum, Anatomic and Patho-anatomical Museums, Veterinary Clinic, library with the subscription and a reading room, a sports gym, an assembly hall, a dining room, a hostel at the disposal of students.


Institute of Mechanics and Energy – a modern, well-equipped institute, which is based on the long tradition and experience in training highly qualified, widely known as Mordovia, and far beyond.


Institute of National Culture (INC) – one of the leading educational, research, creative centers for training in arts and culture, as well as the revival, preservation and development in modern society the spiritual traditions of the peoples of Russia, a multi-ethnic culture phenomena distinctive of the Finno-Ugric peoples.
The Institute is a multilevel system of training in arts and culture. A branch secondary, tertiary, postgraduate and further education. For applicants, admitted to the institution after the 9th grade and received secondary vocational education, the opportunity to enter the department of higher education without passing the exam, and subject to the successful development of the program – high school graduate in a shorter period. Institute graduates in demand in today’s job market. More than 80% of them are employed in their field. Students are successfully working in cultural institutions, education and the arts, design studios, advertising agencies, archives, as well as public organizations and associations, the media and on television.
The institute has developed a unique teaching staff, among which the leading figures in science, art and culture of Russia and the RM, the winners of the State Prize and the Head of RM. Over 60% of teachers are doctors and candidates of sciences. In our walls formed the intellectual and artistic elite of the republic is worthy of representing the world community in Mordovia.
Education at the university, which has the status of a national research university – is a guarantee to quality vocational education and as a result – a successful career.


Institute of Physics and Chemistry (IPC) was found in 1994 on the basis of two original departments initially set up in Mordovian State University in 1970 – Department of Physics and in 1974 – Department of Chemistry. The Departments’ history goes back to 1931-1932 when Physicotechnical and Chemical divisions were established in Mordovian Agropedagogical Institute the latter being an ancestor of the N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University.



Historical and Sociological Institute of Mordovia State University. NP Ogarev – known as in Mordovia and outside the region, training and research center. There are training specialists in the field of “History”, “Psychology”, “Regional Studies”, “Social Work”, “Political Science”, “Sociology.” In the process of teaching the latest techniques are widely used and training technology, modern computer equipment. This allows graduates to be competitive in recruitment and successfully apply their knowledge in practice.


The Institute of Medicine is one of the leading departments of Mordovia State University. Mordovia. The Institute is a single team with a great human, educational, scientific innovation and medical potential.
The educational process is carried out on programs of higher education, “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics” and “Pharmacy”, 22 clinical specialties internship, clinical residency 25 specialties and 18 specialties graduate. Operates on four doctoral specialties. Further education and retraining is the profile of the main programs of higher and postgraduate education (24 degree).

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