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In 2010 the Novosibirsk State Medical University (NSMU) celebrated its 75th anniversary! The history of the university is closely related to the history of public health services in Novosibirsk city, in south-western Siberia and, perhaps, in the entire country.

75 years in business means a rich history. Through all those years the NSMU has been fulfilling one mission which is teaching to heal people. The university has been teaching young men and women to understand the professional duty of a medical doctor to serve people and devote oneself to this service.

Teaching to heal is much more difficult than teaching any other professions in the world. Many generations of brilliant doctors and scientists have graduated from the NSMU over the years.  Academicians, professors, leaders of numerous medical institutions are among our graduates. In 75 years, over 32 thousands of doctors graduated from the university. Year after year young doctors graduate into jobs in public health and in medical research.

The people who worked and studied at the NSMU over the years are the NSMU history. It is true that the history is made by people and the living proof of this are the 75 of NSMU graduates included in the list of NSMU Human Treasures. Their lives interlaced with the history of Novosibirsk and Russia demonstrate how one person can make a difference. By giving their knowledge, skills, and souls to the profession and society, these people imprinted their names in the history of NSMU.

NSMU is proud of all amazing people working here and contributing in the development of medicine not only in Novosibirsk and Russia but also in the entire world. The NSMU leaders today are established doctors who also work at the city clinics and hospitals.

Looking into the future of the Novosibirsk State Medical University, we can say with certainty that the university will continue its growth as it always has. 75 years ago the NSMU had only one faculty. Today we have 8 faculties but this is not our limit. Public health care institutions need doctors, accountants, lawyers, public health care specialists. We will continue to grow by breaking stereotypes, modernizing the education process, setting high standards for teaches and students to provide the society with exceptionally well trained specialists in public health care.

Igor O. Marinkin
Rector of the Novosibirsk State Medical University

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

  • Medical faculty
  • Pediatric faculty
  • Stomatologic faculty
  • Pharmaceutical faculty
  • Faculty of precollege preparations of professional training
  • Faculty of the maximum sisterly formation
  • Faculty of social work
  • Faculty of economy and management in public health services
  • Faculty of clinical psychology
  • Ecological faculty
  • Faculty of improvement of professional skill qualification


In 1935 the Novosibirsk location of Tomsk Institute for Doctor Training located in Novosibirsk was reorganized into the Novosibirsk Medical Institute (NSMI). At that time the Institute had only one faculty which was the Faculty of General Medicine where students from the Omsk and Tomsk Medical Institutes did their 3d-year course work. In 1936, first freshmen were admitted.

In 1999 the Novosibirsk State Medical Institute became the Novosibirsk State Medical Academy. In 2005 the Academy became the Novosibirsk State Medical University.

As time passed the NSMU laboratories grew and improved, new faculties and courses appeared. Over 32 thousands of new doctors have graduated from the University, dozens of tens of thousands of medical practitioners have received additional professional training here. NSMU graduates work all over Russian Federation as well as in CIS countries, in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia and other countries. University academic staff takes part in international medical projects, attend conferences, congresses and symposiums, work and get additional training at universities all over the world. NSMU graduates work at well-known universities in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France), Japan, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2006, the University was recognized as one of the 100 best products in Russia. In the same year NSMU received an award for great achievements in education and won the contest “Novosibirsk Trade Mark 2006”. In September of 2010 the Novosibirsk State Medical University celebrated its 75th anniversary.

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