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The history of the USLA dates back to the early 30s of the XXth century. By the resolution of the Central Executive Committee dated 20.04.1931 the Siberian Institute of Soviet Law was established in Irkutsk. The Institute had three chairs: the Chair of Socio-economic and Political Studies, the Chair of Soviet Economic Law and the Chair of Criminal Law and Procedure. During the first academic year only 56 students were enrolled and teaching staff included only 15 professors.

In 1934 by the resolution of Council of People’s Commissars dated 01.08.1934 the Siberian Institute of Soviet was moved from Irkutsk to Sverdlovsk. The course of studies increased from three to four years. Finally in 1937, the Siberian Institute of Soviet Law received the new name – the Sverdlovsk Law Institute (SUI) and it was this name by which the Institute was acknowledged as one of the leading centers of legal education and science in the USSR. Already in those times a lot of the eminent scientists in the sphere of jurisprudence worked in the Institute, for example, professors Durdenevski V.N., Kechekyan S.F., Landau B.A., Cherepakhin B.B., Yudelson K.S., Yushkov S.V. and others.

The basis of the Ural scientific school of law was formed during the prewar time. With the development of SUI new chairs were established and those that had already existed were enlarged. On the eve of the war special study rooms and laboratories were built. By 1941 the teaching staff included 29 people, with 3 professors and 15 associate professors among them, and the number of students reached 325. Although difficult war time hampered the development it didn’t stop it. The number of professors increased almost twice, the number of chairs increased to 8. Eminent lawyers from Moscow, Leningrad, Kharkov, Minsk worked in the Institute, e.g. professors A.P.Gagarin, S.M.Gofman, G.A.Kursanov, E.S.Lola, R.P.Orlov, associate professors A.V.Grigoriev, F.M.Levitan, S.A.Rosmarin, M.L.Shifferman. In 1943 the Council of People’s Commissars granted the Institute the right to train and attest Candidates and Doctors of Law.

1960-1970s were the years of progressive development in the sphere of scientific and educational staff training, the years of fundamental changes in research work, improvement of educational process, resource base increase. The traditions of the Ural law school were carried out and strengthened by talented scholars, such as S.S.Alekseev, O.A.Krasavchikov, M.I.Kovalev, V.E.Chirkin, G.V.Ignatenko, V.F.Yakovlev, V.S.Yakushev, A.F.Cherdantsev, V.M.Korelskiy, L.Y.Drapkin, Y.K.Osipov, V.P.Volozhanin. Owing to efforts of these and many other professors of the Institute great work has been done in training and research, textbooks publishing and post-graduates and education.

On its 50 anniversary the Sverdlovsk Law Institute became the biggest scientific and educational center in Russia training specialists in law. On June 11, 1981 by the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the Institute was awarded the Order of Red Banner for the achievements in training and research.

During the years of existence of the Sverdlovsk Law Institute – the Ural State Law Academy more than 60 thousand highly qualified specialists were trained there. Graduates of the SLI-USLA contributed greatly to the development of state and legal construction, work of the judiciary and court system, the Bar and the notary, banking, insurance, investment activities, legal science and education. Many graduates worked in governmental structures:

  • S.S.Alekseev, President of the USSR Constitutional Supervision Committee (1991-1992), Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Law, professor;

  • E.A. Smolentsev, President of the USSR Supreme Court (1989-1991);

  • V.F.Yakovlev, Minister of Justice of the USSR (1989-1990), President of the Supreme Arbitrage Court of the USSR (1991-1992), President of the Supreme Arbitrage Court of the Russian Federation (1992-2005), Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Law, professor;

  • Y.Y.Chaika, Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation (1999-2006), Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation;

  • N.S.Trubin, Prosecutor General of the USSR;

  • P.V. Krasheninnikov, Minister of Justice of the RF (1998-1999), Chairman of the State Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitral and procedural legislation;

  • Judges of Constitutional Court of the RF: L.O.Krasavchikova, G.A.Zhilin, O.S.Khokhryakova;

  • Judges of the Supreme Court of the RF: V.Y.Zaitsev, G.N.Popov, S.A.Razumov, V.N.Podminogin, L.A.Korolyov, V.P.Stepanov;

  • Chairmen of the federal Arbitrage Courts of the RF: A.V.Absalyamov, A.A.Evstifeev, I.V.Reshetnikova, I.S.Faizutdinov;

  • Chairmen of the District Courts of the RF: V.N.Belyaev, L.I.Branovitskiy, F.M.Vyatkin, V.M.Dolmatov, I.K.Ovcharuk, A.M.Sushynckih, etc.

In the end of 1980s-early 1990s the SLI like many others in the country experienced dramatic changes. On December 24, 1992 Sverdlovsk Law Institute was renamed the Ural State Law Academy.

The USLA managed to save and multiply the achievements of the soviet period and to reach the new ones. Nowadays the USLA continues to be one of the biggest legal scientific and educational centers in Russia, uniting the best traditions of classic legal education with the modern educational technologies. According to the National rankings of the best higher education schools of Russia conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science the USLA regularly takes prizes. According to the National ranking “Education of the state elite 2006” and other rankings, conducted by the Independent Ranking Agency of Education “ReitOR”, the USLA is also regularly placed at a high position.

In 2004 the USLA became a prize-winner in nomination “Top 100 Russian institutions of higher education” and won a prize “Gold medal. European quality”. In 2005 Rector of the Academy, professor V.D.Perevalov, became a prize-winner of International programme “Leaders of XXI century” and was awarded with “United Europe” medal for his personal contribution to European integration. In 2006 the USLA was awarded with gold medal of French association for assistance industry the development. The canteen of the USLA became a prize winner of national award “Golden crane”, which is the highest public award for significant contribution to the development of food industry.

Scientists, lecturers and postgraduates of the USLA take part in international, national and regional conferences and seminars. The USLA is an organizer of scientific conferences and conferences on methods of teaching. Representatives of the leading Russian and foreign universities take part in these conferences. Annually, in April, the “Days of Science” are held. Representatives of federal and regional governmental bodies, representatives of foreign states and Russian universities take part this conference. “Days of students’ science” and Evolution of Russian Law Conference have become a good tradition. For several years the USLA has been the major institution of higher education to hold the All-Russian Contest of Students’ Scientific Works, which is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. There are the laureates of the Scholarship of the President of the RF, of the Government of the RF, of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, of the Academic Council of the USLA and various funds, winners of Olympiads and contests among the students and postgraduates of the USLA.

Since 1993 the USLA and the Ministry of Justice of the RF have been jointly publishing the Russian Law Journal, that was included in the list of leading scientific journals and publications where main scientific results of the theses for the degree of Doctor in Law are presented. Besides, the USLA, the High Arbitrage Court and St. Petersburg State University jointly publish Yearbook of civil and arbitrage litigation and the following journals – “Business, Management and Law”, “Russian Law: Education, Practice, Science” and others.

The scientific library of the USLA is a coeval with the academy. For the last 75 year it has turned into one of the largest book depositories of legal literature. There are about one million copies here. The library fund includes literature in Russian (the earliest books date back to the 18th century); foreign literature that consists of works of many significant representatives of legal science from Western Europe; fiction and journals. The pride of the library is a collection of priceless rare books and manuscripts that date back to the beginning of the 17th century. It includes legal and political works in Latin bound in leather and parchment.

The combination of extracurricular work and educational process, individual approach to each student, respect and promotion of initiatives and proposals are the main principles of organization of extracurricular work in the Ural State Law Academy. Students have an opportunity to attend singing, choreography, folk, poetry, musical lessons and lessons of drama. In 2005 the students’ academic choir was recreated. The students attending such classes are the permanent participants, laureates, winners of contests and festivals among higher schools.

Since 2000 students of the Academy have been publishing a newspaper “Lawyer”, where they can show their creative abilities and talents. The newspaper “Lawyer” took the II place in the contest of higher schools’ newspapers, which was held during the XX festival The UPI Spring (May 4-9, 2005).

Special attention is paid to the physical education of the students. There are a lot of mass sport events, such as Sports Festival, Volleyball, Football and Basketball Cups of Institutions of the Academy. Students can do sambo, judo, arm wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, volleyball, basketball, football, power lifting, aerobics, table tennis, skiing, badminton and swimming. The Academy is proud of its coaches, who do not only have a 50-years sport experience and a lot of victories at the world’s championships but also truly humane attitude towards every student.

International relations of the USLA promote the mobility of the Academy and the development of research projects. The Ural State Law Academy maintains and develops relations with the number of leading higher schools of Europe, the USA, and the CIS. Seminars; French, German and European law summer schools; defense of theses both in Russian and foreign languages become a common place. Lecturers’ and students’ trainings abroad; lectures delivered by professors of the Academy in higher school abroad and visits of foreign professors to the Academy are held on a regular basis.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

  • Justice Institute
  • Institute of business and law
  • Institute of prosecution service
  • Institute of state and international law
  • Qualification training and retraining of staff institute
  • Bachelor faculty
  • General professional education faculty
  • Magisterial training faculty
  • Evening faculty
  • Short program faculty
  • Region-evening faculty
  • Undergraduate faculty
  • Faculty of additional education
  • Doctorate and aspirant training faculty


The Siberian Institute of Soviet Law was founded on April 20, 1931 in Irkutsk by the decision of the Government of the Soviet Union. In August 1, 1934 the resolution of the Government of the Soviet Union transferred The Siberian Institute of Soviet Law from Irkutsk to Sverdlovsk. In 1935, The Siberian Institute of Soviet Law was renamed as Sverdlovsk Law Institute. Finally in 1937, Siberian Institute of Soviet Law had received the new name – The Sverdlovsk Law Institute (SUI). During this period, the institute had been cooperating with the following scientists and professors: Professor V. Durdenevsky, S.F. Kechekyan, B.A. Landau, B.B. Cherepakhin, K.S. Judelson, S. Yushkovs and others. In December 24, 1992 The Sverdlovsk Law Institute was renamed as the The Urals State Law Academy. The academy was renamed as Ural State Law University by decree of Russian ministry of education and science in April 22, 2014.

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