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harkiv National University of Economic is a state higher educational institution of the highest IV level of accreditation, it is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Today Kharkiv National University of Economics is a leading specialized higher educational institution in the East of Ukraine, which provides full range of educational services implementing multistage training, retraining and further training for specialists in 26 specialities such branches of knowledge
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship;
  • Management and Administration;
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering;
  • Publishing and Printing Business;
  • Service Sphere;
  • State Administration;
  • Specific Categories.
The University is the licensee of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for preparation of Ukrainian and foreign  citizens for the entrance exams to the higher educational institutions (license series АЕ No. 458586 from28.07.2014).
There are 7 faculties, 34 departments, Correspondence and Distance Learning Center, Center of Post-Graduate education, the specialized academic councils on the defense of theses for receiving scientific degree of Doctor or Candidate of Science in Economics, educational and scientific-research laboratories, a computer centre, a scientific and technical library, publishing house, sports complexes in the University.
Having a considerable experience in training Ukrainian students, KhNUE influences HR, scientific, technical and economic policy of industrial enterprises and organizations of the country. The guiding principle of KhNUE  activity is the formation of intellectual elite for the economy of our country. To achieve this goal the University carries out the preparation of highly professional economists familiar with modern information technologies and innovative model of behavior.
Developed in the University system of continuous education serves for implementation of these decisions. Today this system is represented by the scientific and educational complex, which includes pre-selection of capable applicants and training them, stationary and correspondence courses, as well as training and retraining of specialists of the high qualification. Studying in high schools created within the faculties the students have an opportunity to get a related specialty at a reduced price.
The University established a flexible system of quality management of preparation of specialists, based on continuous monitoring of KhNUE graduates’ achievements.
KhNUE actively implements the standards of education, which operate in the countries of the European Community. Construction of training in accordance with the principle of “unification of the form (standardization of the courses) – the originality of the content (filling of the modules)” allows to implement KhNUE advantages in the most effective way. The advantages associated with the high level of development of scientific and research work and its integration with the educational process and economic practice. The participation in scientific research should form an motivated specialist with creative approach to the work, who is able to solve tasks, which arise from the modern economic practice.
S. Kuznets KhNUE  supports extensive international links with higher education institutions from neighboring and foreign countries  with the purpose of training, retraining and improvement of professional skills of specialists; organization of joint research activities, exchange of students, post-graduate students  and lecturers, preparation of joint projects to participate in contests grants. S.Kuznets KhNUE  have partners among the foreign universities and educational organizations from many countries, namely  from Austria, France, Russia, Belarus, China, Italy, Armenia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, USA and others. The accordance of the University to the modern educational standards was confirmed by the invitation to join the Magna Charta Universitatum – the prestigious universities organisations of the world with headquarters in the city. Bologna (Italy) – September 18, 2004.
The students of KhNUE have an opportunity to undergo training in the leading national industrial enterprises, financial, consulting and other companies. While studying, students receive language training at general and optional courses, they may study English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Polish languages.
At the University students get fundamental training, which allows them to make and implement effective decisions in the spectrum of contemporary economic issues, including choice of competitive products, the assessment of the effectiveness of investment projects and technical and organizational level of production, development of strategy of development of the enterprise, activity planning, the organization of production and work, marketing research, a deep economic analysis, etc.
KhNUE graduates successfully provide the HR need of leading public, private and joint stock companies of the country, they work in scientific and research institutes and higher educational establishments, banks and state administration bodies, in the tourist companies and in small and average business in sphere of service, ensuring of  international activities, they  plan and design infrastructure of enterprises, cities, regions.

Admission process in Kharkiv National University of Economics

Since 2016 admission process in Ukrainian universities for foreign students aviable via Ukrainian Admission Center.
For apply to Kharkiv National University of Economics foreign students have to apply online via Ukrainian Admission Center.
After checking all details in Admission Center, they will send invitation letter to students.
With invitation letter students can go to the nearest embassy of Ukraine and get student visa.
No exams, TOEFL, IELTS required if you make application via Ukrainian Admission Center.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

Faculty of Consulting and International Business

  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of International Business and Economic Analysis
  • Department of Higher Mathematics and Economic and Mathematical Methods
  • Department of Economy and Property Assessment of Enterprises
  • Department of Control and Audit
  • Department of Philosophy and Political Science
Finance Faculty
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Financial Services Management
  • Department of Banking
  • Department of Taxation
Faculty of Management and Marketing
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Management and Business
  • Department of Economics, Organization and Planning of The Enterprise Activity
  • Department of Economics and Marketing
Faculty of Economic Informatics
  • Department of Information Systems
  • Department of Economic Cybernetics
  • Department of Technology, Ecology and Safety of Vital Activity
  • Department of Computer Systems and Technologies
  • Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Statistics and Economic forecasts
Faculty of Economy and Law
  • Department of Staff Management
  • Department of Economy of Enterprise and Management
  • Department of Sociology and Psychology of Management
  • Department of Legal Regulation of Economy
  • Department of Public Administration and Regional Economy
Faculty of International Economic Relations
  • Department of International Economy and Management of International Economic Activity
  • Department of political economy
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Translation
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Tourism
Faculty of training foreign citizens
  • Department of Natural Science and Technology
  • Department of Ukrainoznavstvo and language training for foreign nationals
  • Department of Physical Education and Sport


The history of Kharkiv National University of Economics closely connected with the special institutions of business education, which were founded in Kharkiv during the rapid economic rise of late XIX –early XX century. At that time the city was the center of a huge territory, which had a semi-official name of the South of Russia. In the economic sense, it was a new industrial region, where the sector of mining and heavy industry were dynamically developing.
In 1888, at the initiative of Kharkiv businessman merchant Commerce Adviser M. Orlov the Kharkiv Commercial College was founded, it was opened in 1893, and in 1896 it was given the name of Emperor Alexander III.
Commercial Institute
In 1912 prof. M. Pavliienko launched a new public initiative – the Evening Higher Commercial Courses were opened at school. The founders of the Courses at the head of the Commerce-Advisor І.Vetlichenko have made much efforts to establish the Higher School of Economics. The teaching staff and curriculum of the Courses initially met the high standards. The professional training of specialists in the field of commerce, local economy, banking and financial affairs was carried out at the courses, and for the first time in Russia – commercial training of specialists for industrial enterprises was also carried out there. The first in Russia specialized scientific and research organization «Office of Economic Study of Russia» was created there by prof. P. Fomin. In 1916 the State Duma granted the status of Commercial Institute to the Courses. In 1918 – 1920 a future Nobel laureate in Economics Simon Kuznets studied in Kharkiv Commercial Institute.
During the Rough Times
1920 is the beginning of the age of Soviet reorganization. In 1921 KhCI was renamed to the Institute of National Economy, and, finally, in the course of the reform of higher education in 1930, it was divided. On the basis of its faculties there were created sectoral institutes with departmental subordination. On October 30, 1930 Kharkiv Engineering and Economic Institute was formed on the basis of the largest at the time Industrial Department. Today this date is officially considered the foundation day of KhNUE. KhEEI trained engineers and economists for the heavy industry of Soviet Ukraine. The Institute was notable for being one of the leading educational, scientific and research centres of Ukraine in the field of industrial economics. The scientists of the Institute took part in research programs on deployment of production capacities of heavy industry of Ukraine, the introduction of cost-effective technologies, use of modern mathematical methods of planning of production and labour organization, creation of automated systems of production management (Industrial Control System).
«Economic laboratory»
In 1956 – 1960-ies the scientific and research laboratory on the economy of industry headed by prof. O. Lieberman operated in KhEEI. Its scientists’ offers created by the results of the research have been assumed as a basis of the concept of the economic reform of 1965.
Since the end of the 1980s, the Institute expands the range of areas of training of students, starting the training of the specialists in International Economics, Finance and Banking, staff management etc. 1994 the Institute was granted the status of State University of Economics.
In 1990-ies – beginning of 2000-ies the University distinguished itself as the leader of economic education in Ukraine, which often determines the direction of its development.
On August 21, 2004, the University was granted the status of National.

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