Yeungnam یونیورسٹی

Yeungnam یونیورسٹی جنوبی کوریا

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  • ملک : جنوبی کوریا
  • شہر : Gyeongsan
  • مخفف : YU
  • قائم : 1967
  • طلباء (تقریبا.) : 40000
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مجموعی جائزہ

The Yeungnam University with the spirit of the Korean people.

See, here is the old land of the Silla Dynasty where the spirit of the nation lives.
As mentioned in our university anthem, Yeungnam University is the place where life is permeated
by the vibrant spirit of Korea.

میں اس کی بنیاد کے بعد سے 1947, Yeungnam University has contributed greatly to the industrialization,
democratization and advancement of Korea producing more than 190,000 excellent alumni based
on the educational philosophy of ‘building the nation with educationand ‘reviving the nation’.
On the basis of our vast experience and capability accumulated over the last 60 سال,
we are continually striving to create a better future to meet the expectations of each new generation.

A University for the nation, the Yeungnam University for the world

Until now, Yeungnam University has been playing a pivotal role in educating human resources in Korea.
We will make this ‘University for the nationa ‘University for the worldby working together with you now
and into the future.
Wise and young spirits, strong and young energies, be the creators of
new history for the nation and all humankind. Ah, Yeungnam University is growing with her motherland.
Ah, wellspring of justice and lighthouse of learning.

Our people have long forgotten our most important mission and source of our identity. Yeungnam University starts to remind our nation of the founding spirit of the former Korea President, مسٹر. Chung-Hee Park, ‘Create a new history and revive the nation based on patriotic spirit’.

ابھی, we will play a leading role to create value and knowledge for ourselves, our community, our nation and our world by recognizing this mission and the identity of Yeungnam University.

The Yeungnam University with a strong base and internal core competence

University will concentrate itself on building internal core competence rather than external beauty and rhetoric. Yeungnam will flourish as a prestigious private university with a place of academic distinction recognized by both the regional community and the world. اس مقصد کو حاصل کرنے کے لئے, Yeungnam University will re-strengthen its foundation. We will create a university where professors strive for excellence in education and research, students do for excellence in their studies and in the job market and university staff do for excellence in the provision of administrative services.

A University community moving together, “Go YU, Go Together

To excel, University will be focused on working harder and more diligently. We cannot fly without running at full speed. We know well that the vision and power of the flying horse (Chunma) are in us.

A University creating dreams, futures and happiness

Learning and seeking the truth contributes to the improvement of people, معاشروں, nations and, بالآخر, دنیا. Yeungnam University will continue to foster these values acting as a place to create our dreams, our future and our happiness in the world.

Thank you.

اسکولوں / کالجز / محکموں / کورسز / فیکلٹیز

  • لبرل آرٹس کالج
  • College of Sciences
  • انجینئرنگ کالج
  • قانون کے کالج
  • College of Political Science and Public Administration
  • کاروبار اور معاشیات کے کالج
  • بزنس کے سکول
  • میڈیسن کے کالج
  • فارمیسی کے کالج
  • College of Life and Applied Sciences
  • انسانی ماحولیات کے کالج & Kinesiology
  • تعلیم کے کالج
  • College of Design & آرٹ
  • موسیقی کے کالج
  • Evening Programs
  • College of Basic Studies
  • فن تعمیر کے سکول
  • School of International Studies


Yeungnam University was founded in 1967 through the merger of Daegu College and Chunggu College which were founded in 1947 اور 1950 بالترتیب. مسٹر. Lee, Dong Nyoung inaugurated as the first Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. In the same year Yeungnam University approved as starting with 6 Colleges by the Ministry of Education: لبرل آرٹس کالج, انجینئرنگ کالج, College of Law and Political Science, College of Commerce and Economics, فارمیسی کے کالج, and Evening Programs, ساتھ 35 undergraduate departments and 12 graduate departments. میں 1968 جنوری 1, ڈاکٹر. Shin, Ki Suck inaugurated as the first President of the University and in 1969 it has started the construction of the Main Campus in Gyeongsan.

ابتدائی 1970s میں, the Graduate School of Management and Graduate Departments of Korean Language and Literature, قانون, and Economics were established afterward the Main Administration Offices, لبرل آرٹس کالج, قانون کے کالج & Political Science and College of Commerce and Economics were relocated from the Daegu campus. During the mid-1970s the 21-story main library-cum-faculty office building and the main administration building also accomplished. During the 1980s, Yeungnam University hospital, Foreign Language Institute and University Museum opened.

میں 1996, Yeungnam University is approved as an Excellent University in Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, and also as theBest Universityin the fields of business and International Trade, by the Korean University Education Committee. میں 1997, Yeungnam University was chosen as aGovernment-Sponsored Program for Science Educationin the area of basic science and laboratory education and selected as the supervising university for the model Technopark Project. Following the year Yeungnam University was chosen as a Supervising University in Machinery field and as an Attending University in Information Technology field for the program of rearing local universities in the Brain Korea Project as well as the university was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology as Research Information Center for Textiles and Apparel Science.

In the year 2000, Yeungnam University established the graduate department of Architectural Design, Multimedia Communications, Bio-technology and graduate departments of Sino-Korean and Textile Engineering in Doctor’s degree. میں 2001 University changed the School ofCommerce and Economics to the Schools of Finance and Business with the School of Finance and Economics and the School of InternationalEconomics and Business. میں 2003 the Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy approved, starting with the graduate department of ClinicalPharmacy. The establishment of the Graduate School of Sports Science approved, starting with the graduate department of Sports Science.

Each year many International students join at Yeungnam University for their Masters or Ph.D. degree and proceed on their research work. Most of the students are from China, ازبکستان, انڈونیشیا, Bangladesh, بھارت, نیپال, بلغاریہ, مصر, ملائیشیا, پاکستان, منگولیا, ویت نام,پولینڈ, جاپان, پیرو, Senegal and other different countries.

Yeungnam University currently has academic agreement with various Universities around the world like, University of Montana, Old Dominion University, مشی گن یونیورسٹی, State University of New York at Albany, Iowa State University of United States, University of Alberta of Canada, Université de Haute-Alsace (since 1999), برسک اسٹیٹ یونیورسٹی, Novosibirsk State Technical University of Russia, Fukui University and Shinshu University of Japan and other several Universities of Uzbekistan and China like Nanjing University, Nankai Universityand Lingnan University, ہانگ کانگ.

میں 2010 Yeungnam University is selected one of the top 10 Asian International Universities for the dramatic changes in global education of the new millennium by Asian Correspondent news report.

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