Story of Glory

We are a young project, but with a vast and interesting history. The founders of the project went through a lot to create an entirely new, unique and useful “EducationBro” – Study Abroad Magazine.
Our international team consists of international students and teachers with great experience, rector of the university, young entrepreneurs and active people with interesting life experiences.

We know the difficulties of education abroad:

  • as students;
  • as the applicants;
  • as teachers;
  • as universities;
  • as parents.

Every day, we are introducing new features to make your education overseas more comfortable.

Our mission

Everyone should have the opportunity to receive education in the country in which he wishes and “EducationBro” will helps with it. The “EducationBro” magazine is a “tip of the iceberg”, very soon we will allow you to choose a profession that you like. Select a country that will suit you and the quality of education, and the cost of education and living standards. Enroll to the best university and easy to get a quality education. And then start a career in any country of the world.
All this “EducationBro” can.