Best universities to study medicine in Ukraine 2016

Please, pay attention, this ranking is old. Ranking for this year you can find here.

“EducationBro” Magazine prepare ranking of medical universities in Ukraine. We hope this information will help international students to choose best option to study medicine in Ukraine. MBBS courses in Ukraine has high quality and low tuition fees.

We looks for this options for ranking (in descending order of importance):

  • The quality of education
  • Reviews of foreign students about the university
  • The number of foreign students at the university
  • Modern at the university premises and equipment
  • The cost of education
  • The city where the university is located
  • Availability of the website and social pages. The frequency of their updates.

Here is top 8  best medical universities in Ukraine:

8. Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State Medical UniversityTernopil State Medical University took 8 place in our ranking of medical universities.

What is good in TSMU? First of all – foreign students loves it.

When  we compiling the rating, we talked with some students from each university. Students of Ternopil Medical Institute responded very positively about their university and said that they like studying here. At the same time, they noted that many of campuses of  university needs of modernization. By cons as they related that the town is a bit boring, there is little entertainment. But here cheap education, which is important for many students. We hope that Ternopil State Medical University will improve hist position next year.

7. Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University . Study MBBS in Ukraine. Study Medicine in Europe.Vinnitsa National Medical University took 7 position in our rating.

Students of this university has good opinion about it too. We also know that this University is popular among foreign students. However, we note that VNMU has poor website,we didn’t find its official pages at social networks. And we were very surprised when found thatt their contact page is empty. We live in modern world and we think that every university should has full pages in top social networks.  We also think that big part of university’s equipment is outdated and needs renovation.

6. Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical UniversityOne more university that take lower position for its website and social profiles. Unfortunately this is a big problem of Ukrainian universities.
Despite the fact that this factor has the least impact on the position in the ranking, it was enough that the university could not rise above 6 lines. Of course, old equipment and premises, requiring repair is bad too. The University is located in the city of Odessa, which is the main resort and port of the country. This provides great opportunities for leisure activities of students, but this is the worse effect on the cost of living. The students’ opinions about Odessa National Medical University are different. Not all students are fully satisfied with their university.

5. Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

Ivano Frankivsk National Medical UniversityWhy they avoid social networks. And universities websites need updating. It’s awful for big number of ukrainian universities. Now about Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.

City isn’t big. Some students has bad opinion about their universities, but some said that it is excellent. They have different opinion about quality of education, but a lot of them think that education is more expensive in another medical universities in Ukraine.



4. Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University . Medicine education in Ukraine. Study MBBS in Europe.Bukovinian State Medical University is very famous and popular in Ukraine. It is situated in little city, but this city has its own charm. We were really pleasantly surprised by this city and its atmosphere. University reinforces this effect even more. Just look at the main building. We also liked the value of tuition fees and quality of education. Most students also believed that their university is very good. Unfortunately, we have found few foreign students and learned that the University is not very popular among them. Unfortunately, we could not find out the reasons. Perhaps this is due to the policies of the University.

3. Donetsk National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University, Kirovograd. Study Medicine in Ukraine.Donetsk National Medical University has bad times now. Because of the fighting in the east of Ukraine, it was forced to change his city. This is definitely a negative impact on its position in the ranking. If not for this fact, we would have thought to give him a first or second place. But, unfortunately, we are unable to raise it above the third place now.
Students can be assured. The educational process takes place in many of kilomentrov. It is good place to study medicine in Ukraine.

2. Lviv National Medical University

Lviv National Medical University. Study Medicine in UkraineLviv National Medical University rose to second place in our ranking. Despite the different opinions about the university, all students are very satisfied with the city of Lviv. Staff of EducationBro Magazine likes their campuses and quality of education. It is really good university to study medicine in Ukraine. We are confident that the university is worthy of the second place in this year. Who knows, maybe a little bit of effort and it will come out on top in the next year? We will see.


1. Bogomolets National Medical University

Bogomolets National Medical UniversityHere is the winner in 2016. The best medical university of Ukraine by “EducationBro” Magazine. Bogomolets National Medical University!
It is situated in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. It has excellent quality of education and modern facilities for students. The only complaint with the students that we have heard – it is difficult to study here. But we believe that this should be a real doctor’s education. So, if you going to study medicine in Ukraine, we can recommend to choose Bogomolents National Medical University this year. Please note, that it has high tuition fees and cost of living in Kyiv is high too. It is your choice!


All universities that have come to our ranking are very worthy. If you are not too worried about the cost of education, you should choose from the top three. Here you will get an excellent education, and your student life will be bright and cheerful.
But there is nothing wrong if you choose the last university in this ranking. This does not mean that it is bad, it only means that in the hard struggle it was a little behind the leader. Who knows, maybe things will change in the next year! Anyway, Ukraine is great place for study medicine. It is attractive with its cost of living and tuition fees.

UPD: Since 2016 admission process in Ukrainian universities for foreign students aviable via Ukrainian Admission Center.