Educational system in Ukraine

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Ukrainian education system is regulated by the Law  of Ukraine and includes:

  • preschool education;
  • secondary education;
  • non-formal education;
  • technical and vocational education;
  • higher education;
  • postgraduate education;
  • graduate;
  • doctorate;

Preschool education.

For Ukrainians, like many Europeans, education starts with pre-school educational institution, usually – from kindergarten. In 2 (sometimes with 1.5), the kid gets in a manger, with 3 – in the younger group.

Sometimes, the family decides to teach a child at home, but since 2001, preschool education compulsory for children 5 years of age. Parents can choose kindergartens or group short stay, is now more than 1,000 such groups operating in Ukraine. In secondary schools working group to prepare children for school. Future students there receive basic knowledge, as well as get acquainted with the way of school, teachers and classmates. With 6 years of age a child can go to school.

Secondary education

It is mandatory and is obtained in different types of schools, mostly – in the secondary school. It has three levels:

I – elementary school (grades 1-4), provides primary general education,

II – primary school (grades 5-9), provides basic general education;

III – high school (grades 10-11), provides a complete secondary education.

Setting schooling – all-round development of the child, giving him that knowledge, which requires it to society. The school should promote professional self-determination, physical development and formation of the basic moral and ethical standards.

Additional development of the abilities and talents achieved in non-formal education. These schools include sports clubs, schools of art, a variety of student clubs and similar organizations, public or private.

Technical and vocational education

It focused on obtaining a specific specialty. Therefore, for them to be sent to those educational institutions that train working professions. This vocational schools and high schools (artistic, technical, higher), school-agricultural firms and factories, training centers and similar places. They also include vocational training centers, training and retraining of workers.

Vocational schools often cooperate with enterprises – training for customers. To obtain a working student profession in general is not required to attend school, because you can be trained directly in manufacturing.

Higher education

Higher education in Ukraine is structured in accordance with the educational systems of developed countries, which are supervised by UNESCO, the UN and other international organizations. It provides the fundamental scientific, professional and practical training, retraining and qualification of students.

Forms of study in higher education institutions are diverse: full-time, part-time, distance or combined, which combines several of these forms.

For universities, there are four levels of accreditation:

I – technical school and equivalent higher education institutions;

II – College and equated him higher educational institutions;

III and IV (depending on the results of accreditation) – institute, conservatory, academy, university.

Since 2008, the prerequisite for admission to higher education is the passing of an external independent evaluation (UPE). In 2016, students will take tests in such subjects:

Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine (from ancient times to the present day), chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, geography, as well as – English, Spanish, German, Russian and French.

After graduating you can get a degree – in the post-graduate and doctoral studies. This includes the writing and defense of the thesis – PhD or doctorate respectively – as well as the acquisition of research and teaching experience.

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate education makes it possible to obtain new qualifications, profession or occupation. Often, this occurs on the basis of already acquired education in the previous school, although you can get a brand new and specialized. To graduate education institutions are institutes (centers), further training or retraining, the relevant units of higher education institutions, vocational education institutions, scientific and methodological center of vocational education and subdivisions in organizations and enterprises.

UPD: Since 2016 admission process in Ukrainian universities for foreign students aviable via Ukrainian Admission Center.