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In year 2000 Odessa State Medical University has completed its 100 xyoo li. It is a government university with the rights of self governing. The world known scientists and the founders of numerous scientific medical schools which brought glory to the world science worked at OSMU. Some of them are Prof. Pidvysotsky V.V. , Prof. Lisionkov M.K., Prof. Voronin V.V. , Prof. Batuev M.O., Prof. Verigo B.F., Prof. Boggomolets O.O., Prof. Zabolotny D.K., Prof. Strajesko M.D., Reznik B.Y. thiab lwm tus.

The Noble prize winner, Director of Institute of Experimental Immunology (Switzerland) Prof. Rolth Zinker Nagel, Nobel Prize winner Director of Russian Cardiological ScientificProduction Complex (Zog ntawm Guj kuj). Prof. Evgene Ivanovich Chazov, Director of American International Union of health protection (U.S.A.)

James Smith, President of George Washington University (U.S.A.) Prof. Stephen Doel Trachtenberg, President of Polish medical Academy (Poland) Prof. Kasimir Imielinsky, President of International Hippocrates Fund (Tim Nkij teb chaws) Dr.Spiros Marketos & Prof. Juliano Di Bernardo (Ltalis) are among the Honored & Visiting Professors of the university.Recognized/Listed by World Health Organization, Lij tebchaws tseev tsim ntiaj teb, Tsev kawm ntawv nyob sab Europe Association, Medical Councils of almost all major countries, including USA, UK, Teb chaws Europe, Is Nrias teb & others. OSMU is a member of Bologne Process (Single European area of higher education).

OSMU is the only university of Ukraine, which is a member of MEDINE (Medical EDucation IN Europe). The Thematic Network on MEDINE addresses educational, institutional and quality issues in European medical education within the framework of European initiatives. This project is being carried out with the support of the European Community.

Odessa State Medical University is the first university of Ukraine which started medical education in English medium in 1996. Nyob rau hauv 2005, OSMU was awarded with a medal for the development of modern model for teaching the English speaking students by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Only university of Ukraine which provides post-graduation courses in English medium.

Odessa State Medical University is one of the largest higher medical universities, a member of European and International Association of Universities, the leader of reformation of medical education in the country. Odessa State Medical University is an higher education institution of the IV (the top level) accreditation level conferred by the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine (Record No. 12 of June 30, 1994). The University trains specialists of the following qualification levels: Junior Specialist, Specialist, Tswv (Foreign students included) for the following specialties:

* Kev kho mob

* Stomatological (Kev kho hniav)

* Xyuas

* Kws

* Post graduate

Lub University comprises 56 saib xyuas, a medical college, preparatory faculty and post-graduation faculty.The University enrolls around 4000 me nyuam kawm ntawv, xws li 1200 cov kawm txawv teb chaws los 52 lub teb chaws ntawm lub ntiaj teb no. The training of students is given in Russian, Lus Askiv & Fabkis. OSMU is the only university of Ukraine & other CIS countries which provides complete education in English medium and has already produced 7 batches of complete English medium.

Foreign Students : Foreign students have been studying since 1946. Dhau 6000 students from Europe, Asia, Teb chaws Africa, America have got education from this university and are working successfully as doctors in 87 lub teb chaws ntawm lub ntiaj teb no. 240 have done specialization and 109 super specialization from OSMU.

The studies are carried out by 800 xib fwb, 18 academicians, 105 professors and doctors of Medical Science, 407 docents and candidates of medical science. During the course students master all modern medical technologies which are available today in the world.

Muaj cov tsev kawm ntawv 18 blocks with general area of 20,000 sq.m., 6 hostels (Fully furnished with all essential facilities), a library with total stock of 1 million books, publishing-printing complex, scientific medical computer center, Students Polyclinic providing medical aid to students free of cost, 3 Museums (Historical Museum, Anatomic Museum & The Museum of Pathological Anatomy), sport complex with indoor & outdoor sports facilities, Me nyuam kawm ntawv’ Club/Cultural and Scientific Societies, modern recreation centers on the coast of Black Sea where up to 500 students can rest at a time.

Scientific Research Establishments of the University : Central ScientificResearch Laboratory, Institute of Clinical Biophysics, Health Family Center, Vivarium, Kev – Research Institute of Eyes Diseases and Tissue Therapy, Institute of Health Resortology and Medical Rehabilitation, Stomatology, Virusology are some other specialized clinical bases and bases of practical training.

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Tsev kawm ntawv / Qib siab / Saib xyuas / Kev kawm / Faculties

  • Faculty of Medicine № 1 (Tshuaj)
  • Faculty of Medicine number 2 (Tshuaj)
  • Faculty of Medicine № 3 (Pediatrics)
  • Kws qhia ntawv txog kev kho hniav
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Kws qhia ntawv kawm Postgraduate

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The institution started in 1900 as the Medical Faculty of the Novorossiyskiy State University in Odessa. The medical faculty soon became one of the most prestigious medical faculties in the Russian Empire. Many famous medical scientists, including Nobel laureate and professor Kuv. Kuv. Mechnikov, worked here.

Foreign students contact University directly or the Official Admission partner Study Nation 360 to take admission here.

The Medical Faculty managed to survive the difficult and turbulent period of the early years of the Russian revolution and in 1922 it was transformed into the independent and autonomous Odessa State Medical Institute. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became Odessa State Medical University in an independent Ukrainian Republic.

Hnub no, the Odessa National Medical University remains one of the leading medical universities in Ukraine. It is a member of the International Association of Medical Universities and the high standards of training at the institution are well recognized throughout Europe and America. The University consists of 58 faculties and has a student population of over six thousands, including foreign students from very diverse countries. Tuition is given in the Russian, Ukrainian, and English languages.

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