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Wake Forest University Details

  • ملڪ : آمريڪا جي گڏيل رياستن
  • شهر : Winston-سالم
  • مخفف : WFU
  • ٺهرايو : 1834
  • شاگرد (لڳ.) : 7600
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اٿاري ٻيلو يونيورسٽي هڪ خانگي اداري ۾ قائم ڪيو ويو آهي 1834.

اٿاري ٻيلو يونيورسٽي ۾ ٽيوشن فيس آهن $49,000 (Aprox.).

اٿاري ٻيلو يونيورسٽي Winston-سالم ۾ واقع آهي, اتر ڪيرولينا, هن نيرو ريج جبلن ۾ بورڊ هلائڻ يا ڏکڻ کيرو جي ڪنارا تي چاء مان ڪار جي صرف چند ڪلاڪ. ڪيمپس تفريح intramural راندين ۽ جيئن ئي نئون درياهه تي kayaking طور آئوٽ ڊور شغل مليو آهي, اونڌا-gliding ۽ آسمان-diving. هن ۾ ڀوت Deacons, اٿاري جي ايٿليٽ ٽيمن, جي أنها ڊويزن مون کي بحر سامونڊي ڪانفرنس جو ميمبر آهي. When Wake Forest played rival Duke University in 1922 ۽ جت, هڪ مقامي صحافي جي حيثيت ۾ اٿاري رانديگرن بيان “ڀوت Deacons,” ۽ اھڙي طرح, جي mascot پيدا ٿيو. شاگرد جي گاديء جو ھال جي ھڪ ۾ ڇهه semesters لاء ڪيمپس تي رهن ٿا هجڻ ضروري آهي. يوناني تنظيمن اٿاري ٻيلو تي هڪ وڏو ڪردار ادا ڪري, جي شاگرد جسم جي لڳ ڀڳ اڌ جي consisting هڪ ميمبر سان.

اٿاري ٻيلو ڇهه اسڪولن جي اپ ڪيو ويو آهي. ان گريجوئيٽ پروگرامن قانون جي انتهائي نمبر اسڪول ۾ شامل,وڻج واپار ۽ دوائن جي اسڪول جو اسڪول. Undergraduates يا اٿاري ٻيلو ڪاليج يا ڪاروبار اسڪول ۾ آهن. جي باري ۾ 60 شاگردن جي سيڪڙو اٿاري جي مطالعي تتر پروگرامن جي ڀيٽ ۾ وڌيڪ ۾ آڇ جو فائدو وٺڻ 70 دنيا جي چوڌاري ملڪن ۾. فعال آفتاب سڀ وقت جو ننڍو NBA رانديگر شامل آهن, Muggsy Bogues; افسانوي golfer Arnold ھا; ۽ صحافي ۽ ڳالهائي نظر لشڪر عن هنٽ.

اسڪول / ڪاليجز / شعبا / ڪورس / ڏنيون

Wake Forest College

Wake Forest College combines the intimacy of a small liberal arts school with the academic vitality of a research university. It is distinguished by its small size and collegiate atmosphere; outstanding faculty of teacher-scholars; and adherence to a values-based educated rooted in Pro Humanitate. The College offers the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree in a wide range of disciplines.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers 27 nationally and internationally recognized masters and doctoral programs on the Reynolda and Bowman Gray campuses. The Graduate School also offers a MD/PhD and MD/MS with the School of Medicine; a PhD/MBA with the Babcock Graduate School of Management; the MDiv/MA with the School of Divinity; and degrees in biomedical engineering through the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences.

ڌنڌي جي اسڪول

The School of Business strives to develop passionate and ethical business leaders who get results with integrity and through providing thought leadership that advances the practice of management. نتيجي طور, the Wake Forest University School of Business has been ranked among the nation’s best business schools by most major ranking organizations. With a full range of undergraduate and graduate business degree programs, the School of Business offers many options to pursue your graduate business degree. We offer full-time and part-time study in Winston-Salem (main campus) and part-time study, including a Saturday program, through our Charlotte campus.

School of Divinity

The School of Divinity is one of only five ecumenical divinity schools at a U.S. نيوز ۽ ورلڊ رپورٽ university that is consistently ranked among the top 30 universities in the nation. The school offers one degree, the Master of Divinity, but has several joint degrees with other schools and programs of the university in bioethics, صلاح, تعليم, قانون, and sustainability. اضافي, it offers linked Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Management degrees in partnership with the School of Business. Within the Master of Divinity program, students can concentrate in Well-Being and Religious Leadership – with emphases on Food and Faith or Faith and Health of the Public – Education, or Sustainability. Graduates of the School of Divinity service in various religious leadership positions and in other fields – see where – and 86% of the class of 2015 were employed or seeking additional education within six months of graduation.

شريعت جو اسڪول

The School of Law, annually ranked among the top 50 law schools in the country, offers a unique close family atmosphere that combines traditional legal courses with an array of experiential learning opportunities through clinics and externships.

دوائن جو اسڪول

The School of Medicine is among the top 32 schools in the country in research funding awarded by the National Institutes of Health. The medical school offers the doctor of medicine degree; a physician assistant program leading to a master of medical science; the MD/MBA with the Babcock Graduate of Management; and a number of masters and doctoral programs in biomedical sciences. The School of Medicine and N.C. Baptist Hospital comprise Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.


Wake Forest University was founded after the North Carolina Baptist State Convention purchased a 600-acre (2.4 ڪلو ميٽر2) plantation from Dr. Calvin Jones in an area north of Raleigh(Wake County) called theForest of Wake.The new school, designed to teach both Baptist ministers and laymen, opened on February 3, 1834, as the Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute, named because students and staff were required to spend half of each day doing manual labor on the plantation. ڊاڪٽر. Samuel Wait, a Baptist minister, was selected as theprincipal,” later president, of the institute.

ع ۾ 1838, it was renamed Wake Forest College, and the manual labor system was abandoned. The town that grew up around the college came to be called the town of Wake Forest. ع ۾ 1862, during the American Civil War, the school closed due to the loss of most students and some faculty to service in the Confederate States Army. The College re-opened in 1866 and prospered over the next four decades under the leadership of presidents Washington Manly Wingate, Thomas H. Pritchard, and Charles Taylor. ع ۾ 1894, the School of Law was established, followed by the School of Medicine in 1902. The university held its first summer session in 1921. Lea Laboratory was built in 1887-1888, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The leading college figure in the early 20th century was Dr. William L. Poteat, a gifted biologist and the first layman to be elected president in the college’s history. “ڊاڪٽر. Billycontinued to promote growth, hired many outstanding professors, and expanded the science curriculum. He also stirred upheaval among North Carolina Baptists with his strong support of teaching the theory of evolution but eventually won formal support from the Baptist State Convention for academic freedom at the College.

The School of Medicine moved to Winston-Salem (then North Carolina’s second-largest city) ۾ 1941 under the supervision of Dean Coy Cornelius Carpenter, who guided the school through the transition from a two-year to a four-year program. The school then became theBowman Gray School of Medicine. The following year, 1942, Wake Forest admitted its first female undergraduate students, after World War IIdramatically depleted the pool of male students.

ع ۾ 1946, as a result of large gifts from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, the entire college agreed to move to Winston-Salem, a move that was completed for the beginning of the fall 1956 term, under the leadership of Dr. Harold اوله. Tribble. Charles and Mary Babcock (daughter ofR. منا. Reynolds) donated to the college about 350 ايڪڙ (1.4 ڪلو ميٽر2) of fields and woods atReynolda,” their estate. کان 1952 جي طرف 1956, fourteen new buildings were constructed on the new campus. These buildings were constructed in Georgian style. The old campus in Wake Forest was sold to the Baptist State Convention to establish the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

اپريل تي 27, 1962, Wake Forest’s Board of Trustees voted to accept Edward Reynolds, a native of the African nation of Ghana, as the first black full-time undergraduate at the school. This made Wake Forest the first major private university in the South to desegregate. Reynolds, a transfer student from Shaw University, later became the first black graduate of the university in 1964, when he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. بعد, he went on to earn master’s degrees at Ohio University and Yale Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in African History from the University of London. He became a professor of history at the University of California, San Diego and author of several history books.

A graduate studies program was inaugurated in 1961, ۽ ۾ 1967 the school became the fully accredited Wake Forest University. The Babcock Graduate School of Management, now known as the School of Business, ۾ قائم ڪيو ويو 1969. The James R. Scales Fine Arts Center opened in 1979. ع ۾ 1986, Wake Forest gained autonomy from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and established a fraternal relationship with it. The Middleton House and its surrounding 5 ايڪڙ (2.0 هن چيو اٿس) was deeded by gift to Wake Forest by Philip Hanes and his wife Charlotte in 1992. The donation was completed in 2011.

The thirteenth president of Wake Forest is Nathan O. Hatch, former provost at the University of Notre Dame. Hatch was officially installed as president on October 20, 2005. He assumed office on July 1, 2005, succeeding Thomas K. Hearn, صحافين سان, who had retired after 22 years in office.

سيپٽمبر تي 16, 2015, Wake Forest announced plans to offer undergraduate classes downtown in Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem. مارچ تي 18, 2016, Wake Forest announced programs in biomedical sciences and engineering at its new Wake Downtown campus, opening in January 2017. Wake Downtown will be in a former R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company plant, next to the second campus of the school of medicine which is set to open in July 2016

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