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Case Western Reserve University är en privat institution som grundades 1826.

Studieavgifter i Case Western Reserve University är $45,000 (Stöd.).

Case Western Reserve University är känt för sin världsledande forskning, men med mer än 150 studentorganisationer, Det finns gott om möjligheter att engagera sig utanför klassrummet, för. De Case Western Spartans universitets- lag tävlar i division III University Athletic Association. Den grekiska systemet, där man betonar ett åtagande att på campus och samhällstjänst, innebär ungefär en tredjedel av eleverna. Campus ligger ca 20 minuter från centrala Cleveland, där studenterna har fri tillgång till en handfull centrala museer som Rock and Roll Hall of Fame och Great Lakes Science Center. På Campus, freshmen bor i ett av fyra teman bostadsområden, som kallas Cedar, Juniper, Magnolia och Mistletoe. Alla elever inbjuds till den årliga Förenings Spring, en samling av musik, Carnival Games och aktiviteter som är den största studentdrivna händelse på campus.

Case Western Reserve University har ett brett utbud av topprankade special forskarutbildning, like its health law curriculum at the School of Law. The university also has renowned offerings in biomedical engineering at the Högskolan i Jönköping and nonprofit management at the Weatherhead School of Management. Utöver sin förorts campus, skolan äger University Farm, en 389-acre tomt om 10 miles från campus där studenterna forskning och ta kurser i biologi, ekologi och konst. Noterbara före detta elev inkluderar fd US. Representant Dennis Kucinich och Craig Newmark, skapare och namne av webbplatsen Craigslist.

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Case School of Engineering

Internationally renowned for education and research, the Case School of Engineering develops leaders prepared to solve today’s—and tomorrow’s—most pressing issues.

College of Arts and Sciences

Home to education and research in arts, humaniora, matematik, social, physical and biological sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences offers high-quality programs, whether on the stage or in the lab.

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

From clinical specialists to nurse practitioners, teachers to researchers, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing graduates pursue a variety of roles. With our location near top hospital systems, our students get hands-on experience learning from the best.

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Consistently ranked one of the top 10 social work schools in America, the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences offers an innovative combination of field work and rigorous education—on campus or online.

School of Dental Medicin

The School of Dental Medicine provides relevant, experiential and active learning in oral health education, patient care, research and scholarship. Our students put their learning to practice, providing quality dental care services to our community.

School of Law

The School of Law’s brand-new curriculum allows you to work with clients from the start, develop leadership skills and hone your writing—not to mention learn the core tenets of a legal education. Här, you’ll have access to the nation’s top firms and organizations—and graduate ready to lead.

Medicinsk skola

With strong partnerships among some of the nation’s top hospital systems, including No. 4 Cleveland Clinic and No. 18 University Hospitals, the School of Medicine leads in medical education and research. As a top-25 medical school, we prepare physicians to care for patients with competence and compassion.

Weatherhead School of Management

Through its interdisciplinary approach to management education, the Weatherhead School of Management develops strong leaders who create sustainable value, are good global citizens and have immediate impact on their organizations.

Office of Undergraduate Studies

The Office of Undergraduate Studies oversees the academic aspects of student affairs, working with undergraduates across all schools and majors. From matriculation to graduation, the office helps students achieve their academic goals.

School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies offers graduate programs in more than 80 disciplines across the schools and college, from the humanities and social sciences to biological and physical sciences to engineering and professional fields.


Western Reserve College was founded in 1826 in Hudson, Ohio, som, just då, was the region’s most populated area and named for th eConnecticut Western Reserve, out of which the area arose. The nearby city of Cleveland, located about 26 miles (42 km) to its northwest, had only begun to grow. Western Reserve College, eller “Reserveas it was popularly called, was the first college in northern Ohio.

Av 1875, a number of other schools had been established nearby, and Cleveland had emerged as clearly the dominant population and business center of the region. I 1882, with funding from Amasa Stone, Western Reserve College moved to Cleveland and changed its name to Western Reserve University.

I 1877, Leonard Case Jr. began laying the groundwork for the Case School of Applied Science by secretly donating valuable pieces of Cleveland real estate to a trust. He asked his confidential advisor, Henry Gilbert Abbey, to administer the trust and to keep it secret until after his death. The Case School of Applied Science was issued a charter by the state of Ohio in 1882, four months after Case’s death.

For the first four years of the school’s existence, it was located in the Case family’s home on Rockwell Street in downtown Cleveland. Classes were held in the family house, while the chemistry and physics laboratories were on the second floor of the barn.

Amasa Stone’s gift to relocate Western Reserve College to Cleveland also included a provision for the purchase of land in the University Circle area, adjacent to Western Reserve University, for the Case School of Applied Science. The school moved to University Circle in 1885.

Under andra världskriget, Case Institute of Applied Science was one of 131 högskolor och universitet nationellt som deltog i V-12 Navy College Training Program som erbjuds studenter en väg till en marin provision.

Over time, the Case School of Applied Science grew to encompass a broader vision, adopting the name Case Institute of Technology in 1947 to reflect the institution’s growing stature.

Although the trustees of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University did not formally federate their institutions until 1967, the union had been seen by many as inevitable for decades before that.[6] The institutions already shared buildings and staff when necessary and worked together often. One such example was seen in 1887, when Case physicist Albert Michelson and Reserve chemist Edward Morley collaborated on the famous Michelson–Morley experiment.

There had been some discussion of a merger of the two institutions as early as 1890, but those talks dissolved quickly. In the 1920s, the Survey Commission on Higher Education in Cleveland took a strong stand in favor of federation and the community was behind the idea as well, but in the end all that came of the study was a decision by the two institutions to cooperate in founding Cleveland College, a special unit for part-time and adult students in downtown Cleveland.

På 1960-talet, Reserve President John Schoff Millis and Case President T. Keith Glennan shared the idea that federation would create a complete university, one better able to attain national distinction. Financed by the Carnegie Corporation, Cleveland Foundation, Greater Cleveland Associated Foundation, and several local donors, a study commission of national leaders in higher education and public policy was charged with exploring the idea of federation. The Heald Commission, so known for its chair, former Ford Foundation President Henry T. Heald, issued its final report, “Vision of a University.The report predicted that federation would create one of the largest private universities in the nation, with a combined faculty larger than that of Princeton, chicago, Stanford, or Johns Hopkins.

Case Institute of Technology, a school of science and engineering, and Western Reserve University, known for its strong liberal arts and professional programs, came together in 1967 to form Case Western Reserve University.

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