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The Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is a comprehensive university offering high-quality training in all academic disciplines and at all levels : undergraduate, master’s, doctorate, as well as certificate programs and student exchanges.

The UGA is located in Grenoble, an international city and a wonderful place to live, work, and study. Nestled in the Alps, Grenoble enjoys an incomparable natural setting, with opportunities for sports lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Grenoble also participates in France’s good life, offering a wide variety of cultural events, a lively nightlife, and hundreds of restaurants for those wishing to sample France’s world-famous cuisine. French and international students are engaged and aware: students will have no trouble finding organizations and activities that matter to them.

A public university, the UGA embraces France’s values for higher education.


The university was founded in 1339 by Dauphin Humbert II of Viennois and Pope Benedict XII to teach civil and canon law, medicine, and the liberal arts. However, the institution lacked resources and dissipated after the death of Humbert II. It was reestablished in 1542 by Francis de Bourbon, Count of St. Pol and united with University of Valence in 1565. The residents of Grenoble unsuccessfully attempted to reestablish the university several times in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Napoleon I reestablished faculties of law, letters, and science in 1805–1808. During the Bourbon Restoration, the Faculty of Letters was suppressed in 1815 (reintroduced in 1847) and the Faculty of Law in 1818 (reintroduced 1824). The School of Pharmacy and Medicine was established in 1866 and became the fourth faculty in 1894. However, at the time the school had just a few students and conferred only a handful degrees. The development of the sciences at the university was spearheaded by the transformation of Grenoble from an isolated mountain town to a major supplier of industrial motors and electrical equipment in 1880s. The faculties were formally inaugurated as the University of Grenoble in 1879 in the newly constructed Place de Verdun. The number of students grew from around 340 in 1868 to 3000 in 1930. A concept of Établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel (EPCSP) evolved under Minister of Education Edgar Faure. As a result, the university was split into several independent organizations in 1970.

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