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Situated in the heart of Paris, Université Paris Diderot is the only multidisciplinary university in Paris to offer a wide range of degrees in the Humanities, Medicine and the Sciences.

With its 26,000 students, 20% of whom are international, its 2,000 faculty and its 92 research laboratories, it is a major actor in European higher education and research. According to its own tradition and humanist principles set out by eighteenth-century encyclopaedist Denis Diderot, the university’s ambition is to enlighten 21st-century society by opening up new fields of study, renewing traditional disciplines, developing and enhancing the achievements and results of research, and connecting with the community at large.
The University has acquired an international reputation for the excellence of its standards of research in all the fields in which it is active, namely science, medicine, dentistry, art and humanities and social sciences. The University has recently (2007) relocated its central administration and most of its departments in a newly developing area of Paris – known as Paris Rive Gauche – a few streets south east of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Former industrial buildings have been rehabilitated, thus preserving an important link with the history of Paris, while brand new ones have also been commissioned from world-class architects.

By 2012, all departments – except the 7 university hospitals located in the north of Paris – will have joined the new campus, which also features Paris’s largest and newest university library.

The Université Paris Diderot is currently conducting a series of activities that allow it to develop and conduct an international policy, thanks in particular to to its multidisciplinary identity in the three major sectors of Medicine, Science and the Humanities.
Thanks to its precise mapping of these existing actions, the University wishes to implement an effective strategy in order to establish an international presence, not only in order to orchestrate and amplify its existing actions and raise their profile, but also in order to define a strategic framework of actions based on a certain number of choices.
These adaptable but firm choices must allow the University to:
  • Identify a group of key partners (universities, key conurbations, countries or geographical areas), with which it will develop major, long-term framework agreements.
  • Facilitate the design of dual diploma programmes (e.g. joint thesis supervision, European Master’s).
  • Encourage genuine movements of teaching and research staff, students and even administrative staff on occasion.
  • Improve the joint management of agreements with partner institutions.
  • Include the mobility of administrative staff (envisaged in the Erasmus programme).
  • Propose several specific actions aiming to promote certain major interdisciplinary projects, in order to exploit its remarkable potential within the Parisian university landscape.
  • Define a genuine invitation policy in agreement with its diverse component bodies and via its Conseil scientifique (Scientific Council).

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

Arts, Literatures, Languages

Bachelor’s / Master’s degrees
  • English and American Studies
  • Intercultural studies and Applied Languages
  • Asian Studies
  • French Studies
  • Critical theory
  • Film studies
  • Linguistics
  • Scientific Journalism

Humanities & Social Sciences

Bachelor’s / Master’s degrees
  • Geography
  • History and Social Sciences
  • Sociology and Gender studies
  • Psychology and Education Sciences
  • Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychiatry
  • Philosophy of science

Sciences & Technology

Bachelor’s / Master’s degrees
  • Life Sciences (Biology and Biochemistry)
  • Genetics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
  • University Institute of Technology

Medecine & Odontology

Bachelor’s / Master’s degrees

  • Medicine
  • Odontology / Dentistry

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