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Committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and professional competence as early as 1970, when it opened, Toulouse 1 Capitole university is a public establishment which originated from the Faculty of Canon Law created in 1229 by King Saint Louis. Today, it is a Law, Economics and Management University whose priority is the emphasis on international networks so as to promote scientific collaborations as well as students’ and researchers-lecturers’ exchanges.

It is one of the only two French establishments to feature in the top 100 of the Shanghai World Academic ranking in Economics/Business studies.

Three city center campuses in France, in Toulouse, Montauban and Rodez.

Three establishments abroad: Vietnam, Morocco and Vanuatu.

One of the priorities of Toulouse 1 Capitole University is to develop its international and European influence.

Our actions focus on 4 key areas: Students and lecturers exchange agreements, training offers in partnership with foreign establishments, research work and increasing English-taught courses on offer.

UT1 Capitole is actively committed to a great number of international and European networks.

UT1 Capitole presently holds the Erasmus + Charter that provides the general framework for the European co-operation activities a higher education institution may carry out within the Erasmus programme.

  • 21 100 students among whom 19.5 % international students and 36% grant holders
  • 14 Research units among whom 5 UMR (CNRS and INRA) and 9 EA
  • 3 doctoral schools + 3 co-certified schools
  • 90 theses defended theses per year
  • 656 lecturers-researchers
  • 14 580 m² of academic space
  • 35 M€ research budget (2M€ investment, 24M€ wages, 4 M€ operating costs)

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties


  • Faculty of Law
  • Toulouse School of’ Economics (TSE)
  • IAE Toulouse, School of Management (IAE)
  • Faculty of  Administration and CommunicationStudies
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Rodez University Institute of Technology (IUT)


  • Physical and Sports Activities department (DAPS)
  • Mathematics department
  • History department
  • Languages and civilizations department (DLC)
  • Political Science and Sociology department
  • European School of Law (ESL)
  • Judicial Studies Institute (IEJ)


Toulouse 1 University Capitole was the second university created in France in 1229 after the Sorbonne was founded (around the year 1200). The university originally included four faculties: theology, canon law, civil law and Arts (grammar). The medical school was created in 1257. The University was closed in 1793 as the French Revolution abolished royal universities.

At the end of the Second Empire, the first four faculties co-existed, but the most important was the law school, which contains three-quarters of the students and the most renowned teachers. However, the University of Toulouse suffered due to underfunding of French higher education in province. In the 1880s Luis Liard and Ernest Lavisse gave enough autonomy to the faculties so the municipality could help those institutions. Yet the Edgar Faure laws halted the development of provincial faculties by dividing the university in three:

  • Toulouse 1 University of Social Sciences (Law, Economy and Management);
  • Toulouse 2 University of Literature and Human Sciences;
  • Toulouse 3 University Paul Sabatier of Sciences and Health.

Only the Toulouse 1 University remains on the historical site of the town center. In September 2009, the Toulouse 1 University of Social Sciences becomes the Toulouse 1 university Capitole.

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