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  • Country : Japan
  • City : Matsumoto
  • Acronym : SU
  • Founded : 1873
  • Students (approx.) : 11000
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The Shinshu spirit can be described by the following concepts (from the Shinshu Brand Strategy created by Nagano Prefecture): “the beauty of nature alongside harmonious coexistence with the natural environment,” “health and longevity” and “prefectural citizens who are hardworking and passionate about education.” Shinshu is a region characterized by patient and dedicated pursuits amid rich natural environments, where people are able to focus on education and research, production of various things, cultivation of culture and other such endeavors.
Shinshu University has five campuses located in four municipalities―Nagano City, Matsumoto City, Ueda City and Minamiminowa Village―where we pursue education and research activities in a wide range of field including the arts, education, economics and law, the sciences, medicine, engineering, agriculture and textiles. Because we have locations in four parts of the Shinshu region―Hokushin, Chushin, Toshin and Nanshin―one might say that the entire region together serves as our campus. This arrangement enables us to make a great number of meaningful contributions to local communities, and we actively pursue activities in close harmony with local culture in addition to collaborative efforts with local industry. Among the three frameworks established for national universities in Japan, Shinshu University is placed in the following framework category: “pursuits center primarily on efforts to contribute to the local region alongside education and global- and national-scale research activities in the university’s strong and unique fields with consideration taken for the distinctive characteristics of relevant specialized fields.” In addition to further bolstering cooperative efforts with local communities, we intend to pursue measures that take advantage of the strengths and characteristics of the region.
No matter which framework category a university falls under, all such institutions are expected to expand their efforts on a global scale. We pursue proactive efforts rooted firmly in our local region, which revolve around global-scale expansion that takes advantage of the strengths and distinctive features of our fields of specialization.
With the aim of incorporating Shinshu University’s characteristics and approaches in our mission of providing and pursuing education, research and contributions to society, we will continue to enhance our educational programs, carry out research that is both original and advanced, and strengthen cooperative efforts together with local industries and society as well as universities, research facilities, corporations and other organizations in Japan and abroad. At the same time, we hope to spread awareness of Shinshu University’s advantages and appealing aspects among as many people as possible so that students will make us their first-choice university.

Dr. Kunihiro Hamada,
President of Shinshu University

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Shinshu University traces its roots back to 1873 when it was a temporary normal school. The university was chartered by the Showa government in 1949 under a new Japanese education system reforming older system, merging seven institutions of higher education within Nagano Prefecture which includes Nagano Normal School established in 1873, Ueda Textile College established in 1910, Nagano Youths Normal School  established in 1918, Matsumoto Higher School  established in 1919, Nagano Technical College  established in 1943, Matsumoto Medical College  established in 1944, and Nagano Prefectural College of Agriculture and Forestry established in 1945. In 2004 Shinshu University became a National University Corporation under the National University Corporation Law.

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  • Arts
  • School of Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Textile Science and Technology

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