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ussian State University for the Humanities grew out of Moscow State Institute for History and Archives. Its official birthday is 27 March 1991.

The first round of admissions into RSUH took place in 1991. Despite its comparatively young age, RSUH has come to be one of the best among the most respected universities of the country, having emerged as of the leading educational and research centers in Russia. Our University was the first in the country to combine the words “Russian” and “humanities” in its name. We are proud and honored to bear this title, ever striving to further affirm our status. The progress we have made is recognized both within the country and abroad. In all the past years RSUH has been one of the most sough-after institutions among the prospective students. And we feel obliged not just to preserve but also to develop and enrich the legacy with which we enter the third decade of our history.

University educational principles:

  • The European two-level educational system (B.A. – M.A.) noticeably increases the number of types of training and offers a possibility to study and work abroad.
  • Integration of research and education allows students to develop research skills and acquire the necessary set of competences.
  • Sustainability and interdisciplinarity is represented by the unified educational complex as opposed to a series of specialized non-related programs.
  • Practice-oriented approach to educational tracks is based upon a carefully created combination of fundamental theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.
  • The educational environment is conducive to learning, and is based on the idea of freedom of creative and professional self-actualization and on the principles of mutual tolerance.
  • Student-oriented educational system allows tapping into the individual abilities of the students. The University has an active tutor system.
  • The life-long learning concept views the education as a continuing and uninterrupting process. RSUH offers preparatory training for prospective students, continuing education programs as well as graduate and postgraduate tracks. The programs operate both in Moscow and in the regions.
  • The principle of “educating through art” has led to creating a unique training environment – teaching in museums and exhibition halls.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

Institute for History and Archives

  • Division for Archival Studies
  • Division for Documentation Studies
  • Division for Archives and Documentation Storage Technology
  • Division for History, Political Science and Law
  • The high school of documentation and documentation provision of managment

Institute for History and Philology 

  • Division for History and Philology

Institute for Linguistics

  • Division for Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Institute for Economics, Management and Law

  • Division for Management
  • Division for Economics
  • Law Division
  • Division of International Relation

L.S.Vygotsky Institute for Psychology

  • Division for Psychology
  • Division for Social Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Division for Clinical Psychology

Mass-Media Institute

  • Division for Journalism

Institute for Information Sciences and Security Technologies

  • Division for Information Security
  • Division for Information Systems

Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies

Division for History of Art

Division for Sociology

Division for Philosophy

Research Institutes

  • Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
  • Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies
  • Institute for Russian History
  • “Russian Anthropology School” Institute


  • Social Anthropology Research and Education Center
  • Vldimir S. Golenihchev Center of Egyptology
  • Center for the Study of Religion
  • Russian-American Study and Research Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies
  • Russian-American Academic Center for American Studies
  • Research-education Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies
  • Russian-Swiss Center of RSUH
  • Russian – Swedish Center for Education and Research
  • Russian – Turkish Educational and Research Center
  • The Depatment of Iranian Studies
  • Graduate School of European Cultures
  • RSUH Prep Center
  • The College of the Humanities
  • The Art Design Center
  • Chair of history of scence


Moscow Public University, founded in 1908 through the initiative of Alfons L. Shanyavsky, an eminent Russian patron of arts, played a special role in Russian education.

Up to 1918, it was Russia’s first “free” university center unfettered by formal limitations and open to everyone “truly thirsting for knowledge”. It implemented the progressive principles of alternative education in conjunction with a sound academic foundation available to all.

In 2012, Russian State University for the Humanities celebrates the 100th anniversary of its main building, whichbelonged to Moscow Public University before the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Moscow State Institute for History and Archives was founded in 1930 for training archive studies specialists.

Over the years it became a center of academic research. In its archival pursuits in the areas of history and such auxiliary realms as the study of primary sources, archaeology and palaeontology, it managed to preserve the very best of the Russian research tradition.

By the beginning of the 1990s this institution achieved the level of “university”, which naturally enabled it to become the structural heart of RSUH, which was founded in 1991.

Several RSUH departments are located next door to the Kremlin. It is literally within a 5-minute walking distance. Thus our students can enjoy Medieval Rus architecture as well as the very heartbeat of Moscow, its main street Tverskaya.

Russian State University for the Humanities is one of the leading universities in Russia. Based on century-long traditions, it is also poised on the cutting edge of innovations.

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