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One can hardly find a place in Russia with such an impressive number of implemented national projects as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Our most focused “development points” have been determined in industry, power engineering and energy, research and education. Siberian Federal University, as a response to regional developmental challenges, was established in 2006 to train highly qualified specialists capable of working in any region of our country, including severe conditions of the Northern areas.

The University was founded by merging 5 major Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education. Among the members of the University Board of Trustees there are representatives of large companies, politicians and scientists. The Chairman of the Board is Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University is to create an advanced education, research and innovation infrastructure and to promote new knowledge and technologies to meet the challenges of social and economic development of the Siberian Federal District, as well as to form the human resources potential — competitive experts in the priority areas of the Siberian and Russian Federation development, corresponding to the modern intellectual requirements and meeting international standards.

SibFU in figures

  • 19 schools and 3 regional branches.
  • Over 31,000 students (half of whom come from all over Russia, including 380 overseas students).
  • Over 700 post-graduate students.
  • 7 860 employees, 3 450 teachers, 420 Professors and Doctors habil.
  • 151 study programs (Bachelor & Master).
  • 121 doctoral programs in 18 fields of study.
  • 29 on-campus dormitories.
  • 7 400 million RUR University profit in 2014.
  • About 50 sports clubs in over 31 kinds of sport.
  • About 100 creative and artistic student clubs.
  • 70% of graduates get employed in the field of their major.

Positions in the rankings

  • In the ranking of Russian universities held by the “Expert RA” ranking agency in 2015 SibFU was put on 14th position, rising at one point in comparison with the year 2014.
  • According to the “Expert RA” ranking agency the SibFU ranks 6th among the best Russian universities in demand for the graduates.
  • The National ranking of universities according to “Interfax” and “Echo of Moscow” for 2015 the SibFU shared 16-17th place with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
  • In the Vladimir Potanin Foundation ranking of Russian universities, evaluating the participation of students and tutors in the educational projects of the Foundation, the SibFU is placed 17th in 2014 (25th in 2013).
  • In 2014 SibFU got 3 out of 5 stars in the QS-Stars ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds company.
  • In the Webometrics ranking of 2015 SibFU takes 10th place among all the Russian universities.


The university campus in Krasnoyarsk includes 29 dormitories, 24 study buildings, a building accommodating the library and the university administration offices. A University Assembly Hall is to be put into operation in 2015.

Krasnoyarsk has been nominated as the host city for the Winter Universiade in 2019. The Universiade Village will be located at the University campus which is favourably close to the main winter sports venue Academy of Winter Spots. The Universiade infrastructure is partly in place, while the following facilities are yet to be built by 2018:

  • a multifunctional sports centre;
  • a first-aid medical centre for athletes;
  • a complex of residence halls “Universitetsky” (three 18-storey buildings);
  • a complex of residence halls “Perya” (“Feathers”) (four 17-storey buildings).

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

Institute for the Humanities

  • Chair for Philosophy
  • Chair for History of Russia
  • Chair for General History
  • Chair for Informational Technologies in Creative and Cultural Industries
  • Chair for Culturology
  • Chair for Study of Art
  • Chair for Advertising and Social ad Cultural Work

Institute of Engineering and Construction

  • Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • Department of Construction of Engineering Infrastructure and Roads
  • Chair for Roads and City Structures
  • Chair for Engineering Systems of Building and Structures
  • Chair for Building Design and Property Survey
  • Chair for Building Constructions and Controlled Systems
  • Chair for Building Materials and Construction Technology

Institute of Architecture and Design

  • Chair for Urban Development
  • Chair for City Engineering Structures and Foundations
  • Chair for Fundamentals of Architectural Engineering
  • Chair for Engineering Graphics
  • Chair for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture
  • Minor Academy of Architecture

Institute of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology

  • Chair for Deposit Geology and Exploration Methodology
  • Chair for Geology, Mineralogy and Petrography
  • Chair for Mine Surveying
  • Chair for Technology and Techniques of Mineral Exploration
  • Chair for Open Cast Mining
  • Chair for Underground Mining
  • Chair for Mine Construction and Underground Excavations
  • Chair for Mining Machinery and Mining Complex
  • Chair for Electrification of Mining and Smelting Engineering
  • Chair for Technical Mechanics
  • Chair for Engineering Graphics

Institute of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics

  • Chair for Theoretical Physics
  • Chair for Physics of Condensed Material
  • Chair for Photonics and Laser Technology
  • Chair for Nanophase Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Chair for Thermal Physics
  • Chair for Radio Engineering
  • Chair for Instrument Engineering and Nanoelectronics
  • Chair for Infocommunications
  • Chair for Radio-Electronic Systems

Institute of Space and Information Technology

  • Chair for Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Chair for Computer Engineering
  • Chair for Information Systems
  • Chair for Androids Design
  • Chair for Applied Mathematics and Computer Security
  • Chair for Systems for Automatics, Computer-Aided Control and Design
  • Chair for Computer Science
  • Chair for Geoinformation Systems
  • Chair for Ecological Information Technologies

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Chair for Mathematical Analysis and Differential Equation
  • Chair for Algebra and Mathematical Logic
  • Chair for Theory of Functions
  • Basic Chair for Mathematical Simulation and Control Processes
  • Basic Chair for Computational and Information Technologies

Institute of Core Undergraduate Programmes

  • Chair for Physics
  • Chair for Modern Natural Science
  • Chair for Higher Mathematics
  • Chair for Discrete Device and System Software
  • Chair for Chemistry
  • Chair for General and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chair for Political Science
  • Chair for Philosophy
  • Chair for Philosophy and History
  • Chair for Ethics, Aesthetics and Culture
  • Chair for Culturology
  • Chair for Culturology and Social Science
  • Chair for Physical Education
  • Chair for Physical Culture

Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

  • Chair for Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields
  • Chair for Machinery and Equipment in Oil and Gas Fields
  • Chair for Lifting-and-Shifting Machinery and Robots
  • Chair for Air Fuels and Lubricants
  • Chair for Fire Safety
  • Chair for Chemical Engineering of Natural Energy Resources and Carbon Materials

Institute of Education, Psychology and Sociology

  • Chair for Developmental Psychology
  • Chair for Mental Health
  • Chair for Higher Education Pedagogy
  • Chair for General and Social Education
  • Chair for Information Technologies in Education
  • Chair for Sociology
  • Chair for Engineering and Computer Graphics
  • Chair for Social Technologies
  • Chair for Descriptive Geometry and Draughtsmanship
  • Chair for Professional Education Pedagogy

Institute of Business Management and Economics

  • Chair for Economics and Organization of Enterprises in Energy and Transport Sector
  • Chair for Economics and Management in Construction Sector
  • Chair for Economics and Management
  • Chair for Foundations of Economics
  • Chair for Marketing
  • Chair for Economics and International Business in Mining and Metal Production Sector
  • Chair for Management of Manufacturing and Social Technologies
  • Chair for Economics and Information Technology in Management
  • Chair for Business Information Technology
  • Chair for Project Management
  • Chair for Economics and Organization of Oil and Gas Complex
  • Chair for Economics and Organization of Energy Sector

Institute of Philology and Language Communication

  • Chair for Journalism
  • Department of General Linguistics and Rhetoric
  • Chair for Russian Language
  • Chair for Russian and Foreign Literature
  • Chair for Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication
  • Chair for East-Asian Languages
  • Chair for Translation and Interpreting Studies
  • Chair for Russian as a Foreign Language

Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology

  • Chair for Biophysics
  • Chair for Aquatic and Land Ecosystems
  • Chair for Medical Biology
  • Chair for Biotechnology

Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies

  • Chair for Accounting and Statistics
  • Chair for Business Foreign Language
  • Chair for Industrial Economy and Labor Economics
  • Chair for Corporate Development and Management of Organization
  • Chair for International Economic Relations
  • Chair for Regional Statistical Inquiries
  • Chair for Social and Political Theory
  • Chair for Economic and Social Planning
  • Chair for Production Management
  • Chair for Finance and Credit
  • Chair for Securities and Insurance
  • Chair for Economic Theories
  • Chair for Forestry
  • Chair for Ecotoxicology and Microbiology
  • Chair for Hunting Resource Study and Reserve Management
  • Chair for Evolutional Landscape Science and Historic Ecology
  • Chair for Environmental Economics

Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science

  • Chair for Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Chair for Nonferrous Metallurgy
  • Chair for Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chair for Analytical and Organic Chemistry
  • Chair for Mineral Processing
  • Chair for Heat Engineering and Technosphere Security in Mining and Metallurgical Production
  • Chair for Foundry Engineering
  • Chair for Metal Forming
  • Chair for Composite Materials and Physical Chemistry in Metallurgical Processes
  • Chair for Physical Metallurgy and High-Temperature Processing

Polytechnic Institute

  • Chair for Electric Power Plants and Power Systems
  • Chair for Electrotechnical Complex and System
  • Chair for Robotics and Engineering Cybernetics
  • Chair for Electrotechnics and Electric Engineering
  • Chair for Standardization and Quality Control
  • Chair for Facilities and Technology of Welding Engineering
  • Chair for Hydraulic Actuator and Hydropneumatic Automation
  • Chair for Foundry Engineering and Metal Forming
  • Chair for Theory and Design of Mechanical Systems
  • Chair for Materials Science and Technology of Engineering Materials
  • Chair for Machinery Dynamics and Strength
  • Chair for Theoretical Mechanics and Triboengineering
  • Chair for Machinery Designing and Experimental Mechanics
  • Chair for Engineering Technology
  • Chair for Diagnostics and Security of Technical Systems
  • Chair for Thermal Stations
  • Chair for Engineering Ecology and Life Safety
  • Chair for Heat Engineering and Hydraulic Gas Dynamics
  • Chair for Transport and Technological Machinery
  • Chair for Transport

Law Institute

  • Department of comparative law
  • Chair for Theory of State and Law
  • Chair for History of State and Law
  • Chair for Foreign and Comparative Law
  • Chair for Criminalistics
  • Chair for Civil Law
  • Chair for Civil Procedure
  • Chair for Criminal Law
  • Chair for Criminal Procedure
  • Chair for Labour and Environmental Law
  • Chair for Economic, Entrepreneurial and Financial Law
  • Chair for Constitutional, Administrative and Municipal Law
  • Chair for Delictology and Criminology
  • Chair for Comparative Law
  • Chair for Legal Practice (Master programme)
  • Chair for Judicial Practice (Master programme)
  • Chair for Procuracy Supervision (Master programme)
  • Department of International Policy
  • Department of Customs Procedures
  • Department ofSocial-Legal Procedures
  • Chair for Theory and Methodology of Social Work

Institute of Military Training

Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism

  • Chair for Theory and Methodology of Physical Education
  • Chair for Theory and Methodology of Sports
  • Chair for Sports and Recreation Technologies and Valeology
  • Chair for Physical Education


The Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “Siberian Federal University” was established within the framework of the “Education” National Project by the Resolution of the Russian Government No.1518-р issued on November 4, 2006. The purposes of the new University establishment were to support the modernization of the Russian higher education system, to increase the competitiveness of Siberian economy, to train highly qualified professionals and to develop international cooperation in research, education, technology and culture.

Siberian Federal University was established by merging four large Universities: Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Architecture and Construction and Krasnoyarsk State University of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold. SibFU is a multidisciplinary institution that combines fundamental and applied research and teaching.

  • Partnership relations are formed with universities of Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA (SibFU Department of International Affairs);
  • Particular traditions have appeared (exclusive festival «Universinale»);
  • More and more student communities are established (Young leaders of SibFU), student life is always on the move.

SibFU is committed to cooperate with large corporations located in Krasnoyarsk Krai such as MMC Norilsk Nickel, «Vankorneft»,RUSAL, etc. by building joint laboratories and organizing student research groups. Moreover, a set of anti-recessionary measures has been recently elaborated in Siberian Federal University. All the measures are taken to minimize consequences of the economic crisis for students, faculty and staff of SibFU.

Siberian Federal University stands out from many Russian higher education institutions by a diverse range of possibilities concerning not only pre-tertiary training but also higher, post-graduate and further vocational education. At the present time, Siberian Federal University includes 35 R&D subdivisions such as research institutes, design bureau, centers for equipment joint use, REC, laboratories, innovation centers, technology parks, centers of technology transfer, pilot factories, etc.

The number of full-time students in SibFU – 41,000 people.

The number of the faculty — more than 3,000 people.

Total quantity of faculty and staff — more than 8,000 people.

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