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  • Country : South Korea
  • City : Chuncheon
  • Acronym : HU
  • Founded : 1982
  • Students (approx.) : 6000
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Hallym University is dedicated to providing students with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to meet their goals. Students benefit from the strong knowledge base and professional experience of Hallym’s faculty, and a curriculum that allows students to match their own talents and aspirations with a wide range of course options. Hallym’s primary aims are to promote the pursuit and critical interpretation of new information as well as the international awareness necessary for Hallym students to become future global leaders.

With an increasing population of international students, undergraduates at Hallym gain experience living and working in a global environment. Furthermore, through Hallym’s international network, students have the opportunity to gain first hand experience by studying abroad.

Hallym, a small but strong international university, is a vibrant institution with a bright and exciting future. I invite you to join us as we move forward.

Hallym University was established with the ideal of “Training talented people with a great wealth of humanity and creative intelligence, to promote academic research and culture”.

With our ideas, we educate students:

1. By establishing an education system focusing on students, we will operate “Learning by Objective (LBO)”, which will focus on Foreign Language, Information Technology (IT), and a major field of study.

2. We will continuously support research in the field of Our Core Competencies, such as Life Sciences, and then pursue a leading position in Bio-Technology.

3. With the expansion of infrastructure for lifelong education and the promotion of Industry-University Cooperation, we will play an important role in the local community as a knowledge center.

4. By promoting an advanced, cutting-edge university culture, we will endeavor to produce students who will contribute to their own cultural knowledge development and ultimately to the welfare of the human race. By pursuing the goals described above, Hallym University’s Pride will be maintained as we establish ourselves as “a prestige private university with its own character”.

Hallym University was founded with the ideal of cultivating students of rich character and creative thinking, and of advancing academic and cultural promotion. For this purpose, the University set the following three objectives as its founding educational mission:

First, to enable students to develop a broad cultural perspective, good judgment, moral ethics, and physical vitality.

Second, to foster a positive attitude in our students as they address a changing world, in order to promote research and education in close cooperation with other research institutions at home and abroad.

Third, to endeavor to produce students who will contribute to their own individual development, national prosperity, and, ultimately, to the welfare of the human race.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

  • College of Humanities: Departments of Korean Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Philosophy, History, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Russian Studies.
  • College of Social Sciences: Departments of Communications, Psychology, Sociology, Social Welfare, Politics and Public Administration, Law and Public Administration.
  • College of Business: Departments of Business, Finance, Economics.
  • College of Natural Sciences: Departments of Mathematics and Information Sciences, Electronphysics, Chemistry, Life Science, Biomedical Science, Food Science and Nutrition, Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology, Speech Pathology and Audiology, Physical Education.
  • College of Information & Electronic Engineering: Division of Information Engineering and Telecommunications.
  • College of Medicine: Program of Medical Sciences, Division of Nursing.
  • College of International Studies (C.I.S): Program of International Studies.


  • 1982 Dr. Yoon Duck-Sun, the Chairman of the Il-Song Education Foundation, founds Hallym University. Dr. Kim Taek-Il begins his service as first President. A total of 228 students are enrolled in four departments: English, Social Work, Biology, and Medicine.
  • 1984 The Schools of Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Medicine plus the Liberal Education Department are established. Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital, one of five hospitals affiliated with the University, opens.
  • 1986 Dr. Hyun Seung-Jong is installed as second President.
  • 1987 Graduate programs for the master’s degree are accredited.
  • 1988 University reorganization authorized (College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, College of Medicine. four colleges, two divisions).
  • 1989 Start of full-scale operations at Hallym University. Inauguration of 1st President, Hyun Seung-Jong. Establishment of a Ph.D program is authorized. Inauguration of 2nd President, Yoon Dae-Won.
  • 1990 Establishment of Hallym Academy of Sciences.
  • 1992 Inauguration of 2nd President, Chung Bum-Mo.
  • 1994 Establishment of the Graduate School of Business authorized.
  • 1995 Establishment of the Foreign Language Education Center. Establishment of the Center for Social Education.
  • 1996 Inauguration of 3rd President, Lee Sang-Joo.
  • 1998 Inauguration of 4th President, Han Dal-Sun.
  • 2000 Opening of the Ilsong Arts Hall.
  • 2001 Establishment of the Graduate School of Public Health.
  • 2002 Establishment of the Industry-University Cooperation Center
  • 2003 Inauguration of 5th President, Lee Sang-Woo. Establishment of the Center for Teaching & Learning. Hallym University is honored as a “Top 10” university in Korea by Joong-Ang Daily Newspaper. Hallym University proclaims University Identification.
  • 2004 Hallym International School is established. Hallym International Dormitory is opened.
  • 2005 Education Center for Aging Society is opened. Tae-gye building is opened.
  • 2006 Il-song Memorial library is opened.
  • 2007 Inauguration of 6th President, Choongsoo Kim.
  • 2008 Inauguration of 7th President, Lee Youngsun.
  • 2012 Inauguration of 8th President, Ro Kunil.

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