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  • Country : South Korea
  • City : Seoul
  • Acronym : SU
  • Founded : 1960
  • Students (approx.) : 12000
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Sogang University was established by the Society of Jesus to provide an education based on Catholic beliefs and inspired by the Jesuit philosophy of education, in conformity with the Korean tradition of education.

Sogang University aims the education of the whole person with love and faith, respect the values on the sense of human dignity and encourage to pursuit and seek for learning with the sincere quest for truth. Through this education, educate the talents who will devote their lives to the development of a humanistic culture and community.

Sogang University, as an educational institution under the guidance of the Society of Jesus, following its tradition that was established by Jesuit universities throughout the world over the last 460 years, aims to provide an education that teaches the veneration of God and understands the true meaning of life.

The education offered at Sogang University aims to form intellectuals with academic excellence and creativity, following the Jesuit tradition that has been pursuing qualitative excellence of education.

Sogang University aims to educate citizens with outstanding leadership abilities, who can contribute to the society and nation with the spirit of devotion, sense of responsibility, mature and integrated characters. Also educate true cosmopolitans who can contribute to the national prosperity and world peace by understanding the current changes of the world at all times, and respond to the changes with critical judgments.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

School of Humanities and International Cultures

  • Korean Language and Literature
  • American Culture
  • History
  • European Languages and Cultures
  • German Culture
  • Philosophy
  • French Culture
  • Religious Studies
  • Chinese Culture
  • English Literature & Linguistics
  • Japanese Culture

School of Social Sciences

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Political Science

School of Communication

  • Mass Communications

School of Economics

  • Economics

Sogang Business School (Undergraduate Program)

  • Business Administration

School of Integrated Knowledge

  • Global Korean Studies (Korean Studies in English)
  • Art & Technology

School of Natural Sciences

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Life Sciences

School of Engineering

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Educational Culture
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Public Leadership
  • Samsung Convergence Software Course
  • Gender Studies
  • Sogang Startup Academy
  • PEP (Political Science, Economics and Philosophy)
  • Development of Korea and International Cooperation Development
  • Sports Media
  • East Asian Studies


The founding Fathers named the college “Sogang” (the West of Han River). The charter for Sogang College was granted by the Ministry of Education. In February 1960 Fr. Kenneth E. Killoren, S.J. was installed as the first president. Sogang College opened its doors with six departments: Economics, English Language and Literature, History, Mathematics, Philosophy and Physics. Out of 600 applicants 166 were admitted as the first class. Classes began on 18 April 1960, just one day before the April Revolution.

In December 1969 a university charter was granted by the Ministry of Education and Sogang College became Sogang University. The University consisted of a College of Arts and Science with six departments, College of Science and Engineering with five departments and a College of Commerce with three departments .

On March 2, 1970, the inauguration and the president’s installation were held at Mary Hall. Fr. John P. Daly, S.J., took office as the first president. He spoke on “Education Based on Belief and Reason”. On April 7, 1970, South Korean President Park Chung-hee donated two buses to help transport faculty and staff, but they later had to be sold because of management difficulties. Life as a full university meant more students and the library, which had moved to Ricci Hall, needed its own building. Construction of Loyola Library to the north of the sports field took all of 1973. It was South Korea’s first fully open-resource library.

The campus festival was an annual event that fostered student solidarity. Since 1969 it has included a series of academic symposiums.

The high point of the 30th anniversary commemoration was the unveiling of a statue symbolizing the Albatross soaring with its great white wings. The Alumni Association presented the statue at an April 17 unveiling ceremony. Sogang’s appearance was further improved during the 1990s with a marble front gate, by the Albatross statue. The small playground was renamed Cheongnyeon Gwanjang (Youth Square) and given a neater look. As new buildings were built there was a shortage of parking space, so a lot was built under Albatross Square and in November 1997 stage facilities for cultural events were constructed above the lot.

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