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ALHOSN University. Study in the capital of United Arab Emirates, Adu Dhabi

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  • Country : United Arab Emirates
  • City : Abu Dhabi
  • Acronym : ALHOSN
  • Founded : 2005
  • Students (approx.) : 4000
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The motto of ALHOSN University, “Global Knowledge with Local Vision”, is much more than just a slogan. It is a philosophy and a firm belief in the values of global knowledge combined with local traditions which are steeped in history.

ALHOSN University envisions becoming internationally recognized as a university where all of its members are committed to producing graduates with a solid foundation of career and life skills. In order to accomplish this, AHU intends to create a community of learners, where a learner is an individual who is empowered, informed, and responsible.

ALHOSN University believes in educating professionals to be leaders for a modern community. As an institution of higher education, it prides itself on being a creative agent for change and diversity. It pledges to emphasize a faculty-student learning community that promotes the value of service and research and employs collaborative educational strategies that develop teamwork, utilizes real-life experience, fosters caring, and prepares for the realities of the marketplace of the future.

The University expresses its commitment to its mission by pursuing the following goals:

  1.  Growth – Expanding and diversifying our financial base to enable us to achieve our mission.
  2.  People – Valuing people and creating a well performing organization. Enhancing its current programs and establishing new programs to recruit, retain, and develop the best students, faculty, and staff who will have an important impact in their professions and communities.
  3.  Academic Excellence – Attaining national recognition as a top private education and research university.
  4.  Outreach – Seeking to broaden its role in the community through the ongoing engagement of its alumni and enhanced interaction with the community, institutions, and agencies.
  5.  Resources and Infrastructure – Secure the resources – human, financial, and infrastructure – necessary to the support of its academic and research programs in a learning and working environment of the highest possible quality. AHU will identify the resources needed to implement these goals and to address ongoing concerns.

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Department of Education
  • English Department
  • Social Sciences Department

Faculty of Business

  • Departments of Business Administration and Management Information Systems

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Departments of Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Urban Planning

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