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Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is the world’s first graduate-level university dedicated to providing real-world solutions to issues of sustainability. The Institute’s goal is to become a world-class research-driven graduate-level university, focusing on advanced energy and sustainable technologies.

Located in the Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Masdar Institute aims to support Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification by nurturing highly-skilled human and intellectual capital and partnering with industry leaders. This will help the Emirate in its transformation to a knowledge-based economy and enhance its position as a leader in global energy.

Masdar City is a modern Arabian city that, like its forerunners, is in tune with its surroundings. As such, it is a model for sustainable urban development regionally and globally, seeking to be a commercially viable development that delivers the highest quality living and working environment with the lowest possible ecological footprint. The Masdar Institute campus is an embodiment of those ideals, powered by renewable energy and supported by the cutting edge of technology, providing students with a unique opportunity to live and learn in a true “living laboratory” environment.

Within its campus, Masdar Institute is establishing an educational environment, a culture of R&D excellence, and ties with government and industry that are essential to fostering indigenous innovation, human capital and knowledge development, and a spirit of entrepreneurship and global competitiveness.

Knowledge capital is the product of experience, information, knowledge, learning and the skills of individuals and groups. It provides the foundation for long-term competitive advantage, and its development is essential to Abu Dhabi’s strategic vision of leadership in the global markets of the future. Masdar Institute is a driving force behind the creation of knowledge capital in Abu Dhabi.

The Institute’s ability to do this is critically dependent on a university culture that emphasizes research and development excellence, technology innovation, and entrepreneurship. Nurturing this culture is the focus of our cross-disciplinary collaboration and our emphasis on both fundamental and applied research. By leveraging its distinctive strategic advantages, Masdar Institute provides its students with the technical knowledge and systems perspective critical to innovation and thought leadership.

The Institute, which was created in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), integrates theory and practice to incubate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, working to develop the critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

Only the brightest UAE national and international graduates, who demonstrate exceptional intellectual and entrepreneurial strengths and are committed to addressing the world’s energy needs, may join Masdar Institute. With its world-class faculty and top-tier students, the Institute is committed to finding solutions to the challenges of clean energy and climate change.

Masdar Institute also seeks to be a leading renewable energy and clean technology player, by providing a test bed for the world to develop commercially viable and sustainable energy solutions, facilitating applied research for the four corporate arms of its allied Masdar group and the UAE as a whole.


Reasons to choose Masdar Institute of Science and Technology:

  • Cutting-edge research focused on advanced energy and sustainable technology
  • Close ongoing collaboration with MIT
  • High-quality graduate programs tailored to industry needs in the UAE and worldwide
  • Sustainable campus with state-of-theart facilities and equipment
  • Strong partnerships with industry and academia in the region and globally
  • Full scholarships including a competitive stipend
  • International faculty with PhDs from the world’s top universities
  • Multicultural environment with students from more than 60 countries

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Engineering Systems and Management
  • Water and Environmental Engineering
  • Computing & Information Science
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Microsystems Engineering


Masdar Institute was established on February 25, 2007. As of September 2013, the Institute employed 81 faculty members and had an enrollment of 417 students. The establishment of Masdar Institute is part of a resource diversification policy for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi’s leadership views research and education in alternative energy as a keystone for the future development of the emirate and have expressed their commitment through the establishment of Masdar Initiative, Masdar City and the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

The President, Fred Moavenzadeh, was appointed in June 2010 and is the James Mason Crafts Professor of Systems Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT.

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