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Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy

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Today Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy comprises more than 10 thousand students who study at 6 faculties of the Academy. Departments of the Academy provide training of students on the humanities, fundamental, general engineering and special disciplines. The Academy consists of:

1. Educational Scientific Professional Pedagogics Institute situated in Artemovsk and Slavyansk cities;

2. Stakhanov Educational Scientific Institute of Mining and Educational technologies situated.

Educational system in the Academy carries out continuous multilevel training on educational and qualifying levels: Bachelor – Specialist – Master.

Students of full and part time departments in the Academy have the possibility to receive the second specialty, and also a working profession. The system of scientific pedagogical personnel’s training which includes doctoral candidacy and postgraduate course operates effectively.

In the Academy there are scientific students’ organizations and circles of amateur performance which give the chance to realize hobbies and widen the scope of interests. Sports is an inseparable part of student’s life.

Students who arrived for studies from different regions of Ukraine, as well as foreign students live in 3 hostels.

In Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy there are all conditions for development of scientific schools in the field of pedagogics and engineering psychology, there are also 4 specialized academic councils on defence of Ph.Dtheses. There is functioning center of training of the international teachers-engineers, the scientific and methodical center of engineering pedagogical education.

The library of the Academy has one of the largest in Kharkov funds of educational, educational and methodical, scientific and fiction literature (more than 900 thousand copies). There are 3 reading rooms in the library, 2 of which are situated in students’ hostels.

For the years of its existence Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy prepared more than 70 thousand of specialists working in Ukraine, CIS countries and other foreign countries. Graduates of the Academy at different times held executive posts, among them there were 2 ministers, 2 deputy ministers, about 3000 directors, leading specialists of industrial and scientific institutions, heads of educational institutions, public figures.

In 2000 the licensed Center of Training of Foreign Citizens started its work. The Center includes preparatory office which carries out foreign school leavers’ training. During one academic year (2 semester of training) students along with studying the Ukrainian (Russian) language, receive necessary knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other fundamental sciences.

The Academy maintains numerous international relations in the field of training of engineering pedagogical personnel. The European Monitoring Committee of the International Organization of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP) was created on the basis of the Academy. It provides the Academy with the opportunity to prepare European teachers. Nowadays more than 80 scientists of leading engineering educational establishments of Ukraine already received a title «ING-PAED IGIP».

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is one of founders of the Regional Center of Modular Principle of Working Professions’ Training on the International Labour Organization’s system (Geneva).

Admission process in Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy

There're only few steps for admission in Ukraine:

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  • Choose university to study
  • Apply to ukrainian university
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  • Get visa in ukrainian embassy
  • Come and study in Ukraine

Schools / Colleges / Departments / Courses / Faculties


  • Power Engineering
  • Oil-and-Gas field
  • Labor protection
  • Metrology, standardization and certification
  • Electronics
  • Electro mechanics
  • Telecommunications and connection
  • Electrical energetics, electrical engineering and electromechanics
  • Heat and power engineering
  • Power stations engineering
  • Electro technical systems of power consumption
  • Thermal power engineering
  • Quality, standardization and certification (on the base of I and II levels of higher education)



  • Welding
  • Machinery engineering
  • Transport
  • Building
  • Publishing-printing industry
  • Computer technologies
  • Industrial machinery engineering
  • Applied mechanics. Welding
  • Lifting-and shifting, road, soil-reclamation machines and equipment
  • Technology and welding equipment
  • Intellectual property (on the base of I and II levels of higher education)



  • Design
  • Technology of light industry products
  • Food technology
  • Consumer industry technologies
  • Construction and technologies of sewing products



  • Practical psychology
  • Pedagogy of the higher school (on the base of I and II levels of higher education)
  • Management of educational institution (on the base of I and II levels of higher education)





  • Economics
  • Merchandizing
  • Consumer services
  • Management
  • Management of organizations and administration (by kinds of economic activity)
  • Administrative management (on the base of I and II levels of higher education)


In the postwar years the country sharply faced a problem of engineering personnel training for revival of the destroyed industry. For providing the national economy with highly-skilled personnel and rational use of labor force educational institutions of part-time department are more often used in the country.

On the basis on the Order of the Minister of the Higher and Secondary Education of USSR from February 21, 1958 No. 78, according to the decision of Council of Ministers of USSR from January 24, 1958 No. 62 Ukrainian Correspondence Polytechnical Institute (further – UCPI) was created in Kharkov. It comprised 8 departments: Power, Electro-Physical, Construction, Engineering-Economic, Mining, Metallurgical, Machine-Building, Chemical-Technological. Training of specialists was carried out on 52 specialties.

1958 – Vorobyov Sergey Aleksandrovitch was appointed as the first Director of the Institute.

1958 – 3 new additional specialties appeared: cars and tractor; devices of fine mechanics; construction and road car and equipment. The planned contingent of students – was12 thousand people.

1958 – the first Academic Council of the Institute starts its work.

1959 – the first training courses were open in the Institute.

1959 – Kharkov Engineering Faculty was open for Kharkov and the Kharkov region citizens.

1960 – the first Methodical Council of UCPI starts its work.

1960 – UCPI unites 15 educational advisory and basic subsections: in Voroshilov, Gorlovka, Konotop, Poltava, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy, Krykov, Kramatorsk, Shostka, Severodonetsk, Zhdanov, Lisichansk, Izum, Enakiev.

1961 – the first admission for post-graduate course on 4 specialties was carried out: automation of production processes; technology of foundry engineering; metal-cutting machines; technology of silicates.

1963 – UCPI as the Republican Center carries out methodical management and development of educational methodical literature for correspondence students of engineering specialties.

1963 – the first branch-wise research laboratory of production processes’ automation is created in the Institute.

1964 – Andreev Heorgiy Yakovlevitch who made a big contribution to the Institute’ reorganization was appointed to the post of Rector of UCPI.

1966 – foundation of  training of engineering pedagogical personnel of full-time department on specialties 0305 «Thermal power plant» and 0510 «Technology and equipment of welded production», and since 1975 – on specialties : 0315 «The teacher- engineer of electro-power disciplines» and 0577 «The teacher-engineer of machine-building discipline».

1978 – Artukh Stanislav Fedorovitch is appointed to the post of Rector of the Institute. The contingent of students increased to 9475 people, in particular 1174 students of full-time department, 1125 people of part-time department and 7176 people of correspondence department.

1989 – UCPI includes «Mining Faculty» (the former Stakhanov branch of Kommunarskiy Mining Metallurgical Institute), the only in the Soviet Union educational establishment which prepared engineering pedagogical personnel for technical training colleges of mining industry.

1990 – UCPI was renamed into Kharkov Engineering Pedagogics Institute (further – HEPI).


1994 – the State Accreditation Commission of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine gave to the Institute the IV level of accreditation and the status of Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy (further – UEPA).

During this period of UEPA takes the lead in creation of an educational scientific production complex on training of engineering pedagogical personnel for vocational schools of Ukraine which included except the Academy also 6 industrial pedagogical technical schools: Kiev Industrial Pedagogical Technical School, Donetsk Industrial Pedagogical Technical School, Rubezhanskiy Industrial Pedagogical Technical School, Konotopskiy Industrial Pedagogical Technical School, Kharkov Industrial Pedagogical Technical Schools No. 1 and No. 2.

1994 – the first professional Council of Licensing and Accreditation of Engineering Pedagogical Specialties and Higher Technical Training Colleges starts its work.

2002 – Dr. Sc. on Pedagogics, Professor Kovalenko Elena Eduardovna who is the member of Methodical Council of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports on Engineering Pedagogical Educational Problems is appointed to the post of Rector of the Academy.

2003 – Rector of UEPA E.E. Kovalenko is elected to the post of President of National Monitoring Committee of Ukraine of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP).

2009 – the specialized Academic Council on defence of the Ph.D theses in «Standardization, Certification and Metrological Supply» was open.

2011 – Electro-Technological department was renamed into the Educational Scientific Professional Pedagogics Institute situated in Artemovsk and Slavyansk cities, also Mining Department was renamed into Stakhanov Educational Scientific Institute of Mining and Educational Technologies, situated in Stakhanov city.

During its existence the Academy prepared over 70 thousand specialists who have solid engineering knowledge and abilities, special psychological-pedagogical and legal training for work at the enterprises of different industries.

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