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紐卡斯爾大學 (UON), 非正式地稱為 紐卡斯爾大學, 澳大利亞的公立大學成立 1965, 在卡拉漢其主校區, 紐卡斯爾郊區, 新南威爾士州. 該大學還經營著Ourimbah校園,麥誇裡港, 新加坡和紐卡斯爾和悉尼的中央商務區.

歷史, 紐卡斯爾醫學院的大學已經實施了基於問題的學習系統,為它的醫學程序undergraduateBachelor - 後來由澳大利亞醫務委員會在澳大利亞強制要求使用的系統. 它率先採用了本科醫學及健康科學入學考試 (PEOPLE) 在90年代初. UMAT此後一直由澳大利亞各地不同的醫學院校廣泛接受額外的選擇標準.


在 2015 泰晤士高等教育 排名的數量紐卡斯爾大學 2 在澳大利亞和數量 30 在根據世界大學 50 歲.

建立在公平原則, 卓越和參與, 紐卡斯爾大學有使自己的區域內的影響聲譽作為一個世界級的機構, 在澳大利亞和世界各地的.

我們的研究是世界級的和多樣化. 我們的學位課程是國際公認的和我們的夥伴關係和合作推動創新. 我們的校友是領導和我們的學生正準備使世界上的差異.

我們都排在大學世界各地的前三名%,而我們才剛滿 50.

在UON我們相信每個人都具有的能力和決心,應該有機會獲得良好的教育和最好的職業發展機會. 我們努力實現我們的訪問承諾, 參與和教育的成功. 每年, 一些 3,000 學生在我們使課程,提供了一個途徑,良好的教育和支持研究他們所選擇的領域茁壯成長報名.

自1970年以來,我們已經為澳大利亞土著教育的無匹的貢獻,我們很榮幸能與一些最豐富和有見地的土著學生的相關, 學者和研究人員在該國. 近一半的澳大利亞土著醫生具有UON畢業, 我們知道我們正在在許多人的生命和社區的區別, 現在和將來.

學校 / 高校 / 部門 / 培訓班 / 院系


Newcastle Business School
Newcastle Law School

Faculty of Education and Arts

  • School of Creative Arts
  • 教育學院
  • School of Humanities and Social Science

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

  • 建築與建築環境學院
  • 工程學院
  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty of Science and Information Technology

  • 設計學院, Communication and Information Technology
  • School of Environmental and Life Sciences
  • 數學和物理科學學院
  • 心理學院


  • School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
  • 健康科學學院
  • School of Medicine and Public Health
  • 護理和助產學校


loped bushland site in Shortland. As enrolments grew, the University embarked on a major building program and redeveloped the Shortland site into the Callaghan campus, named for Sir Bede Callaghan, foundation member of the University council and chancellor from 1977 至 1988.

Students at the university celebrate Autonomy Day on 1 July of each year. According to unverified sources, official autonomy was marked on 1 一月 1965 用 “symbolic ceremonial bonfire held at the site of the Great Hall”. This celebration is said to have been officiated by Professor Godfrey Tanner who is said to have poured wine libations onto the ground as tosanctify the land upon which the University rests”. Since the university technically became autonomous on 1 一月 1965 autonomy day should be held on 1 一月. 1 July actually coincided with the New South Wales University of Technology’s autonomy from the Public Service Board’s authority on 1 七月 1954. According to Don Wright, students interpreted Autonomy Day as celebrating the autonomy of the University of Newcastle from the University of New South Wales. The students were entitled to give the celebration whatever meaning they chose. The fact that they called it ‘autonomy day’ heightened the students’ sense of the importance of autonomy and their need to defend it against outside interference.

在 1989, the Dawkins reforms amalgamated the Hunter Institute of Higher Education with the University of Newcastle. Newcastle Teachers College had been established in 1949 and was later renamed the Newcastle College of Advanced Education and finally the Hunter Institute of Higher Education as it had expanded its educational offerings beyond teacher education to nursing, other allied health professions, 商業, and fine arts. The Hunter Institute was located in a series of buildings on land immediately adjacent to the University at Callaghan and amalgamation expanded the campus to some 140 公頃. Under the reforms, the University also gained the Newcastle branch of the NSW Conservatorium of Music located in the city’s central business district.

在 1998, the university established a partnership with the Institut Wira, a Malaysian private business school. 在 2002, Ian Firms, a lecturer, failed a large number of student papers from Wira for academic dishonesty, but his actions were reversed by the Newcastle administration and he was discharged. He then appealed to the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, which made a finding of corruption against Dr Paul Ryder, a failure by Vice Chancellor Roger Holmes in the execution of his duty and recommended disciplining the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Brian English.

在 2003, the University of Newcastle, together with five other Australian universities (Macquarie, La Trobe, 弗林德斯, Griffith and 默多克) established Innovative Research Universities Australia (IRUA).

Forty years after obtaining autonomy, the University of Newcastle has developed a reputable position in national and international university standings; ranked in the 10–14 range of the 38 universities in Australia by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and 215th in the world by the 泰晤士報高等教育副刊 在 2007.[16]

The university unveiled a new logo on 31 遊行 2007 as part of a brand refresh to align the university’s image more closely with its new strategic direction.

上 11 可以 2007, the university launched a campus at the PSB Academy’s two main campuses in Singapore. 上 30 七月 2015, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete was the first head of state to be awarded an honorary degree (Doctor of Laws) by the university.

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