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查尔斯特大学 (CSU) 是澳大利亚多校区的公立大学位于新南威尔士州, 维多利亚, 和澳洲人报首都领地. 成立于 1989, 它是在船长查尔斯特的名字命名, 一名英国探险家谁做探险纳​​入区域新南威尔士州和南澳.

该大学在奥尔伯里,沃东加多个校园, 巴瑟斯特, 达博, 古尔, 橙子, 麦夸里港, 沃加沃加andCanberra. 大学也有利于在北帕拉玛塔专科中心, 男子气 (悉尼), 布罗肯希尔, 加拉塔以及区域大学学习中心 在格里菲斯和帕克斯. 课程也提供结合学习集团澳大利亚inSydney, 墨尔本和布里斯班 (作为。。而被知道 CSU学习中心).

查尔斯特大学提供学士处和研究生层次的各种远程教育节目以及单科学习计划. 查尔斯特大学还与全国各地的一些TAFE院校各类课程讲授的合作伙伴关系.

查尔斯特大学致力于以卓越的高等教育的交付和有用于提供与实用和相关行业经验的专业人士专用的特殊交付教育良好的声誉. 我们的学者被精心研究的课程和教学方法保持毕业生较高的满意度支持, 用人单位和大学的合作伙伴.

CSU一直居高的毕业生就业. 最近的一项调查显示, 81% CSU的国内毕业生发现4个月完成他们的本科学历的就业之内 (2015 澳大利亚毕业生调查). 查尔斯特大学得分最高可能, 五星评级为本科生保留和成功找工作 (2016 优秀大学指南). 84.2% of all graduates eligible for full-time work were successful in getting a job (毕业生目的地调查 2012-2014). Many CSU courses offer access to practicum opportunities from the first year of study, 确保学生有能力应付现实生活中的情况,并从一开始就建设有潜在雇主的关系.

查尔斯特大学课程是与业界代表合作,以确保技能开发我们的毕业生获得满足行业需求. 不仅是CSU认可度与有关澳大利亚政府和行业机构, 这些组织与大学密切合作,以保证CSU毕业生行业就绪无论他们在哪里工作.

我们鼓励所有的学生来看待他们的研究从全球的角度, 考虑到伦理, 社会和生态因素, 这将反过来告知在其一生中做出的决定. 而在CSU学习你将学到的技能,将带你远远超出你的职业生涯的目的地, 比如教你如何成为一个终身学习者, 独立和合作的价值, 如何批判性地思考,从多个层面的沟通, 以及如何采取灵活的学习方法和解决问题.


学校 / 高校 / 部门 / 培训班 / 院系


The Faculty of Arts and Education covers a broad range courses between the Arts and Education Disciplines.

艺术 Discipline cover subject segments of visual arts, performing arts, 通讯, 历史, human services, 文学, 哲学, 社会学, 和神学. 学校 & Centres include:

  • School of Communication and Creative Industries
  • 人文与社会科学学院
  • 神学学校
  • Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture
  • Centre for Islamic Sciences and Civilisation

教育 side of the Faculty offers a range of courses in teacher education, and information and library studies. Schools include:

  • 教育学院
  • School of Indigenous Australian Studies
  • 信息研究学院
  • School of Teacher Education

商学院, Justice and Behavioural Sciences

The Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences brings together a range of courses, focusing on real-world challenges in areas of 商业, JusticeBehavioural Sciences 学科.

商业 Discipline has garner attention by employers for producing graduates excelling in today’s business world challenges. Their distance education postgraduate PhD/DBA and Masters programs are eagerly sought-after, 在国内和国际. The Business Schools and centres facilitated include:

  • School of Accounting and Finance
  • School of Computing and Mathematics
  • School of Management and Marketing
  • CSU Engineering

Justice side of the Faculty covers policing, security, 法, 海关, excise and border management. Schools and centres include:

  • School of Policing Studies
  • Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security
  • Centre for Customs and Excise Studies
  • Centre for Law and Justice

最后, 该 Behavioural Science discipline offers courses by the School of Psychology.


CSU’s Faculty of Science is one of the most broadly based scientific academic concentrations in Australasia. Schools include:

  • School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences
  • School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • School of Biomedical Sciences
  • School of Community Health
  • School of Dentistry and Health Sciences
  • 环境科学学院
  • School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health
  • 护理学院, Midwifery and Indigenous Health


Charles Sturt University was established on 1 七月 1989 from the merger of several existing separately-administered Colleges of Advanced Education including the Mitchell College of Advanced Education in Bathurst, the Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education in Albury-Wodonga and the Riverina College of Advanced Education in Wagga Wagga, through the enactment of The Charles Sturt University Act, 1989 (Act No. 76, 1989). It is named in honour of explorer Charles Sturt.

The Mitchell College of Advanced Education had been formed on 1 一月 1970, and the Riverina Murray Institute of Education campus in Wagga Wagga and Albury-Wodonga had operated since 1984. The latter institution had earlier succeeded the Riverina College of Advanced Education, which was itself the result of an even earlier merger between Wagga Agricultural College and the Wagga Wagga Teachers College.

在 1998, CSU established the first Study Centre in Sydney and then in Melbourne in 2007. These study centres are operated by a private education group called Study Group Australia.

上 1 一月 2005, CSU formalised moves to assume control of the University of Sydney’s Orange campus, which came into force on 1 一月 2005. 在 2013 the University implemented a gas engine cogeneration power plant to help minimise fuel costs and carbon emissions.

之间 2005 和 2015, CSU had expand an offshore campus in Burlington, Ontario in Canada. 在七月 2015, CSU regretfully ceased to operate its Ontario campus due to the legislative and regulatory environment in Ontario.

上 14 二月 2011 CSU changed its logo. The sturt desert pea flower is now stylised and made prominent, with the full name of the university as part of its logo.

上 1 可能 2012, a milestone was reached as CSU open a new campus in Port Macquarie, CSU’s first coastal, regional campus. This made Higher Education accessible to the Port Macquarie and the Hastings region. It provides opportunities for students with the desire to study close to the beach, as well as options for local students to access the resources of a world-class university close to home.

上 18 四月 2016, staff and students moved into Stage One of their purpose built campus. Two more stages are expected to be complete over the coming years with an expected student intake of 5000 by the year 2030.

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